Child-sized loaves of bread

Yehoshua and Eliyahu love it when I use my mini loaf pans for bread.

The little loaves are pretty cute, and could be sliced thinly and used for snack sandwiches.

Yehoshua shows one of the slices from his loaf. Usually he begs me to not slice his loaf because he likes to bite it off!

Here is Eliyahu holding his stack of slices... so cute and fun!

Do you ever use mini loaf pans? What's your favorite thing to bake in them?


Hi Tammy,
I started using your wheat bread recipe about a month ago, using my bread machine to make the dough and baking it in the oven. That is the only way I will bake bread from now on! It is by far the best wheat bread recipe I have ever made as well as the easiest:)
I would love to bake some mini loaves with my two daughters...How many mini loaves can I bake at once using your standard wheat bread recipe and how long do I bake them for?
By the way, your little boy looks positively thrilled at the sight of the fresh baked bread in front of him! Great photos, as always!

I've mostly used mini loaf pans for quick breads like zucchini or banana but never thought to use them for regular yeast breads. What a great idea.


I love those! They're so cute and a great idea to use for kid snacks!!

How big do you consider a mini loaf? The only loaf pans I own are 9 x 5.

They sell mini loaf pans, 4 mini loafs :) I recieved mine as a gift from the pampered chef.

I always bake mini loves of pumpkin bread at Thanksgiving. I used to make baskets full of them every year (individually wrapped) for my husband to take to all of his clients. Also, I can freeze them and it helps us control how much we use at one time. If I don't freeze it, we will just eat and eat and eat it!

Like DarcyLee, I've used mini loaf pans for quick breads. They are nice to use for snacks, but in general they tend to be a bit of an inconvenience. And we don't have any little children who would really enjoy them. :)

I have made banana bread in my mini loaf pans but really didn't care for the extra amount of browned edge/crust it gave the banana bread... plus all those pans to grease and then later wash!

I do like the mini loaves of yeast bread because the loaves fall right out and the pans are super easy to wash... and my boys love the small loaves. :)

And wouldn't it be fun to serve soup to guests and have a small loaf of bread and a knife at each guest's place? They could take the extras home, too!

How small are my mini loaf pans? Well, the measurement of the bottom of the pan is about 1.5 inches x 4 inches. We got ours at Wal-mart. Mini pans that are attached to each other would probably be easier to get in and out of the oven though. :)

As for how many mini loaves my bread recipe would make -- I'm guessing 5-6. I usually just pull off some dough for a mini loaf and then my regular loaf is a little smaller than normal. The dough (unrisen) for a mini loaf is maybe... 1/2 cup or so? It's not much. :)

Do you change your bake time using the mini loaf pans? My DH and I bake bread at Christmas and thought to make mini loaves, but weren't sure if we had to revise the bake time or not, for the smaller loaves.

I bake my mini loaves of bread for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. (As a comparison, I bake my regular loaves of bread for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.)

I'm not sure how scientific an answer this is, since I just happened to take them out at 15 minutes, checked, and they were done -- so I've done that ever since! But I do know of dinner roll recipes that require about that amount of baking. :)

I just used my mini loaf pans (4 pans that are all attached) to make yeast bread for the first time last week. And that is *just* what my little ones wanted ~ small snack sandwiches, they thought it was so special!

I usually only used these smaller loaves for banana or pumpkin bread, but I like this new use!

*Michigan Momma*
wife to The Pastor & momma of:
~Isaac ~Selah ~Talitha ~Elijah ~wee one due 3/09

I love mini loaf pans and use them often. I bake all kinds of quick bread in them; banana, poppy seed, zucchini-pineapple, etc.

We set out one or two to eat and I wrap the rest and stick them in a gallon size freezer bag to keep in the freezer for gifts or a quick snack. Mini loafs are the perfect size for single neighbors and gifts for teachers.

I also think the bread bakes nicer in them. No dry edges and "muddy" middles.


That's really funny that you don't like the brown crust on banana bread, Tammy! It is my absolute favorite- several members of my family fight over the end pieces. Oooh, now I really want some banana bread- with chocolate chips.

I only own mini-loaf pans. Funny thing is, that's all I'm accustomed to.

I've made banana nut bread, corn bread, pound cake and beer bread. (my hubby loves beer bread, I can't stand it lol)

What gorgeous photos Tammy! The sun streaming in, the smiles on the boy's faces, the perfectly browned bread...
I'm planning on trying your WW bread recipe this week, and will definitely try the mini loaf pans for it! I typically use my mini loaf pans for quick breads and also when I'm making my seitan (wheat meat) fake ham loaves for easter. I also used them to bake cakes a few times instead of cupcake size ones. As someone else mentioned, that size is perfect for Teacher/Neighbor gifts.
And we LOVE the browned edges the best in our house and usually argue over who gets the heels!

Those are cute photos! I haven't tried a mini loaf pan yet. I bet my little one would have fit too. I might try one day on banana bread.

I use mine pretty much every time i make quick breads so I can freeze them easily and regular bread, as the boys love it!

on a different note... I did something that was different with the bottom of the caramel apple dip I made from here. I took dinner roll dough in balls and put it in a greased loaf pan with cinnamon and a bit of sugar and then drizzled the leftover caramel apple dip, just a couple Tablespoons over the top, after it rose, I baked it and it was really good! Not too sweet, but gooey!

I like them and use them exclusively. I find the bread makes perfect little sandwiches ~ and keeps me from eating too much!! One little sandwich and I'm satisfied.
I also use it for all my cake-type breads.
They are also a perfect size for giving as gifts.

My favorites for my mini loaf pans are cherry walnut bread (holidays!) and peach bread. Soooo yummy.

Can you share those recipes?

tammy, this is off your topic here, but Im wondering if you ever cook spaghetti squash or butternut squash? your recipes are always the best!

Thanks for the vote of confidence! ;) I have never cooked spaghetti squash,and for butternut squash, I just use it as I would use pumpkin or sweet potatoes. :)

I don't have any mini loaf pans, but those are so cute! What a good idea.

I have tried making bread a million times and each time it comes out dense and chewy tasting. It's not the consistency of yours and it doesn't slice well and gets hard. I have given up on making bread which makes me so sad. :( I hate buying that store stuff.

You have to raise and punch down the bread 3 times for a light and airy bread!Good Luck!

Hi Tammy! I've used (and love) this recipe many times. But looking at your photos, my bread doesn't seem as big as yours. Mine doesn't even come above the loaf pan when it's done baking. It's more brick-like in shape LOL! Still soft and delicious, but doesn't have that classic bread loaf shape. What am I doing wrong? This is all still very new to me.


Mary Ellen

Someone else asked me this same question, and I gave some suggestions here... bread-making is such a science, it can be difficult to diagnose some issues without a very lengthy questioning! :)

Thanks for the link Tammy! It was very helpful!

Do you freeze before or after baking? and how do you freeze them and how long to thaw?

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