The Forecast

The weather today: Mid-60's and sunny

The weather tomorrow: Mid-40's and rainy

My clothesline today:

My clothesline this afternoon...

Line-drying my laundry is about more than just fresh air and a lower electric bill.

The damp and chilly forecast for tomorrow was just the motivation I needed to get caught up on my laundry today. Four loads later, the end is in sight!! :)


My favourite too! I LOVE hang drying. It's no chore for me to do laundry when I get to hang dry. Today it's rainy out here, so it't the dryer for me :-(

Looks great! I had a full clothesline yesterday, because today it is cooler and rainy. :)

Just wanted to add, isn't it nice to see green or flowers on the trees again! I really enjoy spring! ~Tanya

After reading your blog (and being 10 loads behind on my laundry:) I decided to buy a clothes line and clothes pins and give it a try. I love it!! It is so nice to be outside enjoying the weather and getting all the clothes dry for free!

I got caught with my laundry on the line when it began to rain on Friday. Boohoo!

I am so excited because my husband is almost done with my new clothesline. I will be so glad to have all the extra line space as now I am using two indoor drying racks!!

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