Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Re-warming leftover casseroles

When I make a casserole, I like to make enough for two meals (9x13). I have found that how well we enjoy the leftovers depends a lot on how they're re-heated!

We don't have a microwave, and re-heating leftovers in a pan on the stove is only okay, not spectacular.

So what I have been doing is this: at the end of the meal, I transfer the leftover casserole to a( smaller) glass casserole dish. I cover the glass dish and refrigerate it until we're ready to eat the leftovers. Then I re-warm them in the oven (usually at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes).

It takes longer than warming on the stove top, but the food usually tastes just as good as fresh! :)

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We don't usually have leftovers, but I like the idea of reheating in the oven. I think it would taste better than the microwave too!

The best way we have found to reheat casseroles or layered dishes (lasagna, enchiladas...)is to cut or scoop food into serving size pieces & put them in a frying pan. Then add a bit of water to the pan, put the lid on & sort of 'steam' them warm. The water keeps the food from burning on the bottom & keeps it from dryin out & it warms up - without heating up the house - in about 20 minutes.

blessings ~ Tracy

Oh, this is great! I'm not the ONLY wife in the world who doesn't have a microwave! It took up so much space in my tiny kitchen and I really don't miss it much.

To stack non-stick frying pans without scratching the surface, put a paper plate between each pan. It works great!

Paper towels also work!

Maybe you could help with this problem: I have been baking one or two days a week so that we can kick the cold cereal habit. However, the muffins I stored in the freezer (in a freezer bag with the air sucked out with a straw) tasted like freezer when I thawed them this week. Yuck! I hated to see such hard work and good ingredients go to waste. Any suggestions?

Hi Anonymous!

Here is what I do to ensure that my muffins or slices of cake still taste yummy:

-wrap the serving in saran wrap
-then wrap in foil
-then put the items in a freezer bag (I like the Hefty one-zip ones best). In the future, however, I plan to get a vacuum food saver thing.

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