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What do you usually use to wash dishes and countertops?


cleaning dishes and countertops

I usually wipe down the countertops with my hot soapy water and the dishcloth after I finish washing all the handwash items. I'm a very particular pre-rinser so the water is rarely nasty (and if it was, I'd probably rinse the cloth out in clean water first). I thought everyone did this till visiting a friend quite a while ago. Their family used something like windex and paper towels to clean countertops.

What I use for washing dishes

For scrubbing dishes I use a Rubbermaid scrub brush and for the counters I use a sponge. Both can be washed in the dishwasher and they both get sterilized in my heat and dry cycle at the end. My friend doesn't have a dishwasher but she sterlizes her sponge in the microwave for about 30 secs. Both will keep it from smelling.

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I voted other since we use

I voted other since we use both store bought and homemade wash clothes. :) I made them from the terry cloth left over from bibs.

I use a sponge to wash

I use a sponge to wash dishes and sterilize it in the microwave daily. For countertops I generally use old dish towels. I wouldn't use the same thing to do both jobs.

I use home made dish clothes

I use home made dish clothes (or I should say that my children do) that I knit.

two different thing but answered sponge

Sponge for dishes and clorox for the counters and wipe them down with paper towels daily.

A non-stick safe scrubbie pad

You know the blue or green ones? That's what I use for countertops and dishes. Very good at getting stuck stuff off, but doesn't scratch. I also don't have any problems at all with it smelling, despite not sterilizing it in anyway. I'm assuming the reason is that it just doesn't retain that much water.

I use the dishwasher to wash

I use the dishwasher to wash dishes so no rag or sponge necessary (dh recently bought me a NEW dishwasher that does everything and cleans really good! My other one was 40 some years old and he was sick of fixing it!) but for counters I use a dishrag (generally handmade ones but I also use some white washrags that I have that I can bleach clean later) I never use sponges I just do not like them that well. I also use vinegar and water to spray way the germs and stains.

Mary in Ohio

A Sponge

As we have a large family and do a lot of cooking which creates a lot of dishes and we have no dishwasher, we hand wash using a sponge.

We add a drop of two of grapefruit seed extract on the sponge throughout the day for antibacterial purposes. (We do not currently have a microwave either : ) We can't seem to find a microwave that will last us longer than a year, so we just have not replaced the last one.

We also use paper towels some too.

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Vinegar and clean cloths

I spray a diluted vinegar solution on the counters and use HandiWipes? (reusable cloth-like cloths you can find in the paper towel aisle). I cut the wipes up into smaller pieces because they come quite large. They are thin and dry out fast so I throw it in the hamper each time. They also don;t take up a lot of room in the laundry.

If I spilled something like eggs or raw chicken I use paper towel and Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface.

Sponges harbor bacteria, so

Sponges harbor bacteria, so I would never use one in the kitchen. I use a dishcloth with hot soapy water, and change the dishcloth each day. Frequent bleaching laminate countertops will take the finish off and distort the color. For stains on the counter, I use a bit of baking soda.

We use the sponges that are

We use the sponges that are meant for nonstick cookware--they're kind of a sponge inside a mesh scrubby surface? They're very lightweight and dry out completely between uses, so the bacteria issue isn't the same. (I'm very sensitive to mildew, so if the sponge smelled, I'd trash it.) We use those for our dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, our stove, and our counters.

A dish brush

I use a dish brush (one of these: for dishes and a sponge for greasy cookie sheets. I clean the countertops with a Chifonet cloth bought from a store.


All of the above

I use all of those, depending on what is clean and in the kitchen, to clean the countertops. For dishes, it is definitely a dobie (sponge). I put them in the dishwasher periodically to keep them clean.


I use a dishcloth and one of those cheap mesh scrubbies depending on how dirty the dishes / countertops are. I throw the scrubbie in the dishwasher every time I run a load so it gets clean.


Dish cloth

I use a new dish cloth each time I do dishes. I also use it to wipe down the counters. I often use a Lysol wipe to wipe counters too. I always do this if I have had raw meat or eggs near or on the counters. I NEVER use a sponge. The thought makes me cringe. They harbor so much bacteria.

I will also use a water/bleach or water/vinegar mix to disinfect the counters.

Ikea brush

I love to use a brush for washing dishes and after many trials, only like the brushes from Ikea with the suction cup on the bottom. They're inexpensive, last a long time and work really well. I just have to remember to buy plenty as I don't go to Ikea very often.

To clean the countertops and table, I use a storebought, thin dishcloth cut in half. I toss it in the laundry every night (or sooner).


Washing dishes

I use a dishwasher for most things, but for the few items that aren't dishwasher safe I use a brush or sponge. I use a sponge or a cloth for wiping down the counters.


Dishes and counter

I make my own. :) I use a crocheted or knitted circle scrubbie for any dishes that don't go in the dishwasher. I use a crocheted or knitted washcloth for the counters.

God Bless,

How to make scrubbie

Can you share how to make the knitted or crocheted scrubbies. My great grandmother used to make them and before I learned how to make them from her she pasted away. It would be a great way to bring her memory back this christmas.

Making your own..

Could you send me some simple instructions on how you make yours if you don't mind? I haven't learned to knit yet, but I am getting better at crochet. And for frugal purposes I love finding ways to make stuff instead of buy them! My e-mail address is

Thank you!


I've been blessed with a "subscription" to SKOY cloths, and I use them for everything!
They are 100% biodegradable and made from natural cotton and wood pulp. Once one starts to wear out a bit, I place it in the freezer and when my little one's get a bump or bruise, we use them to cool it down and ease the ouch a bit.
I have completely cured my paper towel addiction by incorporating these into our household. They wash dishes, wipe coutertops, mop up spills on the table and floor, absorb a TON of liquid, and have been known to wash our car!
I'm not affiliated but these are my favorite cleaning cloths. I used to crochet my own, but have had trouble finding time since getting SKOY cloths.

hand washing inside of glasses or other tight spots

Aloha! Can anyone help me find this dish washing product. It is a tall hard rubber container, about the height of a regular glass, but the circumfrence is much smaller. Enabling it to fit in glasses and such, to clean the inside of them. The cleaner has a screw on and off top which has the cleaning brush attached. The brush is angled, so it reaches into all kinds of crevices. You add mostly water & a small amount of dish soap. It has a mark as to how much water to add, then s small amount of dish soap. The brush is plastic. Easy to clean, just rinse. It sits upright on your sink, or wherever. So there is no drainage of the soapy product. I've never had any problem with odor. It doesn't scratch anything. It's wonderful, also because you can easily hold it by the container to wash your dishes. Not by the little "nub" type handles I see out there for sale, which you can't get into a glass unless you can get your whole hand in there also. I also am not interest in the long wand types that have a sponge attached; because, as you know the sponges just attract bacteria and who knows what else that makes them smell so bad. Besides, with the brush, you can get so much more stuff clean, and with so much more ease. The brush lasts an incredibly long time. The container, never really had to throw one away. I swear by this product, but I can no longer find them anywhere. I should add that I live on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. But, I have purchased them here before, @ Long's Drug store once or twice. Please help me find these. I have found them, by luck only, over the years. Now my time is running out. They have always been very inexpensive to buy. Even $1 specials.
My email address is ""
Mahalo (Thank you)

Dishwashing Liquid, Sponge, and Hot Water

Dunno about you guys, but I use dishwashing liquid, hot water, a sponge, and of course I
always wear rubber gloves. I don't wanna touch dirty dishes, and ruin my long manicured
nails doing chores...

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