Organic whole grains from Paul's Grains

Two of the bags of grains

Shortly after Ruth was born, my friend Abigail sent us some delicious whole grains from her family's organic farm! We had sampled some of their products in the past, but that was about 5 years ago. It was fun to try some new things, and we really loved everything in the package!

Making corn muffins... with help!

Yehoshua and Eliyahu helped me make corn muffins from the corn muffin mix. It was so easy to make these! Eliyahu lined the pan while Yehoshua stirred as I added ingredients. :)

The mix has corn flour, so it's gluten-free (unlike my normal cornbread recipe which has cornmeal and all-purpose flour). We loved the crunchy whole-grain flavor, and drizzled our hot muffins with some honey before eating!

We were given the Best Sellers Sampler Pack, which includes yellow popcorn. As I was showing Yehoshua the different bags of grains, he spied the popcorn and said, "I think we need to have popcorn for lunch." ;)

7-Grain waffles!

We made these waffles from the 7-Grain Pancake/Waffle mix. Joshua and I both agreed that they tasted so yummy!! They were heavier and heartier than our waffles made with all-purpose flour, but we love the flavor.

The waffles did take a long time to cook on our waffle iron, though. My normal waffles take 3-5 minutes to cook, whereas these took closer to 15 minutes! I had to remove sticky falling-apart batter a couple of times before I realized that they just needed to cook for a LOT longer. They were worth the wait, though! :)

Another product we tried was the 7-Grain Hot Cereal. Making the hot cereal was easy -- like making oatmeal. We all loved the hot cereal! We added brown sugar and milk to ours, like we would serve oatmeal, and it was absolutely delicious!! Much better than plain old oatmeal. We were sad when it was gone. :( Yehoshua and Eliyahu devoured more than their fair shares, as well! ;)

Colorful soup beans!

I love beans, and was excited to see a bag of colorful soup beans! There were 12 different varieties of beans in this mixture, and after soaking them, I thought they looked so beautiful! :) I used one of the recipes included with the grains to make Crockpot Pizza beans (only I made mine on the stove top). :)

I love whole grains. :) The more we eat, the more the flavor(s) appeal to us! :) We had so much fun with the sampler package -- thanks for blessing us with it, Abigail! :)


Hey Tammy!We have been trying to eat healthier.All of these things look great!I`ve been reading your blog for a while now.I really love your recipes,ideas and looking at the pictures of your beautiful family.I hope you don`t mind,but I tagged you:)When you get a chance stop by my blog for the details!Have a great day!

Hey Tammy,
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Thanks so much for linking us to this really neat site. What a wonderful resource!

Wow, everything looks great! I might have to place an order with them. I'm loving everything they have to offer.. and the prices! (I'm sure shipping can be a pain, but it's probably worth it)

Ask them about how to get the best price on shipping -- they can fill a flat-rate box for $8.95, and that will hold quite a bit! :)

I was looking at the site and realized that shipping isn't actually that bad. yay! I will definitely have to order a bunch from them.

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