Birth story of Ruth Patience

Ruth Patience (2 days old)

I wrote Ruth's birth story today, and thought I'd share it here for those interested! It's not too graphic, but it is about birth, so... :) I love reading others' birth stories -- birth is such an amazing miracle! :)

We're doing well. I am trying to rest amid the craziness that comes from having 2- and 3-yr-old boys plus a newborn. ;) We've had plenty of help from my mom and sisters, which has been a huge blessing. And dinner this evening was provided by some friends of ours... another great blessing. :)

Ruth is a sweetheart and I'm loving having a little nursling again, since Eliyahu weaned a number of months ago. :) Her hair is so long -- at least an inch long all over her head! Pretty neat that our little girl already has hair that's substantially longer than her brothers'. ;)

So, I'll stop rambling and get on to the birth story. :)

Ruth Patience was born at home on January 23, 2008. We were blessed with a quiet, relaxing birth, and we're so thankful to our Heavenly Father for His generosity and goodness to us!!

My pregnancy with Ruth started out slightly differently than my first two pregnancies: we didn't have a set due date. Since I was still nursing Eliyahu (16 months) and hadn't been paying enough attention to my body, we weren't sure how long I had been pregnant when we found out. :) However, we had learned from past experiences that due dates are just rough estimates (my first pregnancy lasted 42+ weeks, and my second, 44 weeks) and Joshua and I both felt that our best course was to just be observant and listen to my body, knowing that unless there were signs of complications, my pregnancy would start and end in Yahweh's perfect timing! :)

A few days before Ruth was born, I noticed that I was leaking small amounts of amniotic fluid. I didn't allow myself to get too excited, since I know that small leaks can occur weeks before delivery. :) I was still feeling pretty good, and having fun coming up with things to do to keep me busy until the baby was born. I felt pretty big, but, I also didn't feel as though the baby was growing too large. And what 9-months-pregnant woman doesn't feel a little huge?! :)

I didn't get much sleep the night before Ruth was born, but that was my fault. I did my usual evening chores, and stayed up blogging about making strawberry shortcake. When I did go to bed, it took me close to an hour to fall asleep. I'm not sure why -- I must not have been tired enough! Eliyahu (24 months) woke me up a couple times needing a diaper change and needing covered, and then Yehoshua (3.5 yrs.) woke up with his usual middle-of-the-night crying/bathroom trip. I had gotten a couple hours' sleep at this point, and when I laid back down after taking care of Yehoshua, I couldn't get back to sleep. It was 4am, and I didn't know that I was in labor yet. I was laying there, unable to relax and fall asleep, but also not in any real discomfort... at least, nothing I could pinpoint.

I had a few contractions from about 4-4:30am, but I wasn't sure they were contractions because I was having trouble distinguishing when they began and ended, and they were more like a wave of nausea than a wave of pain. I thought, "I hope I'm not going into labor. I'm way too tired. This can't be labor. I'm not having a baby until this weekend at least."

At 4:30, I decided I was tired of trying to go to sleep. I got up and checked my email and put away a few dishes. After about 5 minutes of being up, I realized that I was having real contractions. I started timing them using the online contraction timer (which is so easy to use -- I would never have bothered timing them otherwise) and they were every 2-3 minutes, and about a minute long.

During the fourth contraction, I decided I should call the midwife and let her know I was starting labor. I dialed our phone card number, but before I could dial her phone number, the contraction ended and I felt just fine. I hung up the phone, thinking "Okay, that was silly -- I've only had 4 contractions. This could be a false alarm... I'll call her after a bit."

The next contraction started, and I started feeling a little... well, helpless, I guess. I grabbed the phone and dialed again, and when our midwife answered, I told her that I was pretty sure I was in labor. She asked how I was feeling and I said, "Well, I feel just fine, unless I'm having a contraction." I told her I was going to go ahead and call Joshua at work, since he had a 30-minute drive to get home.

I dialed the number for Joshua's work, and I confess I did feel a little silly telling the guy who answered, "Umm, I need to talk to my husband. It's an emergency; I'm in labor." They located Joshua quickly, and within a few minutes I heard Joshua's voice on the phone (this was the first time I had ever called him at work!) and I told him I was doing fine, but labor had started. He said he'd come right home.

I continued doing little things in the kitchen to distract myself in between contractions. I couldn't do anything during contractions, besides pacing the floor (which didn't give any real relief, but helped me feel less frantic!). Eliyahu was sleeping in his bedroom, and Yehoshua was asleep on his "trundle bed" in the living room. I looked at Yehoshua with envy... wouldn't it be nice to be sleeping instead of laboring! ;)

By the time Joshua got out of work and drove home, it was about 5:20am. I was still fairly calm, and assurred him that he should go ahead and take a shower. While Joshua was showering, I had some really intense contractions.

When Joshua got out of the shower, I told him I wanted him to call my mom, who lives 15 minutes away. I wasn't able to call her myself at that point, or I would have called during his shower. I wasn't expecting or hoping to have an extremely fast labor this time, so I had prepared myself to expect more "warning" and to not look at the clock, hoping for a fast delivery. I still expected labor to last at least another hour.

I got hot (even though it was only 66 degrees in our house) and Joshua helped me take off the sweatpants I was wearing. Joshua clipped his fingernails really short, and I can't remember what else. Then, I hugged him through a contraction, holding onto him for support. He started quietly praying for me but even his calm voice was too much for me to handle, and I asked him to please not talk...

It was about 5:40 by then... within the next couple of contractions, I started feeling a little "pushy", but told myself I was imagining things, since I couldn't possibly be that far along. A couple of contractions after that, I could literally feel the baby descending and I knew that I was going to be pushing soon. I told Joshua that the baby was coming soon, and I pointed to the chux pads that were with our birth supplies. Before the next contraction, I grabbed a plastic-backed sheet and put it on the couch, and we put down a couple of big chux pads.

With the next contraction, I grabbed onto Joshua and pushed with the urge. We heard a "splat" as my water broke, onto the chux we had just put down. I looked down at the wet pad and said, "It's clear. Good." Joshua helped me take off my wet underwear before the next contraction came, and I started pushing again. I could feel a head very low; I wanted to tell Joshua to be ready to catch the baby, but I couldn't communicate very well. Joshua put his hand down under me, and I said "Good." He must have been reading my mind! ;) (I also wanted a drink of water, but there was no one to ask, since Joshua was supporting me while I pushed.)

With the third pushing contraction, the baby's head came. It was soft, and covered with wet, soft hair. I reached down to feel the head (I was squatting, holding onto Joshua for support). I couldn't believe that the head was already out! I had tried to push slowly and "gently" because I didn't want to tear (although I didn't tear, even though the baby came out very quickly!).

And with the fourth contraction, the shoulders and the rest of the baby came. Joshua let go of me to catch the baby, and after she was out, I sat down on the couch behind me. Joshua handed her to me, and I held her on my tummy while he quickly grabbed a few towels to cover her. Joshua remembered to look at the clock, and she was born at 5:55am. She was blue, which we knew was normal, and had good muscle tone. She started to breathe shortly, but was having trouble and was a little gurgly, so Joshua used the bulb syringe gently on her nose a couple times and then we called our midwife's cell phone, and she said to rub the baby's back, as well. Our midwife said she wasn't too far from our house by then, and Ruth was breathing fine, so we hung up the phone.

Joshua asked me, "Did you look to see if we have a boy or a girl?" and I said, "Not yet... but it looks like a girl because the hair is so long!" ;) We looked, and it was a girl.

Eliyahu had been awake in his crib for a little bit (I guess Joshua said Eliyahu was saying "Dada! Mama! Dada!" in a pleasant voice from his crib during the last few minutes of the birth, but I totally tuned it out!) and Joshua went and brought him out into the living room to introduce him to Ruth. Eliyahu pointed to her wet and matted hair, saying "Ewww! Icky!" and then Eliyahu woke up Yehoshua, who was surprised to see a new baby in the living room! :)

The midwife and her assistant arrived, and my mom came shortly afterwards. She was surprised that the baby was already born, since we had called her only about 25-30 minutes before, and hadn't indicated that there was any big hurry. ;)

The placenta came after about 45 minutes (which was much sooner than my last two, thankfully!) and then Joshua clamped and cut the cord.

I took a nice herb bath, and we weighed Ruth -- 8 lbs 5 oz -- and not too long later, our midwife got a call from another laboring mom, so she finished up the paperwork/medical notes and they headed out. My mom stayed for quite a while to feed the boys and help out before taking them to her house for the afternoon (during which time I actually got a nap!).

I'm so thankful to our Heavenly Father for the beautiful, peaceful birth He gave us! It wasn't what we had planned for ourselves, but it was what He had in store for us, and it couldn't have been better. :) And now we're all enjoying our third little blessing, Ruth Patience. :)


Oh Tammy she is so beautiful. She needs a hairbow already. LOL Don't you know I was wanting to buy the ladybug flannel for little girls the other night. LOL Wonder why? HeHe

What a wonderful birth. And so quick too. So peaceful, just you and your husband. I'm so glad everything turned out good. Try to rest and enjoying snuggling your little sweet pink bundle.


How sweet! She is adorable! You even named her Ruth. ;) That is the second baby girl I know of that was born recently and named Ruth, otherwise I only "kind of know" someone else named Ruth.
Yes, lots of hair. :)

This is such a peaceful and beautiful birth story! How wonderful to be able to have Ruth in the quiet of an early morning, at home with just you and your husband.

Your birth story is lovely. I can almost feel the peace you express through the details of her birth. I am SO glad everything went so well for you Tammy! You did such a great job and that's so cute how you thought she was a girl because her hair was long. :)

She is a very beautiful baby too. I just LOVE all that hair. :)-- Courtney

Thank you for sharing!! It took me back to our two home births. Each very different but both such a joy!! I will pray for rest and peace for you all as you adjust to a new little one. Many blessings to you and your family.
I would be happy to tell you about our home births sometime. Just drop me a note at the email below if you are interested and after you have had plenty of rest. I will be happy to share.
God's blessings, Pamela, from Oregon


This was such a sweet birth story! What an amazing testimony of the Lord's provisions!

I'll be honest though, Tammy, you're not helping my baby fever one bit! :)

Love you!

Kate Ambrose

I was hoping I wasn't the only one crying lol.

That was beautiful Tammy!!

Little Ruth is sooooooo beautiful!

Congrats Tammy and Joshua, Yehoshua and Eliyahu.

The story was beautiful!

What a beautiful story, Tammy! It was so wonderful to read such a positive home birth experience. I *love* the name you picked out too! Thank you for sharing and blessings to you and your (newly expanded) family! :) ~Miriam

Dear Tammy,

What a beautiful birth story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I loved reading how tender and loving your husband was during the birth. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you richly as a busy Mama of three!


What a perfect birth.:-D Absolutely beautiful! And she looks so much like Yehoshua to me in that picture. I'm just thrilled to pieces for you!


Thanks for sharing your birth story-each one is unique! :) I can't get over the head of hair Ruth has. She is adorable! I'll be praying you'll have a good recovery.

What a wonderful story--if I thought I could handle it (and if... well, other things ;)), I'd want another one right now. It's amazing how reading birth stories makes me eager to do it all over again. Congrats again on such a precious little girl, Tammy!

She is just beautiful! I was positive that you would have another boy. What an amazing birth story.
You are very blessed, indeed.

And I especially love awesome stories like yours! How precious she is, too! :) Ahhh! :)

Aw, what a beautiful birth story. Ruth is beautiful! Congratulations Tammy and Joshua!

Thanks for sharing Ruth's birth story - good job! My little girl came out with long hair too, but I'd have to say it seemed to be a little shorter than Ruth's - but now at 2 years old it almost touches her bottom! Make sure you keep up with brushing it daily! Congratulations to you and your family!

Such a peaceful birth! I'm so happy for you! She's such a cutie. :-)

Your story touched my heart so much. Your birth was so beautiful. The Lord is so good. He took such good care of you and your family. I am so happy for you and your family. She is just so beautiful!!!! I cannot wait until my third grandbaby is born. I think a home birth is so wonderful! Diana

Yahweh is good! What a lovely birth story. :) Birth is such a precious miracle! I'm so happy for you. ~Tanya

Dear Tammy and family,

What a beautiful birth story and a beautiful little girl. Savor each moment of these harried days of all littles. You have a lovely growing family!

She is COMPLETLY beautiful!

And so is your birth story! I was trying to vision every step as I remember your house in pictures! I am so glad things went well and you have your sweet little girl... I have a girl and then two boys!

Have fun, rest and cant wait to read more about her~!

What a beautiful birth story Tammy! Little Ruth is an absolute doll! My second daughter, who was born at home, had a head full of hair, just like Ruth. Get your rest, and give Ruth a hug for me.

What a peaceful story! I haven't had a homebirth but for my last few children I purposely stayed at home to labor there as much as possible.

She is a cutie! Her mouth is such a perfect little bow.

Are you sure you didn't put a wig on that baby? What beautiful hair she has. She is just gorgeous. Congrats!!!


Thank you for sharing your story. My 5th and 6th were at home as well and I so much prefer it that way! There is something so much more peaceful about it.
Congratulations on your girl, enjoy her!

Wow Congratulations! That is such an amazing story!! Thank you for sharing with us.

I have been just a reader for sometime...... When I read this I cried and cried, I just had to tell you that the birth of your baby is so sweet and beautiful... The Lord is Good! Congratulations! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY RUTH!

What an incredible blessing from the Lord!!

Enjoy your sweet baby-snuggles!!! :)

Thank you so much for sharing, I was holding my breath almost the whole time I read it!! It is nice to hear a home birth story that was so quiet and calm. Definitely makes me want to have a home birth!!
Ruth is so precious!! Take care!!

What a beautiful story and beautiful baby :)
I'm amazed how calm and peaceful this birth was. It' so unusual to hear something like this. Not having any children, I'm a bit worried about having to give birth some day. But you actually make it sound like a wonderful experience! I'm not so scared anymore!

Take care of yourself and congratulations to you and all your family

A beautiful story! Welcome, Ruth!

Our second daughter was also born at home, speedily, and accidentally unassisted. The midwives showed up about five minutes later. It was perfect.

Thanks for sharing a clearer picture of her, and for sharing your story! I like how you are honest about the ups and downs of pregnancy and birth, and not just cover over the less-than-perfect details... or just complain about them! ;) It's so nice to be able to follow someone's pregnancy like this and get some good mental pictures of how it can progress. :)

She's completely adorable... I wish I could come hold her! Praying for a good recovery for you!

Oh,what a beautiful story Tammy!I had 2 small boys like you when we had our little girl.She also was 8 pounds 5 ounces.She had a full head of hair as well.Congratulations!

I enjoyed reading more of the details and seeing the picture - she's so sweet and cuddly-looking! All that hair is so adorable. Reminds me of my cousin Amber, who had that much hair when she was born...she's 19 now and still has long, thick dark hair. You're going to have so much fun with a little girl - hairbows and ribbons and pretty dresses and everything else. :-D

Tammy, I just get the shakes reading your story. I completely identify with how you were feeling while you were in labor, and it makes me nervous just like I would be if *I* were in labor. LOL I always start shaking when I know that it's for real and the baby is on its way. :)

What a beautiful birth, and a blessed morning I am sure you will always remember.

God bless you and your husband and children.


Thank you so much for sharing Ruth's birth story- she is absolutely beautiful!


Tammy, what a beautiful daughter you and Joshua have! I praise God for taking care of y'all during your pregnancy and that awesome birth experience!

Way to go, Mom & Dad!


What a beautiful baby girl you have and what a wonderful story you have shared. I so wish that all of mine could have been born in such peace.

I am praying for a quick recovery for you and that your sweet Ruth will stay healthy and grow like a weed. I can't believe how much hair she has!

She's beautiful. Congratulations. having a little girl is wonderful.


I am so glad all turned out well. What hair little Ruth has! My six-month-old daughter won't have that much hair until she's 18-months-old!! ;)

I have to say that reading your vivid story brought back many memories of the birth of my littlest one (also #3). My first two labors had been very long and this one was quite short, so I had many of the same experiences and thoughts as you! We did it at a hospital, but barely made it there and I just kept thinking this couldn't possibly be happening so fast! I am amazed at your ability to keep cool even while home alone with the boys. Congratulations!!

Ruth is beautiful! Enjoy her to pieces!!

Precious, precious, precious blessing! I am so tickled for you. Thank you for sharing her birth story. :) My mama-heart sings for you!

Lauren in NC

Congratulations, Tammy! She is gorgeous. Ruth Patience is a lovely name!

The Lord is good, or as you say, Yahweh is good.

She looks absolutely gorgeous! So healthy!

I'm thrilled beyond words for you, Tammy : )

Meredith from Merchant Ships


That's quite an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Ruth is BEAUTIFUL! She reminds me of my own now 2 year old baby, who also had a headfull of dark hair. Gorgeous!

Congratulations and God's richest blessings on you and your sweet family!

Ooooh, she is lovely. Congratulations!

Sounds like a wonderful birth. That's the kind of birth story I love to hear!

What a wonderful birth. And so quick too. So peaceful, just you and your husband. I'm so glad everything turned out good.

dear tammy & joshua,
how happy i am for you both and for the newest blessing to your family. i'm thankful to the LORD for his kindness to you giving you a short labor this time. but tell me.....,is there a secret to making girls?? :)
praise God for his goodness !!
with much love to you my dear friend,
deb (happy mama of 3 men)

Praise God! I gave birth to a boy on Friday and the Lord was so good to us too! Congratulations :)

Mrs. Bowen

Such a beautiful birth story and beautiful baby girl!! Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful birth story! I LOVE reading them! It brought back many wonderful happy memories of our own birth at home just over a year ago. (my third baby too!) our first 2 were born in the hospital and I would take a homebirth over a hospital birth anyday...much more peaceful and calm. ;)

Welcome to the World beautiful little Ruth!

Congratulations to the new big brothers as well!!

~Kristy in England

What a blessed birth you had!

Thank you all so much for the congratulations and sweet comments. :)

I saw all the hair she had and said "Wow, she was born with a full head of hair and definitely looks girly already." She's BEAUTIFUL!
I loved reading your birth story!! It was beautiful and made me cry.
All I can say is Wow. God is so good. I love reading homebirth stories; each one is unique and special.
I am so amazed at how fast everything went and how your labor was so short. What a Blessing!! and Joshua did a wonderful job as coach, supporter and baby catcher! How special for it to be just you three.
And it was so peaceful too!
You've more than encouraged me to want to have homebirths, Lord Willing, when the time comes!
Thank you for sharing.
Blessings and *hugs*,
P.S, Ruth looks a lot like you!! and a little like Yehoshua too.

How exciting to have a new baby girl! I miss those days.

My name is Ruth, too. It makes me feel happy to read about a little baby named Ruth.

Enjoy every moment.

Wow... I'm less than 6 weeks from my due date now and loved reading your story... thanks for sharing it! We too are having a little girl and I'm even more excited for her to come now having ready your story!


What a blessing babies are!

Congratulations. What a beautiful birth story.

Congrats on a beautiful birth and a beautiful new baby. Thanks for sharing your story and enjoy your babymoon! (Ruth's birth reminded me a lot of my first daughter Mali's birth - she was born in the AM before the midwife arrived and with a full head of hair. The only people present were my husband and myself. It was easily one of the most amazing moments of my life)


Congratulations Tammy she is beautiful! Love all the hair! Wow.

Okay, I just read the whole story! How neat and wonderful. I'm speechless. All I could say was "wow".

Be blessed,

Congratulations to you and your family. I am due with our second little girl around the end of February and am so excited and anxious to meet her. Your story was so beautiful! Although it made me cry, it made me relax and excited about the whole birthing prosess. It's only been a year and a half since I gave birth to our first daughter, but I've forgotten so much about it. Your story is amazing and a reminder of what a miricle birth really is. :)

I've been away for a few days, visiting my hubby, so I was pleased to come back and see that your new angel has arrived! :) She is perfect (love the name!) and the birth story is so beautiful - thank you for sharing!

I pray you are all adjusting well, and that you are able to get some help and rest. :)

That is all I can say! Wow! Isn't birth just amazing?!?! I love reading birth stories (the natural ones), and y'all's is such a good one. I would love to have a home birth with my next one. Baby Ruth is just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Tammy, for telling us about her very first day!

I am just now reading this... what a wonderful story! There is something definitely to be said for quick labors... like me, you were trying to prepare yourself for something longer, and then before you know it, baby is here! God is so good... blessings!

If only I had heard stories like yours when I was pregnant with all three of my other kids. I would have never chosen to induce or have an epidural.
Your story is so beautifully written. It sounds like such an amazing experience.

I didn't know there was an online contraction timer! That would have come in handy SO many times for me. Wow.
I'll keep that in mind next time I'm pregnant.

Your daughter is GORGEOUS! Look at all that hair. WOW. my kids had lots of hair but I think your daughter's hair is longer than any of them had. And to think you had no heartburn...I guess that puts that myth to rest! haha

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!

What a beautiful birth story, Tammy! Congratulations! And W*E*L*C*O*M*E Ruth Patience! :) It's the 1st time I read your blog, I have found your URL @ my friend Pam blog. It's lovely in here and I'll be back soon. Greetings to you and your family from Italy. :)

Oh Tammy!
That is just about the most beautiful birth story I have ever read. What an awsome and powerful thing to have Daddy deliver his daughter. You really are blessed. Ruth is such a beautiful name. I always wanted to use it myself, but five boys is what God had in store for me. : )
Wow, is all I can say. Wow.

What a great birth! I love reading birth stories too. I have an 8 week old little girl, so reading your story brought back some wonderful memories. I went pretty fast this time too. It is such a miracle that God has made our bodies so perfect to bring new life into the world. Congrats again to you and your family!


Hi Tammy - thanks so much for sharing your birth story of Ruth! I am due with my first little blessing in 5 weeks! I've e-mailed you before, but just always forget to sign in - so I am "anonymous". My dear husband loves the recipes I get from your site and I have been keeping him up to date on your pregnancy progress too, because of our expected little one - let me just tell you he was QUITE impressed when we read that your husband delivered your baby!! We'll be heading to the hospital for ours, but your birth story did sound much more peaceful and natural. Continued blessings for you and your family!!

Congratulations on your precious baby girl! What a blessings. :D

Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is just lovely. May God continue to bless your sweet little family with his infinite riches. =)

Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl. What a beautiful birth story!

I was quite surprised when I read the birth date. My name is Tammy as well, and I also just had a baby on January 23rd! Unfortunately, my labor was quite a lot longer than yours! If you're interested in reading Jacob's birth story you can find it on my blog

Congratulations again!

Your story made me cry, it was so sweet. I love reading birth stories and I think i'm a lot more emotional and responsive to them when i'm pregnant. I'm waiting for my second biological baby which should be coming in November and I also have a stepdaughter and a son. I just discovered your blog/site and love it. You have great advice and great stories too.

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