Laundry in progress

Laundry on the couch...

Our house was overrun with laundry! I went around and took pictures of it all, for fun! Here is a load on the couch, waiting to be folded...

Laundry on the piano...

A tall stack of shirts on the piano... mostly new ones that I got at a recent thrift store sale.

Laundry on the floor...

Folded laundry from outside. I folded this while the boys were playing! :)

Laundry in the crib...

A load of diapers, tossed into Ruth's crib (she sleeps with me, anyway).

And, there was a load hanging on my clothesline, too!

After I took these pictures, I got busy and got it ALL taken care of. What a relief! Our house looks so much better now. :)

Want some more inspiration to stop procrastinating? Head over to Mrs. Byers' blog! :D


Thanks for sharing. I enjoy these kinds of posts most. Ones about your life. We're dealing with all that here too!!

It looks almost the same here! :) I have a number of laundry baskets with folded laundry just waiting to be put away. Also last night dh went to bed, but before he could climb in he had to remove all the laundry that needed folding. Putting laundry away is something, I'm going to have to tackle today! :)~Tanya

How do you keep up with laundry when it rains? I'm without a drier [not my choice!!] I have a large and a small drying rack but with 3 of us--me and 13,and 12 year olds we never, ever have any socks!!! How do you get it all dry. I should add--I'm not a SAHM [not by choice, either!! :) ] so I'm really at my wit's end with the heavy rains we've had. Naturally it's BEAUTIFUL out during the work day!

Well, I'm no expert, but here are some ideas:

I always watch the weather predictions. If there is not going to be any rain, you could hang laundry before bed, and then take it down the next day. It'll dry in the sun while you're at work. :) That might be easier than getting up early enough to start and hang a load, although if there is rain at night, hanging in the morning before work might be your only option...

Also, IF you're watching the weather and you know you'll be off work on a certain day which will be a good drying day, you could let the laundry pile up a little and then just do lots of loads on that day... but you'd still need to start it early!!

12 and 13 is certainly old enough to help you hang it out, too... ;)

Oh, you said you have drying racks -- do you have an outdoor clothesline? I can fit 3 loads of clothes on my clotheslines, and I frequently have them FULL on a nice sunny day. Very nice days, I can fill them twice, morning and then early afternoon -- and it'll all be dry by evening. That's how I work around the rain... Finding a way to rig up an outdoor clothesline is definitely worth it in my opinion! :)

Sorry forgot to sign my Laundry!!! post

Your not the only one who ends up using the crib as a place to throw things cause the baby wont sleep there. We finally just gave up on the whole crib thing. We took the end of the crib and made it into a gate to put at the top of our basement steps.

Wow, that's a lot of laundry to do :)
I actually like doing our laundry; it gives me time to "relax" =P and just think and pray and ponder while my hands do the work...
It was neat to see where all you had laundry; we can have laundry on the lines on the south side of our house, on the rack on the north side or inside, in our dirty clothes hamper and all over the couch- where I fold it.
And yes, sometimes it ends up where it really shouldn't be =D

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