Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Pantry photos

It seems like I've been on the topic of pantries and food storage for weeks now, and I guess I really have. I've got one last post on the topic: pictures of my "pantry", as requested by a reader(s?).

My "pantry" is our enclosed porch, and it's nothing extra special... but it's SPACE... wonderful space which I didn't have when we lived in a 600-sq.ft. apartment. :)

This is one side of the porch. The boxes on the left hold the remains of my jars of canned food. Canned food, which is in clear jars, should be stored away from light (I guess light causes the food to break down somewhat inside or something... and will fade color) so that is why it is in boxes. If our basement were more functional, it would be a good place to store canned food. :)

The buckets hold things like spices, pasta, rolled and quick oats, dehydrated bananas, and baking supplies (coconut, chocolate chips, cocoa, etc.). There are also some empty buckets stacked on top. These buckets are all pretty light (less than 20 pounds) which is why I have them stacked so high.

The other side of the porch is where "everything else" has to go. :) Our downstairs has no closets, so here are things like toys, games, boxes of canning jars, food, water, and even some tools (our garage is about as nice as our basement). :)

And the rest of that side: the green garbage can was free from Ace Hardware with a coupon that came in the mail when we moved here. I have always used it for food storage (never garbage!) and store flour and sugars in there (along with a few other things). My parents used to store lots of food in garbage cans since the tight-fitting lids were great at keeping pests away!

My clothespin bag is hanging beside the hangers, since I walk through this porch on my way out to the clothesline. :)

We also have some buckets of food stored in our bedroom. Not very romantic, but, our bedroom is air-conditioned in the summer and the porch is not. Food likes to be stored in cool locations. :) So just imagine a few more stacks of white buckets. :)

The glass jars I mentioned in this post are stored in my kitchen cupboards, since the glass lets in light (and I have enough room in my cupboards to store them there!).

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What a great idea for using your space. I love when people use space in nontraditional ways. It looks like you have a ton of room for storage on your porch...

Thanks for sponsoring Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

You shop at Alid. I can tell. Any fellow Aldi shopper should. smile.

I use those kind of shelving units too.

Since you do shop at Aldi, every so often they have a really sturdy metal shelving unit for sale, for about $50. It is a lot of money, but each shelf can hold up to 150 pounds.

I have one very similar to it that I purchased at a cooking supply store that each shelf holds up to 500 pounds. I bought it for about $90. The ones at Aldi are larger, look great, and will last tons longer than those other shelving units. I am replacing my more flimsy shelving units one at a time.

I know a lot of you girls shop at Aldi's, and I was so excited to find organic 2% milk for around $3 per carton there last week.

I don't know if they are doing this nation wide, or if this is a temporary thing. If you don't see it in your Aldi, ask the manager about it.


If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? –Milton Berle

Hey, I just found that out this week here, when I walked past the milk section and there was a sign that their organic milk was 50% off -- so I got the last two cartons for $3 (total)! I didn't even know they carried organic milk.  :)

Wow! I wish I had that much space! I have a galley kitchen with a door that leads to a small laundry room. I'm planning on moving the washer and dryer to the garage and turning the laundry room into a walk-in-pantry... Someday.

Leslie, aka Menu Maker Mom

In my humble opinion, it would be better to not have the white buckets in sunlight from the window nearby. The energy from the sun can warm the contents of the bucket, then when it cools off again, moisture from the grains, etc. inside can condense. It really is better to store them in a dark cool place away from light and away from fluctuating temperatures.

Good suggestion, Sandy! :) My porch windows are north-facing, so there is never any direct sunlight, just ambient light (they look so bright in the pictures since I didn't use a flash and there was a long shutter time!).

I know fluctuating temperatures, humidity, heat, sunlight, etc. all affect food storage, but unfortunately our house doesn't really have a cool, dark, dry place to store things -- especially year-round! Thankfully, we haven't had any trouble with food spoiling or pests though. :) 

Tammy, thanks for posting the pictures. I don't have a real pantry either, and my linen closet serves as my food storage. So I can relate to creative organizing!

I really expected to see a freezer in one of your pictures. You always post about having pizza crusts, meat, muffins, and all sorts of things in your freezer. I wonder how you have room for all that if you don't have a stand alone freezer?

Just posted a link for you. Thanks!

Oh wow, soooo pretty!

Tammy, what a great storage room! I'd love to have nice, big pantry like yours. My items are crammed into little cabinets and rubbermaid totes.

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