Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Clean dishes, clear counter

Clean dishes, clear counter. At least, that's how it's supposed to work! ;)

I've probably mentioned this before, but I always try to have my dishes washed before I go to bed. (I wash them by hand.) That way, they can air dry in the drainer on my counter over night. (No towel-drying = more free time!)

In the morning, I can quickly put away the dry dishes, stash my drainer under the sink, and have a clear counter for a while. When it was just Joshua and me, the "clear counter" part lasted almost all day. Now, it doesn't last long at all, but it's still a great motivator to keep the kitchen clean! :)

So, anyway, that's what helps me keep on top of the dishes somewhat! :)

Next week, let's all ask for help on kitchen-related issues, okay? I have a question I've been meaning to ask for advice about! :)

To participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Post a kitchen tip in your blog, with a link to this post. Then come here and add your name, tip subject, and URL to this post! Links must be family friendly, as always. If you don't have a blog but would still like to share a tip, just leave a comment here with your tip! Everyone's ideas are appreciated. :) Note: Please link to your individual post, not your blog's main/front page! Thanks for participating! :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays Participants
1. Amanda (Tin Foil)
2. Happy Housewife (dirty dishes)
3. Passionate Homemaking (using mason jars for blending)
4. Michigan Momma (crumpled foil)
5. Every good and perfect gift - Recipe Binder
6. Mill Musings (Make A Mix Cookbook Online and Ranch Dressing Recipe)
7. The Nest Egg (Just Like Fried Potatoes, But Not)
8. Niki (freezer organizing idea)
9. Vicky (using leftover mashed potatoes)
10. Debbie J. (Spring Cleaning Kitchen)
11. Sonshine (leftover makeovers)
12. Lynn(labeling cooking magazines and cookbooks)
13. 5intow (freezing dough)
14. Mrs. S (using stevia for savory foods)
15. Miranda (banana tip)
16. Erika (Homemade soy milk)
17. Julie (stain free plasticware)
18. Rachael @ Beans & Rice (perfect baked potatoes)
19. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (a couple dehydrator recipes)
20. Mrs. Brigham (Celiac-Schmeliac)
21. Kirstin: parchment paper
22. The Nourishing Gourmet-Soak those whole grains for your health!!!
23. Erica (salad dressing recipes)
24. If Only I Had Super Powers (sneaking in veggies)
25. Michele (keeping recipe cards clean)
26. Mrs. Mordecai (baking soda shaker)
27. AmyG (using up gourmet gifts)
28. mama~quick cupboard order
29. Babychaser (Meals after baby comes)
30. Trish (stop sliding cutting boards)
31. Brie (meat storage idea)
32. Blessings Abound (Spice Rack)
33. Our Red House (Delicious Chocolate Buttercream Frosting)
34. Anita and Erin (homemade "tv dinners")
35. Jeanette\'s Kitchen (Flour Mess)
36. Kate- Boiling eggs
37. Jessie\'s Attic (stove cleaning)
38. Donna (biscuit tip)
39. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers (kids in the kitchen pt.2)
40. Tania (storing plastic bags)
41. Angela (bulk cooking)



I am on a cleaning theme this Tuesday as well. :) Thank you for the opportunity to share tips with fellow bloggers! I always learn something new :)

Jessie's Attic

Too funny, my post is about how to get those really dirty dishes clean, without all the work!
The Happy Housewife

I totally agree. Clean counters make me happy and also an unloaded dishwasher. (-:

Tammy, that is a fantastic idea for next week! I have been wanting to ask about where to get bulk yeast online for some time, so I will do it here! Thanks for your hard work on this site!

Rachael @

I usually just lurk without participating but I happened to have left a tip yesterday at my blog about making up mixes for my bread machine. The link is here:

God bless,

Hi! I just awarded you the Excellent Award over on my blog.


That's so funny! Last night as I stood staring at my ever expanding pile of dishes, I thought about how you wash your dishes every night before you go to bed. It gave me the motivation to get a chunk done (tonight it will be all).

I absolutely love your blog & have tried many of your recipes. Your baked (whole) chicken is now a staple in our house!


Those cream cheese brownies are the best!! I made them yesterday and they are all gone today!!
I posted the recipe on my blog - thanks for sharing it!!

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