More ideas for children in the kitchen

I loved this article about ways to include our children in the kitchen. You all should know by now how exciting it is to me to be able to include my little ones in more and more of our day-to-day doings, and yes -- a lot of our day is spent in the kitchen! :)

I mentioned once that Eliyahu keeps taking Yehoshua's jobs. Here are some of Yehoshua's newer jobs:

Yehoshua refills my vitamin dispenser each week...

I use this weekly vitamin dispenser, so that I only have to open my vitamin bottles once a week and not daily. I have been having Yehoshua sort and fill the dispenser for me. Of course, I supervise him the entire time he does this, since I don't want him to eat any, or drop any on the floor for Eliyahu to find. :)

Tightening the handles on my cookware...

Another job that requires close supervision, but is oh-so-fun for a 3-year-old boy: using a screw driver to tighten the handles on my pans. That has always been a bothersome/neglected job in my kitchen, so it's quite handy to have a helper to do it for me! :)

The article I mentioned above gave me a few new ideas for Yehoshua. Ziplock bags, greasing pans, and washing dishes... those should be fun projects to learn! :)


The second picture makes me know why. ;-) :-D

I didn't even think about his outfit. :)

Today, I made him put the overalls in the wash, even though he didn't want to... I figured after 3 days (he wore them to bed, too!), he needed some clean clothes. ;) 

LOL - that's too cute. :-D I'm so glad he likes them that much...I know how fun it is for children to have a favorite outfit like that. :-)

The picture of your son tightening the screws on the pans is so precious. I can just imagine how special that made him the man of the house, using tools and helping his mom!

How many vitamins do you take a day? I know you've said that you take the Special Two vitamins (those are the vitamins like SuperMom?) I'm trying to start taking better care of myself(I would like to have another baby) and would like to try the Special Two vitamins. I've been taking Milk Thislte for several weeks now (it supports and cleanses your liver, which can eliminate or lessen morning sickness....which I had pretty pretty badly with my last pregnancy #5) and started my cod liver oil today. I use to take it regularly a few years ago.

I just adore your's so homey! It makes me want to give a try at blogging again : )

My son does this for me too! Funny, I didn't think anyone else would get their kids to do this too! I enjoy your blog.

I'm wondering how old Yehoshua is. My little one is 14 1/2 months... will be 15 months when my little girl is born in a few weeks and almost 16 weeks by the time I'm really going in the kitchen again.

How old were your boys when they were ready to help in the kitchen, or around the house at all? How old when they started standing on chairs (safely) to help or watch? I would love to be including my little one more... any ideas for a first job???

I just love your blog so much!! It is always the first one that I read everytime I get on my computer. My daughter and I will race to see who reads first. When I read your blog I physically feel like I am there. You make me want to do things like you. You have a wonderful family. We are fixing to have our 3rd grandbaby and are very excited. There has never been a dish that I did not like that I have made of yours. You are so encouraging and make things look so simple. Thank you for your blog. Diana from Oklahoma

Oh yes... Yehoshua loves tools!! :) He will be 4 in April, by the way, for the person wondering about how old he is. :) Eliyahu just turned 2 last month. :)

I don't take a lot of vitamins -- just the NOW Special Two with Green Superfoods (I was confused at first because they have several different "special" vitamins) and those are the ones that, from what others have said, are the same as the "supermom" vitamins. :) Oh, and then I was/am also taking an additional 400mcg of folic acid during pregnancy, since the Special Twos only had 400mcg and the RDA for pregnant women is 800mcg of folic acid. :) I'm also still drinking my herbal pregnancy tea (alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, nettles, and peppermint) because it makes me feel so good! :)

Diana, thanks for your sweet compliments! :)

After reading your blog I decided to start having my 21 month old son help me in the kitchen. He absolutely loves it! I put him on a two-step ladder and he "helps" me make Daddy's lunches in the mornings, dinners at night and has even helped me make a batch of cupcakes. It's an awesome way to talk about what were doing, using, making, etc. Children really do love to cook and it's a great time to thank God for our hands to feel, our noses to smell, our eyes to see, the cows that made the milk, the farmers that planted, etc. etc.

Thanks for encouraging me to do this!


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