Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Egg salad shortcut

I was making egg salad, but was short on time, so I scrambled the eggs and cooked them in a skillet and used that in place of the hard-boiled eggs I would normally put in egg salad. :)

I'd love to hear some more time-saving short-cuts -- or what to do in a pinch! :)

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I've wondered if that would work,lol.
Thanks for the tip ;-)

Hi Tammy,

My Kitchen Tip is linked to the wrong recipe (last week's tip). Could you please delete it? Thanks.

I'm about to re-submit.


Does that mean you had a fried egg sandwich, or did you mix the eggs with mayo and such like egg salad?
Sounds interesting.

I would never have thought to try that! That saved a lot of time.

Have a great day,

I think this tip is great because I love egg salad but don't often think of it until I am already hungry for one! I tried this a few weeks ago and it worked so well I may never hard boil again:)

A time saving tip we used just last night was to make a double batch of cornbread when having beans and cornbread for dinner so we could have cornbread for breakfast for a few days. Only works if you like cornbread for breakfast though:)

How was the texture? I like my chunks of egg whites, so I wonder about that. That's very interesting, Tammy!

I don't eat egg salad usually, but just wondering!

My kids love egg salad, I usually have 4-6 dozen a month because of WIC. I boil a dozen at the time to save on time and the kids can pull one as a snack or i can make egg salad super fast!!!

My son loves pancakes for breakfast but it's hard to have time for anythign but toast, fruit, ceral, etc. So I make a large batch of pancakes (I use my homemade buttermilk) on the weekends, let them cool and then wrap them in saran wrap and stick them in the freeser. Just be sure there's a piece of plastic between each pancake so they don't stick. Then arrange them in a single layer in plate, microwave for 45-65 seconds and they're jsut like fresh pancakes! My son loves em!

The egg salad made with scrambled eggs didn't taste exactly like hard-boiled egg salad, but close. The next time I made it, I cracked the eggs right into the skillet, let them cook a little, and then scrambled them (I call it "pan-scrambled eggs" -- a term I made up!) which leaves bits of whites, yolks, and a little yellow mixed pieces, too. :)

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