Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Foil on a full dish

I just recently came across this tip, but have already used it numerous times:

When you have a baked casserole that needs to be covered with foil, and you've filled the dish so full that the foil touches the food, just grease the inside of the foil before you put it on the dish. This is especially handy for dishes with cheese or tomato sauce (acidic) on top.

Greasing the foil...

I usually do my greasing with butter, though you can use oil, shortening, or cooking spray if you want. I use butter because it's fairly healthy and won't leave marks on my pans. :)

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This is a great idea, I can't believe I haven't heard this one before. I always have trouble with stuff sticking.
Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for your blog. This is my first kitchen tips posting! Thanks for all your tips and yummy recipes, my kids don't know how much thanks they owe to you.


I've never thought about that before. I always have cheese stuck to the foil when I make enchiladas. Thanks for a great tip!

Just today I noticed that there is a “Printer-Friendly Version” at the end of the recipe pages! I have been copying and pasting for so long! Too funny!

OH, wow, thanks for saying that because I never noticed the "printer friendly version" part either until I saw this comment and went looking for it. I was just thinking while c&p-ing a recipe, "I wonder if Tammy will make them printer friendly at some point." Whoops, obviously you already had, Tammy.;-) This makes me happy.


I barely squeezed in this Tuesday! I hope I did it correctly. There is a smiley by my name and I do not know what that means. I am somewhat computer challenged!

I love your blog. It's my first post for Kitchen Tip Tuesday, too!

I love anything that makes baking with cheese easier :) I never realized it was cooking spray that discolored my baking pans. Something to think about, as often as I have been baking lately!


I buy the Reynold's wrap release, and it saves on food sticking to the foil. It is a bit more expensive, but I can usually find a coupon in the Sunday paper for the foil. Or stock up on it, when it's 2/$3.

With tomato sauces, I usually wrap the dish in plastic wrap then foil, so I don't get the holes in the foil from the acidity of the tomato sauce.

But no plastic wrap in the oven, of course!! :)

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