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I was excited to be able to take a meal to a friend who recently gave birth. I made a dish of Three-Cheese Baked Spaghetti (one of my favorites!) and included baking instructions on a sticky note on the lid.

This dish has a glass lid that fits on top. I got the dish at an estate sale. So fun! As much as I love stainless steel all-around, I also love glass -- particularly for things that will be sitting in the fridge. :)

A fresh loaf of homemade whole wheat bread, sliced right before I headed out the door. I figured buttered slices of bread could be eaten with the meal, with leftovers for sandwiches, toast, etc...

A container of (cold) baked apples. Apples were $0.99 for a 3-pound bag at Aldi's this week. We love apples and bought 5 bags!

I peeled and baked an entire bag (it fit into a 9x13 dish, minus the two apples that Eliyahu ate while I worked!) and had enough to give away plus a serving for Joshua's lunch the next day.

I was going to take along a bag of frozen veggies to complete the meal, but forgot. I did remember the baby's gift -- a super cute hand-knitted wool soaker (see the green one in this picture -- that's it!). No, I don't know how to knit... but my friend Ruth graciously allowed me to hire her services. ;)

What's your favorite meal to take to someone? I like to do a one-dish casserole of some sort (I have lots of yummy ones!), some kind of homemade bread, and whatever I have on hand as far as fruits or veggies. A jar of homemade tomato soup makes a great gift, too!


I know your friend will appreciate it.What did you do with the apples.Good deal on the apples too.I hope our save a lot has a good deal like that soon too.

Yum, that baked spaghetti looks wonderful! I love to bless others in need with a meal too. I tend towards a one dish casserole as well because it's easy to reheat. My favorite is a dish called chicken supreme. Take 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves and place in a casserole dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, top each with a slice of swiss cheese, and a can of cream of mushroom soup mixed with a can of milk (I make my own cream of mushroom). Mix 2 cups dry, herb seasoned stuffing (the crumbly kind, not the cubes) with a half stick of melted butter and sprinkle over the top. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

I like to serve this with a wild rice pilaf and green beans (If I have an extra jar that I've canned from my garden, I send that along). I'll often make a loaf of bread too and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I usually send along a little gift of a homemade burp cloth and receiving blanket made with flannel on one side and terry on the other. Super easy and useful.

I love to take meals that freeze well to new mothers. My friend Jessi recently had twins and I took her 2 meals. 1 was chili, and the other was lasagna with your baking powder breadsticks.

I try to never visit a new mom without taking food. Recently I wrote a post on the subject with some of my favorite take-along dishes:


Mmm, looks scrumptious! It is so wonderful to have food brought after a new baby. After Merritt was born, we had almost three weeks of meals brought (every other night from the families at church) before we even started on all the frozen meals I'd prepared when I was pregnant. I didn't really cook for close to two months! :D I'm taking a meal to a new mama on Monday and still not quite sure yet what I'm making...

How wonderful for your friend! I'm certain she really appreciated your kindness.:)

My favorite meals to take to new parents or someone who is sick are varied. It depends on the situation and the taste of the person I'm bringing it too.

I usually stay away from very spicy dishes if I know the Mom is nursing her new baby. I know that spicy foods really upset my babies. Chicken dishes are usually liked by almost everyone, so I like to make these. I have a stuffing and chicken dish that is always a big hit.:)Lasagna is one of my specialties, so I bring this to families I know love it. I usually make an apple pie for dessert or something chocolate.:)


I like to give carrot soup and fresh home made bread...
And some kind of a cake.
I have never made that kind of dish and think next time I make spaghetti bolognaise I will make more and prepare this baked meal ready to take out of the freezer.

It is my scottish side :-)
I cannot cook the meal on the stove and then put it in the oven, it makes the meal rather expensive in electricity!

I'm a pot roast gal...i reiceved one after the birth of my fourth child. i loved the recipe so much we have it at least once a month and i've given it to several friends after the birth of their children. however, your 3 cheese baked spaghetti looks so good that it's my dinner tonight.

I like to take waffles, muffins, egg casserole, and fresh fruit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the hardest one for a tired mama to think about. healthy snacks were a life-saver for me (my toddler is a constant eater!)

I am sure the recipient is very thankful for such a thoughtful meal!


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Great recipe ideas for a visiting meal. Is that a vintage Pyrex casserole dish. I love those!

Great meal idea! My husband and I created a website that makes the coordination of meals super efficient... it's called It's free to use, and really easy to set up. Check it out!
Co-Founder of Food Tidings (Website) (Blog)

Looks great, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. :)

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