Canning tomatoes makes me tired

We absolutely love our homemade pizza sauce, but it sure is a lot of work! :)

My mom came over today and brought 2-3 bushels of tomatoes from her garden. I had a few tomatoes from our garden as well, and we started making pizza sauce.

It was a long, busy day. Joshua helped for a while, and my mom was here for about 7 hours too. It's 11:20pm and my last canner of jars will be done in about 20 minutes! Yay! About an hour ago, I told Joshua "I think my 16-hour day is up." ;)

We ended up with 39 pints and 7 quarts of pizza sauce -- plus a little extra sauce in the fridge for some pizza tomorrow. Our homemade pizza sauce is just the way we like it -- slightly sweet and very flavorful.

I didn't take any pictures today, but I have some posts from previous years:

Here we are in 2006 doing up tomatoes. (Look at Eliyahu! He was a baby!!)

More tomatoes and some ramblings about the overwhelmed feelings that lots of work can bring...

and pizza sauce and corn on the cob from last year -- 2007. :) We had corn on the cob for lunch today -- the very last from my mom's garden.

And while I did have a very full day, my mom spent 7 hours here helping us, and then went home to make supper and fill a dehydrator with plums from their trees. She's not some magical energetic superwoman, but when there is ripe food, my parents always make the time to preserve it. :) The work slows down in the winter, thankfully. :)


You and your mom must be high energy people, you seem to get so much done, I wish I did half as good!!

Hey, thanks for the recipe! I actually just sat down to look one up as I plan on canning my tomatoes today. I don't have near as many as you did though! I should be able to get 5 pints out of them though.

Tammy, I laughed out loud when I read that in your post from last year about being overwhelmed! I am newly pregnant and this sums me up to a tee! I feel like there is just so much to do - getting our house organized before #3 arrives, putting up meals in the freezer, not to mention that I have done NO canning this year! I'm ashamed to even admit it! Ah, but this season with littles is wonderful, even though it is *really* hard!

I admire how you work so hard for your family! And you're truly an inspiration to us other mamas!

(Sorry, I forgot to sign in!)

Do you use this sauce for spaghetti as well or do you make it a different way?

We have a recipe for tomato soup also, and so for our spaghetti sauce we combine half pizza sauce with half tomato soup. The pizza sauce recipe can be used for spaghetti, but I make mine pretty thick (no watery pizzas for us!!). We love the flavor of the sauce mixed with tomato soup for a spaghetti sauce. :)

I can't wait to do tomatoes.....hopefully next year.

I gave you an award and a tag (though if you don't do the tag, that's fine with me. I just wanted to let you and others know how much I love your blog!

Hi there! I have lots of tomatoes, and forgive me for not being able to find this on my own, but your pizza sauce recipe doesn't say how many tomatoes you start out with for approx. 5 pints of tomato sauce...
Can you enlighten me on this?

I would love to make this, so I also need to know how many tomatoes your recipe calls for.
We did 130 quarts of tomato juice this year & 6 quarts of V8 juice. I'd LOVE to make your pizza sauce.

I would like to know how many tomatoes to use too. We have canned 130 quarts of tomato juice this year & I still have tomatoes coming on. I REALLY want to make a batch of your pizza sauce!
Thanks for such a great site Tammy. I just joined today.

The Ball Home Preserving Book has a couple of pretty similar recipes for tomato sauce, seasoned tomato sauce, italian seasoned tomato sauce, and pizza sauce. They saw to process all of them for 35 minutes. You said 25 minutes for your pizza sauce. Is Ball going overboard? Thanks

I do 25 minutes for pints, but 35 minutes for quarts. I also let the canner get to a good hard boil before I start timing it. There's certainly no harm done in processing for 35 minutes like Ball suggests, though in general I have read two different canning times for quarts vs. pints. :)

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