Easy Lasagna Helpers

My lasagna helpers, hard at work!

We made a dish of easy lasagna this morning, which I'll bake this afternoon for dinner. When I put the lasagna in the oven, I'll start the dough for Italian Cheese Bread in my bread machine (on the dough cycle). When the lasagna comes out of the oven, I'll bake the bread (it only takes 12 minutes to bake!) and heat up some veggies. :)

Almost finished...

I had two helpers with the lasagna! :) In the first picture, Yehoshua is breaking up the clumps of meat for the meat/sauce mixture (I use frozen ground beef that I already cooked with onions in it) and Eliyahu is stirring the cottage cheese mixture. :)

Yehoshua called the lasagna noodles "train tracks", and counted out three pieces each time I was ready for a layer of pasta. :)

The unbaked lasagna

I love making this lasagna. It's just so fun! This dish is in my fridge right now. I can't wait! :)

And now, it's nap time. Eliyahu and Ruth are already asleep, so I'd better get to sleep, too! :)


Seriously... great job stopping to take a nap. I did that today too! Our 3 week old cried much of the night (when she wasn't eating), so I really needed that nap. Now I'm just dead... must_do_dishes! Sigh... ok... if you can get your stuff done, so can I! :)

Cute helpers. We just had lasagne yesterday and it was always so good! :) ~Tanya

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