Taco Salad... yum!

We've been down with colds over here. The children came down with fevers Friday night, sore throats on Saturday, and coughs on Sunday. I'm just pulling out of two miserable days with a very sore throat, and Joshua's just now getting what we all have! I'm so thankful for Throat Comfort tea from our local Big Lots store. :)

And I'm now starting to type up this post for the third time after accidentally deleting it twice! I think I should be in bed right now, huh? :)

This taco salad was thrown together along the lines of my 7-layer taco salad recipe, minus the sour cream and black olives. For the past several weeks, in an effort to lose a few extra pounds Joshua and I have been watching our portion sizes and focusing on eating lots of fruits and veggies. It's going well! I'll have to share more details in another post sometime when I'm feeling better. :)

Until I'm back on my feet, here are a few links I've been enjoying. :)

I found these interesting and educational (to me, anyway!) articles from a farmer raising grass-fed animals. I originally found that site through Amy's blog, the place to find links to good articles. ;)

Bethany's done it again -- she made apple peel jelly! How frugal is that?! And it looks beautiful, too.

I still haven't made Laura's whole wheat waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, but they look so delicious!!


I was forced to cut out dairy products when my now 6 month old was about 4 weeks old (they really bothered his little tummy) and I dropped weight INCREDIBLY quickly. I think it was all the fat in the cheese! LOL Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. :)

I hope you and your family are feeling better soon.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the beautiful pictures of the food on your blog. Can I invite myself over for dinner? It looks THAT good! LOL!

I'm so sorry to hear you've all been sick too, Tammy! Hope you all recover very quickly!

Sorry to hear you have all been sick! I hope you are feeling better soon. ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Yummy! I hope you are feeling better. One thing that is good when you re sick is making some homemade salsa with lots of raw garlic in it and hot peppers. It really can clear up any sinus trouble!

My mom also has a very sore throat. I always recommend gargling with warm salt water, which helps the pH balance! Also, I find that I prefer tart beverages - tart lemonade or cranberry water (I mix the unsweetened kind with water) to sweet stuff.

My mother always told me to do that too. And I did. Then one day she was staying w/us and she had a sore throat, and I asked if she gargled salt water, she said no, and went off to do it. She came back and said I can't believe I told you guys to do that! lol After that she never mentioned it again.

We also gargle mouth wash. (kills germs in your mouth, why not the throat!)

I read your blog regularly--you do a great job, and it's so nice to see there are responsible young women!

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I hope you all are fairing better! Colds stink!

I hope you are feeling better today, Tammy!!

I hope you're all recovering and getting back to normal at your house. It's SO not fun to be sick and to try to take care of sick little ones. Praying for you.

Thanks so much for linking to my site!

So sorry to hear you guys have been ill......we miss ya out here in blogland!

Hope you all are well soon....

You've been very quiet and I'm hoping that it means you all are feeling better and you had a busy weekend.

Tammy, I posted about making your Sour Cream Apple Pies again today...oh they are so delicious!!! I really am getting worried about you, as you still haven't been posting. I hope VERY much that you didn't get what we had! That was just so hard to get over. We're thinking of you!

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