And once again, fresh hot bread saves the day

I had a chicken in the oven, and some carrots for a vegetable, but I needed another side to go along with my meal. I wasn't in the mood for egg noodles. I was out of potatoes. There wasn't time to make a yeast bread.

In less than ten minutes' time, I had mixed up a pan of Quick and Easy Breadsticks! I added parsley, onion powder, and garlic powder to the dough. I pulled the chicken out of the oven, turned the heat up to 450 (I was in a hurry -- the recipe calls for 425) and put the bread in. Fifteen minutes later, dinner was on the table.

The hot bread sticks were buttery and just salty enough. We were quite hungry, and our family finished the whole pan of them at that meal!

While the bread sticks do have a different flavor from yeast breads (they're made with baking powder), they're so fast and yummy! Joshua decided that he'll call them "buttery biscuit sticks" so that he can mentally enjoy them even more. ;)

At any rate, the bread sticks made a so-so dinner into a real treat! :)


I need to try this recipe! My husband likes hot biscuits/rolls/bread at every meal (unless we have sandwiches of some sort). I often use the popable cans or make biscuits, unless I plan ahead for yeast things. This recipe would add some variation! I'm going to go check it out now.

They look absolutely yummy and delicious. I will have to try those. My two little ones just LOVE anything bread related and I'm sure they will love these. Thanks for the recipe and the great photos.

I have to try these for dinner one night next week. But which to make? They all look great. Thanks for sharing!

Michele in No. VA

That sounds DELICIOUS!!!! I have a fun giveaway going on over at my blog. Make sure you come over and sign up for it!!

I had an idea........will you be doing a current tour of your home sometime?

Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe next week. :D

Saturday night I gave these bread sticks a try and they are so good and easy! I have terrible luck with yeast breads and these were simple with the baking powder! I tried them 1/2 wheat flour and they had a great taste but were a bit heavy for our taste. I had some left and plan to make crutons out of them (BTW...these bread sticks are YUMMY for breakfast!) Next week I'm going to try them again and use just all purpose flour. I can't wait to give the cinnamon version a try. Thanks for such a super recipe.


I tried the breadsticks tonight! They were a hit at our house! Our breadsticks :)

You know, I've made this bread in situations where the day needing "saving," too. It was just the thing. You've mentioned in the past that you're careful with the amount of parsley you eat when breastfeeding--could you elaborate with amounts? Does this matter for pregnancy? My parsley plants are the most prolific things and I'm thinking of taking them out of the garden before the baby comes.

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