Cooking becomes even more exciting

A friend of mine made this chef's hat and hot pepper apron for Yehoshua. He loves it!!

This morning Yehoshua (4) was begging me to make bread. I did need to make bread today, so I told him to grab his hat and apron and he could help!

I let him measure and add most of the ingredients for my homemade whole wheat bread by himself. What fun!

When it was time to form the loaves, he got dressed up again and got to shape the mini loaves we were making. :)

Look at Ruth's grin! :)

This week is looking INSANELY busy for us. I'll be sure to put up a kitchen tip tomorrow, and I may be able to update through the week as time allows, but if we're going to be on the road in 6 more days, I've gotta pack FAST!!

Don't worry... when we're all moved and settled in, I have plenty of pictures and recipes waiting to be shared! :)


on hubby's laptop agin and not signed it(tereza~
and I hope we'll get to see a tour of the new apartment too!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I would love to see how you set it up and how life works there for you!

Oh what a great picture.
You're so blessed. Now you have a private chef in the house:)
Ruth seems like se could get used to it.:)

Those pictures are just adorable! I'll be thinking about you while you're moving. . . and looking forward to posts about your new home!

Ruth looks like she would love to jump in and help!

Tammy, you've got a smart little guy there!

I hope the next week's journeys for your family come to a soft landing in your new spot! My husband spent a year up in the Bellingham area when we were in college, and we almost ended up there ourselves.


What a cute little helper! My 5 yr old has been asking me to make him an apron, so I had better do that soon! He also loves to help me in the kitchen. :)

I can only imagine how busy your week is going to be. I hope you have some help!! I look forward to reading about your new home and the adventures you will have. I wish I was closer, I'd come and help you! Blessings from your friend!!!

~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

What an adorable picture! You are so blessed to have such an able and willing little helper!
I will be praying for a safe and easy transition to your new home, and looking forward to hearing all about it!

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures! I'm praying for you guys as you go through this crazy week... hopefully it will be exciting rather than stressful.

Tammy, if you are moving to an apartment, you'll have an automatic dishwasher! you'll love it!

Good luck to you and your family, Tammy. I pray that you will have a safe trip and all the energy that one busy mama can have in the days ahead! Good luck and happiness to you!

Tammy, I have recently been enjoying lurking on your website, having had completely changed my family's diet to as unprocessed as possible. I also stopped working and have benefited from your frugal posts now that we are down to one income. How fun for me to hear that you are moving into my neck of the woods! I pray your move goes well and that you enjoy the area. It is quite different, as your DH has shared with you I'm sure, but I love it. No where else feels like home to me!

I look forward to your posts and insights from the Pacific Northwest!

Many blessings to you and your sweet family,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm slowly filling up my recipe book with recipes from your website! my husband knows that if I'm trying something new and it's from you, he will love it! I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet nature and for taking the time to do this website. I don't even know you, but you are a blessing in my life. I'll be praying for your move to go smoothly!

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