The quest for weight loss and beauty

Some questions left by a recent commenter:

Your cooking is very rich. What are your thoughts on postpartum weight loss and being thin verses chubby? What are your thoughts on how media portrays beauty?

First, if you haven't already done so, you might enjoy reading my post titled Balance in Eating from a couple months ago. :) That post sort of explains our typical diet, which might not be quite as lavish as initially appears from the many recipes here. ;)

I am not what I would consider particularly thin, but I am also not considered overweight according to charts. Since weight and size varies so much from person to person, I'll just say that I am at the very top of what is considered a healthy weight for my height.

Of course, true healthiness isn't about certain numbers on the scale, and I actually don't weigh myself very often at all, since doing so only reminds me of what the scale used to say when I was 18... which was a considerably smaller number. I've found that doing things to be healthy (exercising, drinking lots of water, eating good foods, etc.) and not focusing on my weight is the best way for me to keep a good perspective on things! :)

I know thin people and chubby people who are unhealthy. I also know thin people as well as chubby people who are very healthy. Exercise and diet are far more important than a clothing size or a number on the scales.

About postpartum weight loss -- I think any weight loss should be done in a healthy manner. Not too quickly, and with exercise and healthy eating as the focus.

I was going to write out all my thoughts about postpartum weight loss, but found this article which pretty much covers everything. :) I personally don't worry about or try to lose weight until my baby is at least a couple months old. And no, I'm not one of those people who just lose all the extra weight without some effort. ;)

How the media portrays beauty? I haven't seen much true beauty in mainstream media. I am thankful that my husband sees me as beautiful just like I am. And honestly, we rarely expose ourselves to modern secular media outside of the news (which we read online). :)


tammy, was there ever a time when you and your husband usedto watch television or listen to secelar music? I didnt know if you decided in your adult lives to forgo the worldy stuff or if you had always been raised that way from childhood. do you all listen to the radio now?

Joshua grew up with a television at home, but my parents didn't/don't have one. We (Joshua and I after we were married) used to watch DVDs on occasion, but in the last few years have pretty much stopped watching any secular movies. We don't have a hard-and-fast "rule" about it; we just don't have a desire to watch them (because of the content). :)

I love music and in the past have listened to some secular music, though I have always been a much bigger fan of classical and acoustic styles of music than anything else. There is definitely some music that I really LIKE but refrain from listening to because I feel it isn't really God-honoring.

Joshua, on the other hand, likes music but could live without it. Strangely opposite of me! So I do my listening when he's out of earshot. ;)

Joshua listens to the radio on his way to and from work (Dr. Laura!). I rarely turn on the radio simply because it's extra noise, there are commercials, and our house usually already has enough commotion! ;) 

Great link about postpartum weight-loss. That'll be me in little while. I agree with your food philosophy and we do about the same. I just try to make sure we get enough fruits and veggies. ;-)

I agree about true beauty being rarely seen in the media. We are all beautiful just as God made us. I'm so thankful for a husband who thinks I'm gorgeous and even more so when I'm pregnant and tired. :-)

I lost weight really fast after my babies and now have some saggy skin to deal with, so I agree with you that it is not always good to lose weight fast.

I do not see much real beauty in the media, there are so many too skinny people shown as normal, everyones skin is flawless. I remember telling my mom one time that when you read stories the moms who were skinny, worked etc the children were all unhappy as there mom tried to be close, but she was distant, where the mom who was plump, baking cookies, soft and ready to give a hug to everyone was the one everyone could relate to. I know that is not true, but in the stories it was strange how you could relate to that.,

You have a very nice and realistic way of looking at it!

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