What should I make for lunch tomorrow?

Farmhouse Chicken
17% (95 votes)
Taco Salad
35% (190 votes)
Italian Pasta Salad
13% (68 votes)
Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli
17% (92 votes)
Yuck, choose something else!
18% (99 votes)
Total votes: 544


Can't decide what to make! Help!! :)

I couldn't make the poll link to the individual recipes, but you can find any of them on my site by using the search box in the right sidebar. :)

Before I voted I thought you(Tammy)would pick Taco salad.Either that or pizza cuz that is 2 of your famiy's favorite things.I haven't seen the chicken vermicelli posted in awhile and I haven't had anything to eat today so that sounded really good to me ha ha!

Haha! Well, if we hadn't already made pizza twice this week, I might consider it. ;)

Depends on what's on hand. Leftovers become planned overs around here. Do you have any Holdiay leftovers to use up?

I voted Farmhouse chicken... That sounds really good right now and next week, you can make something else with the chicken leftovers. :) I think I have the right recipe in mind, farmhouse chicken is a bake whole chicken. :) Anyway, I trying to decide what to make for tomorrow too! I'd have chicken if I had one, but I going to make something with ground beef. I'm thinking your shepherd pie recipe will be the winner. :) I actually came to your site today, to print out the recipe for the Shepherd's pie, since I couldn't find my copy from when I made it a little while ago. Then I saw I never left a review, so I did that too. :) You will have to let us know what you make. LOL We are having Shepherd's Pie, it has been decided. LOL :)

Blessings to you and I hope you and family have a lovely Shabbat!

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Definitely make something warm - either the Farmhouse Chicken (that's the one with the stuffing, right?) or the Cheesy Chicken Vermicilli (I need to look up that recipe - sounds delish!). With all that snow - I'd save the salad ideas until it warms up a little!!

This is my first comment, but I wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and I'm so excited that you're moved, settling in and able to blog again!!

Blessings to you and yours!

Debbie from Texas

Mostly because that sounds SUPER good to me right now!hehe

I have never made your taco salad but in our house its always made with leftover chili, so its a perfect meal for any weather (we are in Michigan and tomorrow its going to be 60 here after the teens last week)

I picked taco salad. It sounds nice and light to me, but I think it's because I am a little sugared out from the holidays! lol

I am curious?Or maybe I missed it on some other e-mail.

I have always appreciated Taco Salad, in restaurants, in dine-outs, they are always good no matter how they are prepared and chicken (the Farmhouse one) is too plain. (even though I love chicken, and will eat it with almost anything...) lol But everything else sounded kinda good, too.
I would suggest making something out of tradition. Like if you always make that Vermiceli, you can skip making it and make something totally new to everyone!

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