Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Crispy grilled cheese sandwiches

Here's how we keep our grilled cheese sandwiches from getting soggy while we get ready to eat:

Grilled cheese... on a rack

We use a wire cooling rack (the one in the picture has a plate under it to catch the crumbs). We like our grilled cheese to be crisp (and not soggy!). :)

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Those look delicious. I really need to buy a wire cooling rack but I always forget when I make it to the store.

Soggy or crispy...grilled cheese is good to me. :-)
Dh doesn't like it though. :-( I think it's a great side dish to soup. And it's cheap! :-)

Bless you!

We do the same thing with pancakes and waffles.

I do this when I make quesadillas too!

That is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing, Tammy.

I love that idea..I too hate when one side of a grilled sammy gets soggy!!!

Tammy, you're so full of great little tips! This is such a good and simple idea. My husband will thank you for this tip the next time I make grilled sandwiches!


Great tip. Thanks Tammy for hosting too - it is a lot of fun to get good ideas for the kitchen. I like the plate under the sandwiches! I would have never thought of that.


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