Husking corn in the sunny outdoors

Yehoshua and Eliyahu help me husk corn

My mom gave us a huge bag of corn on the cob from her garden! I took Yehoshua and Eliyahu outside to help me husk some while Ruth was taking her morning nap. :)

The boys loved helping! Near the end, I suggested to Yehoshua that he use his little toy wagon to haul the husks over to the compost bin.

Our grass is very brown and dry in some places... the good news is that means I haven't needed to mow for several weeks... since we still haven't gotten a lawn mower. :)

I haven't shared a clothesline picture lately, so I took a picture of my lines full of diapers. :) Hanging out laundry is another task that often gets done during Ruth's morning nap. It seems like by the time I'm ready to hang laundry, she's asleep! If not, I just take her out and she sits in the stroller and watches us. :)


I wish our lawn looked like that after several weeks without mowing! lol Within 1 week it's usually grown 3-5 inches,depending on how much it rains!

The clothesline looks beautiful. Your kids are too adorable. :D

A clothesline reminds me of my childhood. My Mom always washed sheets on Wednesdays. She would hang them outside to dry in any kind of weather. I can remember her bringing in frozen sheets on cold winter days.:)

Gee, maybe I need a clothesline.:)

Your children are just the cutest!

Thanks for sharing your pictures,

I always hung my diapers on the line too and often I'd meet my retired neighbor hanging her unmentionables out, and we had some of the best conversations out there at that line. The sun always kept our whites-white. My boys would be nearby playing on the swing set or just hanging around.
Today young adults, including mine, talk about being broke and when I mention "why don't you get some cloth diapers and re-use, my daughters-in-law seem to think I've flipped my lid...
I just hate our "throw away" society.
Keep it up, you are a rare find (proverbs 31) your husband is a blessed man!

Hi, Tammy. I've been reading your blog for a bit, but just worked up the nerve to post today.

When my babies were, well, babies, I kept them entertained at laundry hanging time by putting one of those plastic baby swings on the iron clothes line posts. My kiddoes were fussier than Ruth and really wanted out of the stroller, unless it was moving. With the swing on the crosspiece, I could reach over and push it every once in awhile to keep it going.

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