Dryer balls

Dryer balls

Have any of you tried using dryer balls? Do you like them? Are they worth buying/using? (Side note: DO NOT order from the site I just linked to! They're way over-priced!)

As an alternative to fabric softener sheets, these plastic balls tumble around in the dryer with your clothes to soften them.

One advantage is that these dryer balls last "forever" and are therefore more frugal than purchasing dryer sheets. They are also much better for your dryer than fabric softener sheets, and are healthier for you than fabric softener.

A friend gave me a pack dryer balls, and I've used them a number of times now. I honestly can't tell a difference in the laundry afterwards! The friend who gave them to me said that she loves hers, and that the dryer balls make her laundry even softer than dryer sheets ever did.

I normally dry laundry in the dryer without any fabric softener sheets, which is healthier and simpler, anyway. My laundry doesn't get static from drying in the dryer, which I think is because we wear mostly 100% cotton fabrics. (That's just my theory!)

Of course, the real frugal thing to do is to line-dry your laundry. Regular readers here already know how much I love my clothesline!

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Never used them. Now I'm glad I didn't bother trying. Thank you.

Do these make a lot of noise tumbling around in the dryer?

Yes they make some noise in the dryer.If you have a laundry room down stairs it would be ok and you would never hear them.Ours in next to the kitchen and that is next to the living room so it is a bit noisey.

About as much noise as a pair of tennis shoes tumbling around in there... :)

I have been using them for about 3 years. I like them, but in the winter (I live in MD) I do get a lot of static in my laundry. Not a reason to stop using them, but just wanting to let everyone know. I think they are a great money saver!

We have them and I am not super thrilled. Our stuff does a lot of static and I just don't feel like they do as good of a job. My husband loves them though. He thinks they work great. I still prefer dryer sheets

I got a pair from my MIL and she loves her.She has used them for a very long time.Her friend had to replace hers after 2 1/2 years.It made her clothes really staticy after awhile.My MIL likes them and says it does leave some clothes with static but only certain ones and I forgot what ones.But over all she likes them alot.

She gave me a pair and I do not care for them.To loud & static.

I use vinegar for our fabric softener.It takes out all those stinky smells from DH work clothes(He does construction)better than fabric softener.

I am interested to hear more on this.I hear alot of people really like them alot.I think it is one of those to each there own ya know?

I never used dryer sheets either and rarely ever had static problems. I bought these dryer ball off of a friend who was selling them. I have not seen a difference at all, but that's ok. I still keep them in the dryer.

I use them and love them. They help my blankets and sheets keep from getting bunched up in the dryer.

I think that's what they're meant for, to "fluff up" the clothes, not so much to reduce static, because, well, there's no way a ball can do that.

i like mine, it helps with the static here, although not for thick fleece..so i shake those out...

although i got one set for 5$ and the other for 2$ i would NOT pay more than 5$ for them....

celina in canada

Why are dryer sheets bad for you and your dryer? I occasionally wash my lint trap in the dishwasher to eliminate the film on it, but is there another reason they are bad for you? How long does it take to dry your laundry outside? Do you think it saves enough to be worth it? Does it still smell fresh? I'll admit that I really like the laundry smell.

Some people are allergic to the fragrances in dryer sheets, like my husband. Also, I've found that towels are not quite as absorbent when dried with them. Clothes dried outside smell wonderful--that's what all the fabric softeners are trying to mimic--the smell of a fresh breeze. Depending on the day, the clothes can dry as quick or quicker (in the summer) as the dryer. I much prefer line drying and the fresh smell it brings into my home.

I agree that line-dried clothes smell better. But Consumer Reports just tested fabric softeners and found that the high-quality ones (the ones that tested well) didn't affect the absorbency of towels. Good to know, but we don't like strong smells around here, either, so we use unscented dryer sheets (I don't think there's any such thing as an unscented liquid).

Downy makes an unscented liquid. I have some that I use on our sheets and blankets because I don't like to smell fabric softener on my bedding (gives me a headache). The unscented Downy comes in a white bottle.

I don't use dryer balls (I'm too cheap to pay full price, and I've never seem them in any of my favorite thrift stores.), but I have thrown in an old (clean) pair of tennis shoes (like the basic white Keds) when I don't want something like blankets to get bunched up in a ball.

Maybe I'll toss the shoes in with my towels next time to see if I notice a difference.

I wrote a long post about line-drying clothes, which should answer most of tour questions. :)

I have heard from numerous sources (including people who work in the large appliance industry) that dryer sheets cause build-up in the dryer and will shorten the life of the dryer. (My mom recently got a dryer and the man who delivered it told her to use no more than half of a dryer sheet, if she felt she really needed to -- but that using none was even better for the dryer.)

As far as health reasons -- the dryer sheets leave a thin coating of chemicals on the clothes...

I wasent too impressed with them. The noise didnt bother us too much. Its really dry here and you notice the static. And they didnt work nearly as well as a dryer sheet. But it is more frugal. So I guess its what weighs as more important.

I have them and like them! They are noisy but that is my only complaint! They do help the diapers dry faster in my opinion.

I bought a set about a year ago, I was not impressed. One split in half not too long after I started using them and these were the name brand ones. I really didn't notice much difference in the softness of the clothes, I prefer vinegar. Also, they make noise. Dolores

I use them. I only have two, but I might get two more as I read somewhere that helps with larger loads. Either way, I'll eventually need a back-up for my current ones, so if it doesn't work it won't be a waste.

The thing I noticed when I first got mine is that my towels got more lift. They were soft, sure, but they were way fluffier than I'd ever seen them. It's nice to have fluffy.

As a result of having bought the balls I don't use dryer sheets as often, but sometimes when it looks like it's going to be a static-y day I will throw in a half a sheet in the dryer with the balls. That definitely helps. I haven't bought any new dryer sheets since I bought the balls though, so I'd say it's a money-saver.

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I don't use dryer sheets, partly to save money, but mainly to be healthier. I'd rather have a little static than the chemicals from the dryer sheets on my clothes.

I didn't realize you had a dryer. In past posts, it appeared you mainly use a drying rack in the winter and I was wondering if there's a reason you opt to use the rack, rather than the dryer. (I hope you don't mind my asking - I'm just curious. :-)

Yes, I do have a dryer! :) I use indoor racks in the winter because the air in our house is dry, and so the clothes puts moisture in the air (plus, it saves electricity to air-dry the clothes!).

I've used mine for over a year. Before that I used dryer sheets. I like them and only notice static when the clothes dry before the dryer stops-helps me not waste electricity on dry clothes:) But really I only notice that right when I take the clothes out and not when I'm wearing them.

Yes, I don't get static and our clothing is soft. I use them in combo with using white vinegar as a rinse aid in the washer. Together they do the trick! :)

Most often, we don't use anything, but occasionally we'll throw some (clean) tennis balls in there. I've never used the actual dryer balls, but I think the results are about the same.


Last year I bought 2 packs of dryer balls from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I still have yet to open them.
I think I might sell them on eBay because if I haven't used them by now, then I probably won't use them at all.

I do use liquid softener and dryer sheets but I usually use less than what the bottle and box say.
With dryer sheets, you can always cut them in half to save money, or use a whole dryer sheet over in another load of laundry before throwing it away. :-)

Once we move, we will not have a dryer anymore and I can't wait! Can't wait to hang my clothes outside! :)


I like these...I have been using them for well over a year now..they do make noise in the dryer but I no longer need the use of dryer sheets.
This was more then worth it for me!

I was excited to buy them, then really disappointed when I used them. I was left with very static-y clothes!

I think they're only meant for fluffing, not for reducing static. And since static is THE reason we use dryer sheets, we'll probably stick with those.

I use vinegar in the rinse cycle and I really like that my clothes seem to be much fresher!!

I recently got a set of dryer balls at the Dollarama *Canadian* and the only time I find they make alot of noise is when you first start your dryer.. I normally hang clothes out but for those Rainy yucky days or when i am doing certain things such as Pillows.. or baby clothes *infant newborn* I use the dryer and I don't find they have any static really.I've ended up with more static really after using dryer sheets... My oldest daughter has alot of allergies to smells in the laundry soaps and fabric softeners.. I bought dryer sheets a while ago that was suppossed to be fragnance free and they had a stronger scent than anything I have ever smelled... Complained to company and did get a refund.. ..

I personally don't think they work too well. I like drying my clothes outside on the deck. For static cling, just toss a 2" wide strip of tinfoil in the dryer, and it will keep your clothes from being staticky!

I didn't use fabric softener just vinigar before but they do greatly cut down on drying time by kicking around the cloths to let the air circulate better. They are noisy but once they warm up they quite down.
But I have also heard that tennis balls work just as well (and cheaper)

I didn't care for the balls- loud and didnt' really see a difference. My mom uses tennis balls (clean ones:) she loves those.

I'm new here still haven't registered, just found the site tonight and I love it. But why pay for dryer balls when you can toss a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with your clothes. We've been doing that with our towels and linens to keep them fluffy for a few decades.

I used them they turned my brand new dryer drum blue (the part closest to the door)and I was left with static. To be fair these were from the dollar store,maybe brand name ones are better.


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