Ruth and her mama

Ruth and I had fun playing with my sister Bonnie's webcam (in her laptop) last evening. :)

It was 9pm, and the boys were asleep... but little Ruth (6 months) thought it was playtime!

Taking pictures was fun! Posing was tricky though. I had never used a webcam before. :)


where has the time gone? I can't believe Ruth is 6 months old already!!! She is such a cutie! I think she looks alot like her precious mamma. (((((HUGS)))) :)


Soooooo cute!

Your Ruth is just TOO cute. I have a little girl who is 16 months and has hair but certainly not as much as your little one. SHe is just ADORABLE!!!! Enjoy her, they just grow up too quick.

This is going to sound cliche'd, but she looks just like a doll! So precious!! These are really nice shots of both of you. :-)

Ruth is just too cute! And you are just beautiful! You have such nice skin! Ha, Ha, that probably sounds funny, but your complexion in great! I wish mine looked like that!

You look sooo young...(take this as compliment) and your girl is very pretty...

Ruth is adorable and you are so pretty! I can understand why the neighbor thought you were a child bride... I was always thought to be much younger than I was, too. Now that I am late 30's with 6 children, people don't say that much anymore. I can't believe how much hair she has! You could almost French braid it!
:o) Rachel

How cute! I was just thinking the same thing as the poster just before mine. Tammy, your skin is beautiful.:) You both look so healthy and happy.

Little Ruth is just precious! All of your children are so beautiful.:)


both are too cute!

Teri in CO

You already know what I think about Ruth (dollbaby), but Gosh Gee! You look like you are 12 or 13 years old!

You wouldn't believe the stuff that I do to myself just to look my age! :-)

Aww...sweet! :)

You have the most beautiful children! You are so blessed. Oh my, you are darling too, and so young looking. Wow! I bet strangers often think you are the teenage babysitter. LOL

Hi Tammy! What sweet pictures :) I have a 6 month old as well. Baby Cate was born on Jan 12th. Ruth is just gorgeous :)


Tammy, you look SO YOUNG! WOW. And your daughter is too cute to be real!

She's adorable and so are you!!!!!


So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

How sweet! Beautiful baby and mommy. :)~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Thank you all for your sweet comments. :)

Ruth really is like a real live doll baby!! :) Only better. :) 

I thought it was Ruth and your sister! You look VERY young in the picture. It's a good thing!

Beautiful pictures of the two of you!

6 months have gone!

I think she get her look from her Mama.THanks for sharing.Those were great to see Mama & Ruth pictures.

Your daughter is so so cute. She really does look like a little baby doll.

That's the best pictures yet I've seen of you and Ruth. No wonder baby Ruth is so pretty. Here mama is! LOL

Thanks for sharing,

Now, after reading everyone's comments, I'm confused. :) Is that you or your sister? Cute pictures! Ruth is growing!!!

It's me! :)

Tammy, I loved the pictures. You are both adorable. Dolores

Where has the time gone? I can't believe she's 6 months old already. My baby is 10 months old. It just flies. I love Ruth's cheeks....don't you just kiss them all the time? I can't stop kissing on my Annika. There's just nothing like a baby's face.

Tammy, you and Ruth are both lovely. I enjoy pictures of your family as much as the great food. I know everyone always comments abouts Ruth's hair- maybe you tire of hearing that. I'm expecting baby #3- child #6 in our family and was hoping you could send some good vibes my way in case it's a girl so she could have beautiful hair like Ruth. Blessings, Kelly

Too cute. She looks just like you, too.


I just want to pinch those cute little cheeks and arms! She is such a doll! You are so blessed.

What more can I say?

Oh my gosh has she grown and all that hair! She looks like a very happy baby and you look 12! No offense meant - but you do look so young - too young to have 3 children - do you get a lot of odd looks?

Hey it will come in handy in 20 years right :)

I don't think I get a lot of odd looks, but, I'm probably just used to it if I do. ;)

Beautiful Mama, beautiful daughter!


So how old ARE you, Tammy? Everyone's talking about how young you look, and I agree you do look young but I know you're not twelve! ;-) Were you a young bride?

Just curious... ;-)

I'm 26 and we have been married for 6 years. :) I think 20 is fairly young to get married, but hardly too young. :)

Ruth...or her mama!


Oh my, isn't she a cutie.
And so wonderfully, wonderfully fat. :) I imagine she is one of those babies (like my latest one) who hears "Oh, I just want to eat you right up!" from dozens of people whenever you go out. :D

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