Onions, onions, onions!!!

Yellow onion from the garden!

My parents (who, unlike us, got their onions planted on time!) had a bumper crop of huge onions this year! This is my hand holding one of the yellow onions my mom sent over for us! They grew Vidalia onions as well, and they're just as huge.

Every year, my mom pulls the onions and lays them on cardboard in the sun to dry. (She pulls the cardboard indoors during the night or during rains.) The sun dried the outer layers a little and helps the onions stay fresh longer.

But not this year. For some reason though, this year the onions aren't keeping. Many of the huge, beautiful onions are starting to go bad already!

So, we're drying them. Actually, my mom is doing most of them, but she did send over a big pan of onions ready for me to dice and put in our dehydrator. That's what I was doing yesterday morning!

It took me about an hour to chop all of the onions -- 60+ cups -- and today I have a gallon bag full of dried onions! They smell so yummy... and will be very convenient for soups, in bagels (I hope!), in taco meat, etc... :)

The dried onions

Here is a video and photo tutorial about how I dice onions. I'm sure I could save even more time by having a fancy gadget to dice them, but for now, it's a cutting board and knife! :)

Oh, and to save my eyes from watering too much, I put the exhaust fan on above the stove and stood at the stove to chop. :)


of dried onions.In the winter the price goes up so I stock up on dried and use them in everything in the winter time.Soups,dips,casseroles,gravies.In dips they need to sit for a couple hours but work great.My favorite is tartar sauce with dried onions.It comes out so good.I even take some and soak them in a tiny bit of water and use on burgers(like fresh diced onions).

Just sign up here and so far what I see I really like. I just made my first batch of homemade sausage, and love it. So I wanted to try a pepperoni recipe and ended up here which is great. Gonna try Tammy’s recipe this coming week. Thanks Tammy

PBM: Mike


Those are some big onions! :) When I was reading your post, my first thougths were your eyes. LOL I'll have to remember next time to cut my onions by the stove. :)~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

My husband and I realized this year we should have planted onions in our garden and are looking forward to trying it next year. We had a great veggie garden but always there is room for improvement. Is there any good advice on how to get a great crop of onions? Thanks in advance!


Wow, those would be really good on bagels. To protect my eyes when cutting onions I wear swimming goggles. Sure I look funny, but it works!


When I wore contacts, I didn't have "crying" problems when cutting onions. Now that I've switched back to glasses, the problem is back.

What is the other way your mom does onions? Last year I had so many that I did give some away. But I tried braiding them and the broke. They were real heavy. I cut them up and froze some but some I had to throw b/c they got bad.

I have never been able to get any onions to grow (tons of green tops but no bulbs) but I stock up this time of year (they are cheap here right now) and freeze them for soups, casseroles, etc (they get a little mushy but they get that way in those things anyway)

Bare with me...i don't know a lot about storing and canning!

I've heard of people being able to store up potatoes and onions and the like for winter eating. How is that possible? I can only keep potatoes a month or so and they go bad. Onions keep longer in the fridge but not much longer.

I thought you had said you mom stores these up...I could be mistaken.

That's interesting. We've always just chopped ours and stored them in baggies in the freezer. Maybe we'll have to try dehydrating - we have a dehydrator.

Standing next to the stove to chop onions is a neat idea!

We grow LOTS of potatoes. We found some old coke crates, like the ones cans come in that stack. The coke company actually has these but we found some that were cracked. We put our potatoes in these and stack them up. Potatoes cannot touch each other so these work great as the air can move around them and they are stacked. We keep them under our carport.

What kind of dehydrator do you have? We're looking into buying one, but can't decide how much money we really need to spend to get one that will work!!

I wrote about dehydrators here and here... :) We got ours second-hand, so didn't do any serious shopping for other (less expensive) brands... :)

Chewing a spicy or minty gum works well to stop crying while chopping onions. It is also a good way to get in extra xylitol. I use Nature's Sunshine's cinnamon xylitol gum, it really does help.


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