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Our children, through an artist's pen

This picture arrived in our mailbox yesterday, and I absolutely love it!!!! Do those little faces look familiar? Yep... it's Yehoshua, Eliyahu, and Ruth (who is 10.5 months old now, for those who asked)!

I've admired the art of Hannah C. Heyer in the past, as her sister Ruth is a good friend of mine. :) I did not know, however, that Ruth was secretly commissioning artwork of our children as a gift for us! What a wonderful surprise! :)

Here are close-ups. Hannah only had photos to go by, but she managed to capture their personalities amazingly well!

Ruth, with her bangs pulled back as usual. ;) I love her hand grasping the spatula and the other hand outspread with excitement! :)

Yehoshua, the experienced big brother, wearing his apron and chef's hat. The ears, the eyes, the chin... yep, that's Yehoshua. :)

Eliyahu... grinning excitedly at the prospect of helping. :) And I think if we could see more of his shirt, we would see that he's wearing his favorite green froggie shirt yet again. ;)

You can see more of Hannah's art (she's crafty too!) at :)



Hannah has indeed captured them splendidly!

~Elizabeth in Alaska

I know this isn't about the

I know this isn't about the post but do you live down near Anchorage! I noticed the stores you have available and you seem to be in similar situation as us. However we have Sam's club but not Costco. OH, we are in Nenana.
Peggy in Interior Alaska

What a great job!

Wow, she did a wonderful job! You littles look like they belong right in the pages of a sweet story....I know you were touched by such a wonderful gift!

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What a lovely and cute picture! You will treasure that one always! She did a really great job too. What did the children think when you showed them the picture??
:) ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Amy @ Joy of my Heart

O my goodness! What a precious treasure of a gift!
I love it! I am going to hop on over to check out her prices... I have a friend who would love this!

Hugs.. Amy

That is

So beautiful.She did a amazing job.I am wondering what the kids thought of it too?


Very nice!

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How absolutely sweet! She

How absolutely sweet! She did a wonderful job--the resemblance is uncanny. :-)

It's great

to have you back! I've sure missed ya and have enjoyed hearing about/seeing your place in Seattle. I was there (in Seattle) for the very first time in October and absolutely LOVE it! We even said we'd move there if the opportunity arose. Don't see that happenin', but who knows.

Oh yes! I got my Berkey, too and am LOVING it! The two bottles that came with it are sweet! I take them everywhere!!

Have a wonderful week!!


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beautiful!! Tereza


Love it!

Ok!! I just have to delurk now!!That is the most amazing gift I could wish for any mother!! So beautiful, just like your kids.


p.s. Love your website!

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That is an absolutely beautiful picture. I looked at her other stuff you linked to and she is very talented! That is a gift you'll treasure forever!

What a precious gift! You

What a precious gift!
You will treasure that always.

Dear Santa, please send me a

Dear Santa, please send me a drawing like the one that Tammy got.

SOOOOO cute. I will for sure be saving up for one of those to be hung in my kitchen.


It is so cute how much they do look like your children. Personities and everything. She did a super job.

Aunt Teresa

oh my!

what a beautiful work of art! she captured the likenesses and personalities so perfectly. i think you should frame it and hang it as a focal point in your kitchen!

I am amazed at how she was

I am amazed at how she was able to capture their expressions so well... I could tell right away that was little Ruth, and yehoshua.. Wow! What a wonderfully thoughtful gift!!

Oops, anonymous above was

Oops, anonymous above was me. I forgot to login!


That is SO Precious!!!
I love it and am grinning from ear to ear!!

When this crazy weather warms up I really hope to get to visit you all.
Love Ya!


That is So Amazing! she did such a Great job!! I will have to visit her website because I want one too! :)

Have you guys settled in yet!?


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