Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Rock-hard hickory smoke salt

Our bottles of hickory smoke salt seasoning always seem to get hard as a rock before we've even used much of the bottle.

Last time this happened, we took the rock-hard salt out of the container (Joshua cut the container apart for this) and put it in a bowl. I poured boiling water over the salt -- enough to dissolve/melt the lump.

It smelled horribly strong! I put the salty liquid into a container with a lid after it had cooled. At least we can still use the salt this way -- in liquid form! :)

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Living for years by the Ocean... we always put dry rice in our salt shakers... it absorbs the moisture you get from the air and keeps the salt crystals "moveable".

just an idea.


This might help... living next to the ocean.. we always put dry rice in our salt shakers... it absorbs the moisture and keeps the salt crystals "moveable"

Just an idea...

That is a good idea as I have an onion salt that did just that but I threw it out. I will definitely have to try this tip next time. :D

Great idea to make the salt liquid! I wonder if putting it in a plastic bag with a slice of bread would de-lump it as well?
Have a great week, Mimi

I was told to freeze my onion powder, as it always clumped up. Works beautifully! I would guess it would work for what you have.

You can also try blending it in a blender or food processor to re-powder-ize. (I like making up words. :)

And then you'd need to put some baking soda in the food processor to de-smoke-ify the plastic!


I second the commenter above who said to put dry rice in the shaker/bottle/container once you've opened it. I grew up in Florida with a VERY humid climate and everyone puts dry rice in all powdered spices because the rice will absorb the moisture and keep your spice from clumping together.

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