Little helpers open boxes

Eliyahu (2) opening boxes of butter

My little helpers love to open boxes! I try to remember to call for "help" whenever there is a box, bag, or package of something that needs to be opened. My children feel like important helpers, they improve their fine motor skills, and it keeps them from fighting occupied. :)

Joshua drinks tea when he gets up for work, so the boys end up opening lots of tea bags. We also open boxes of cereal, butter, etc...

Recently at Big Lots we found a great deal on some nearly-expired granola snack packs. There were 5 little pouches of granola in each big box -- what a waste of packaging material! I didn't have room on my pantry shelves to store the boxes, so Yehoshua helped me by opening each box and we put the pouches into 2 big plastic buckets. :)


Are you making something with all that butter or just opening boxes?

I keep my butter in the dairy compartment of the fridge door -- out of the box so it's easier to grab for recipes. :) We were re-stocking the compartment -- Aldi had butter for $1.88/lb this week! :)

You have such great ideas. Having them help me open stuff is an idea Im stealin!!

Hi Tammy,

This is a great idea! Isn't it awful how over packaged so many grocery items are?

I usually take food out of it's original packaging and put it into Tupperware or glass jars. I think, it keeps the contents fresher for longer and I don't have to worry about any little critters(bugs!)getting into anything.:)


My two year old LOVES helping me in the kitchen. It is her favorite activity in life.

Her goal right now is to be allowed to crack the eggs. Every time I make anything with eggs, she cannot help but try to crack the eggs. I can see her two year old mind working, and her trying so hard to exhibit self-control. She really is an obedient girl, but she can't be around an egg for more than 1 minute without trying to grab it.

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