Our new blessing... Ruth Patience

Yehoshua (3) and Ruth

Here is our new arrival!! :)

Ruth Patience was born at 5:55am on Wednesday, January 23. She's 19.5 inches long and weighs 8 lbs. 5 oz. :) We have had this girl's name picked out since before Yehoshua was born! :)

I've been resting all day, and haven't had a chance to take more pictures or write up the birth story yet, but will be working on that soon. :)

The story in short? I woke up about 4am and couldn't get back to sleep... by 4:40am I decided I should call our midwife, since she lives a good hour away. Joshua was working all last night, so I called him there and he started on his way home (about a 30-minute drive). Joshua got home about 5:20am, and I told him to go ahead and hop in the shower. :) By the time he was cleaned up, I was in transition and managed to ask him to call my mom, who lives 15 minutes away.

About 5:45am I told Joshua that the baby was coming really soon and before we knew it, we had a beautiful little girl! Ruth was born in our living room and it was a perfect, peaceful, and wonderful delivery! We weren't planning on it just being us three (and two sleeping boys!) but Yahweh did, and He gave us peace and strength throughout!

I make it all sound so easy, don't I? ;) Anyway, I am off to bed for now. Thank you ALL for your kind words of congratulations, and for rejoicing with us! :) God is so good. :D


Oh congratulations!!! I just can't wait to hear the details!! Like how in the world do you know you are fully dilated and it is okay to push. I have had three very fast, but have relied on the dr. to say when to push- as early on I have to try not to give in to the urge to push. (-: anyway Ruth Patience is a beautiful name and she looks precious!! What a blessing to have it happen fast and to have your husband there on time. (-: God truly is good and knows what we need.

Congrats on the birth of your little girl!

Congrats! What a wonderful name. :) Have a good rest. :D

Congratulations on your sweet Ruth Patience - what a beautiful name for an adorable baby!


Phil 2:9-11

So glad things went so smoothly and quickly...we just had a similar birth experience on the 7th with a quick delivery...very nice! She looks like a cutie and big brother looks very proud!


Kathrynne and I think she's beautiful (She's sitting right beside me here and wanted to see her picture!).

And I love the name. I told Jesse this afternoon that I was sure I'd never guess your picked-out-name since you always come up with such unique and great names. You surprised me since I expected it to be a Hebrew name I'd never heard of before. :)

I'm sure the birth wasn't quite as easy as you make it sound, but I'm so grateful that it is behind you and that it went so smoothly. And now you can just enjoy your precious little girl.

Thanking God for His blessings to your family~
Crystal P. :)

Nice to get an update Tammy. The picture didn't come through on my computer....so I'll wait for another photo session and hope it works. Beautiful name.
~ Lin ~

Aw, sweet picture! :) I LOVE the name!

Congrats, dear Tammy! I'm so excited for you... I guess those emails were a bit unnecessary, huh? :) I love the name--so beautiful. Now you rest up--no doing dishes or going upstairs! ;) HUGS

Congratulations and the very best of wishes for your entire family. (This is my first visit to your interesting blog.)

Awwww!! So glad I got to see this picture before I head for bed - she's adorable, and Yehoshua is such a happy, capable big brother. :-D This news just made my day - so happy for you all, and rejoicing with you in God's goodness. Will be looking forward to more details and pictures, but make sure you rest up plenty first and take time to enjoy that precious bundle of blessing. :-)

Much love to all,
Auntie Abby

Congratulations on your newest blessing.


God's blessings to you all!! I look forward to hearing all the details. We had our youngest two at home. What a complete joy!! Have you always delivered so quickly? That is an amazing time frame...praise God for His care an watch over you and your daughter and husband during delivery. What a fun way to wake up...a new sister for your boys!!! Our youngest is a girl and she has 3 brothers. Sisters are really fun in our house. Enjoy your time with her and thank you for letting all of us share in your blessing. By the way, I have a dear friend who lives in Ohio and I was just curious what major town you are close to. You rest up and we look forward to more pictures and news.
Blessings, Pamela from Oregon

She's adorable! Ruth Patience is a beautiful name!! Different than what I expected, I admit, given your other children's names. But somehow it fits just the same. I've been on pins and needles all day waiting for the announcement. I hope and pray you get plenty of rest and help in the next few weeks. Congratulations again, God is so good!!!

WOW I am DEFINATLY excited to hear the entire story!!!

Your little boy is ADORABLE! and your daughter (oh how I bet that word "daughter" brings joy to your ears... er eyes:P)
is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


How precious! She's so beautiful! I can't wait for more pictures!

Congrats Tammy Joshua, and two big brothers!

2 hrs labor! Yah, you make it sound realllllllly easy!

What's really funny I was up at 4 am yesterday! Praying!

God's blessings to all of you! You picked a great name! I've lived with it for 44 years! LOL So happy to hear that everything went according to His plan!

Ruth, PA

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Ruth Patience!



What a wonderful picture and a beautiful name! We've been so excited at our house for your family. What a blessing! :-D

Tammy I'm soo happy for you. I'm amazed by how smoothly this birth seems to have gone. What a blessing! And such a beautiful name.
Your little boy looks so sweet with his sister next to him!


Dear Tammy, many congratulations and so much love to you and your newly enlarged family. I am so happy to come online and find all the ladies we have been praying for have had their babies! She looks beautiful and I LOVE her name. Enjoy having a baby girl - they are so precious in an equal but different way to a boy I think. Love, Lucy

I am so glad to hear everything went so well (and quick!). I can't wait to see more pictures! And I just love the name you chose!

I had been checking the site all day and woke up to find her name. Beautiful! I am so glad you are doing well. I will be thinking of you and your family. Diana

Again we are so excited here for all of you!! What a sweet baby girl, her name is lovely too! :) Rest lots and enjoy your sweet newborn. Yahweh is so good!!! ~Tanya

How wonderful! What a sweet baby!
Lisa @ hopewellmomschool@yahoo.com

Blessings and prayers to you! What a beautiful name! What a speedy delivery! Congrats to you and yours.

Praise the Lord for the safe and healthy delivery of little Ruth. What a blessing for your family to have a daughter to raise for His glory. Deb at Mountain Musings

Joshua & Tammy, Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! Happy Birthday Ruth Patience! I'm so glad that you were blessed with such a quick delivery and that everyone is healthy. I'm sure I speak for so many of us out here in your "Blogging Family" when I say get some rest, take it easy, and give that new bundle of joy a smooch for me. God Bless....
Cindy in NY

Congratulations go out to you and your family Tammy!

I know this is a thrilling time for you all! I am thrilled right along with you! :-)

Rest up momma!

God Bless You!

Oh Tammy, my eyes are filled with tears of joy for you and Joshua. Many, many blessings on your newest arrival.

Aw! Yeah!

Ruth is a beautiful baby, and I love her name. That is the sweetest photo,her big brother looks so proud!
Looking forward to more photos and the story!

I must have a gift or something. I got out of bed this morning and said, "I bet Tammy had her baby yesterday." This is the second "feeling" i have gotten about babies arrival recently.

Congratulations. You made it sound easy, so I am less scared my third time, too.

She is so gorgeous. You got a girl! That is wonderful. Love the name, too.


Our second daughter's name is Ruth, Ruthie is what we call her. Congratulations on your sweet daughter...

Oh, Tammy--this is just a precious picture and a completely awesome birth story, which I am looking forward to reading more of! I love the name you picked out, too--in fact, it's one of our favorites!

Congratulations again!

Praise God for the safe and quick arrival of Ruth. Wishing you a speedy recovery and smooth transition into your new role as a mommy to three!


Mega congratulations! The birth sounds like a good experience! I can't wait for any more you care to share on the subject. It is encouraging to hear of others who deliver very quickly since this is also my experience. It is helpful to have my faith built up.

It must be extra special to have a daughter now, too. :) I know you would have loved a boy just as much, tho.

Again, congratulations! She's beautiful.

Angela (mrsr)

Hi, Tammy, Joshua, & Boys!!!
Congratulations on your new little one....Ruth Patience~ what a sweet name!!! I'm so glad you had a safe delivery, and how awesome that you & Joshua, (and and of course, God), were the only ones present for her arrival into this world!!! ~That is so beautiful! I can't wait to hear more about the delivery! We are very happy for you!!

Take care,
Marie & Brian

Congratulations on your baby daughter! I love the name you chose! What a gift from God!

How exciting. Your son looks so happy holding his new sister. Love the name, she is such a precious baby.

She is sooo beautiful! Praising God for your safe, uneventful delivery.

I love her name!

Baby Ruth is just gorgeous, as is her name. I am truly thrilled for y'all! :D


I'm so very happy for you and your family! Babies are truly such a wonderful gift from God. It's beautiful the way children can bring such love, happiness, and promise to the world. Within the first few seconds of their lives they brighten the world like nothing else just by being here. I'm glad you and Ruth had a safe delivery.


The Lord is good! Thankful you had a good delivery and Ruth is here safe and healthy! :D

Oh, Tammy, I am so excited for you... a little girl! What a beautiful name. And her birth sounds so similar to William's! Wasn't it amazing the peace God gave once you realized it would be just you and Joshua? I felt the same thing...

What a blessing. You will so enjoy having a little girl in your life (boys bring their own joys but they are different).

Congratulations! :D

Congratulations to all. I have 3 daughters and they are such a joy. The name is lovely. I can't help but chuckle though, because although her middle name is Patience, she sure was impatient to be born! I'm glad that all went well for you. Now enjoy your time with your family.

She is just beautiful, so is her name. I am thankful all went well for you both.

I am so glad everything went well! Those third babies can be like that!

As far knowing when you are dialated, to one of your above posters, when you have no one to tell you or to check you are forced to listen to your body. I have ended up being at two births and I am just a doula, not a midwife. I just told them wait until you absolutely cannot hold back pushing. Your body can actually push a baby out without you!

I am thrilled for you and your family! Welcome to the world Ruth...you are a very blessed little girl to be born into such a loving family! :)

Hmsclmom (Debbie)

How exciting that your boys get to have a little sister this time. She's gorgeous. I can't wait to read your birth story.

For some reason I thought you weren't due for awhile. LOL How sweet to have a girl! I am so glad she is here and everything went well with the delivery. She looks like a cute little girl. And Yehoshua looks absolutely charmed. :) Congrats and GOOD JOB!! You did make the birth sound easy but frankly, my third delivery was a piece of cake. So, I have my hopes that it really was an easy one for you. Can't wait to get the full story though.

that last comment was me! - Court


Congrats on your new beautiful baby girl!

oh yay Tammy! the birth sounds absolutely fantastic! it is exactly how i *dreamed* for Joey's birth to go, but alas, i had 1o hours of labor and the midwife was there by then lol!! still...it is AMAZING knowing you gave birth to a healthy child directly in your living room, in the very same house said child was conceived in and will be reared in! I can't look at my living room and not remember the very special day we had our son there, delivered right into his papa's hands. God didn't give Adam and Eve a hospital in the garden lol, so i say in normal healthy pregnancies, why have them if they aren't neccesary? I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! isn't it just the biggest blessing??

and a little GIRL! yay for pink! the name is PRECIOUS! we are directly mirror imaged to you...we had two girls and then a precious boy! God is so gracious and so wonderful. i really would have been equally happy with another girl, in fact i was in shock for weeks we had a boy lol...but still, it is so amazing having children at all, pink or blue!

congrats again! I am so happy for you all! God is so good and greatly to be praised!!!
~Kristy in England

Ruth Patience is a beautiful name and she certainly is a beautiful baby!!!!! Congratulations to you and your lovely family!
God Bless,


You have such sweet children :)! What a lovely name!

Wow, Tammy!
Congratulations! And the same to Joshua... I'm sure it wasn't as easy as you made it sound, but if anyone was ready and prepared to do it by themselves, it would have been you two! : )
Enjoy your little bundle... it will be so fun to have a *girl*... I promise!
Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more!
Mary : )

What a blessing!

Thanking HIM with you for all your blessings!! -Melissa

Congratulations, Tammy. I just had a baby girl in December, so I feel your joy! ;-)

And thank you for all the good recipes!


She is so beautiful... I'm looking forward to the birth story. Your son looks like a proud big brother.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Holly JO

Oh, your boy looks so proud to be holding his new baby sister. Congratulations!!!! Girls are a lot different than boys, but just as fun. Enjoy your new blessing.


Congratulations on the new baby! Lovely name for a lovely girl. :)

Tammy, I hope you are doing well. How's the baby doing?

Congrats again!

Tammy she is so beautiful!!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! She is beautiful and like everyone else said, I love the name!
You did it Tammy! Can't wait to read the birth story.

She's so precious!
I love the name you chose.... I am not surprised you chose Ruth. Because knowing that you would most likely choose a Biblical name, Ruth came to mind immediately and so I was thinking you might have that in mind. :)
It's a beautiful name and goes well with Patience for the middle name.
Wow, it sounds like a whirlwind of a birth. I'm sure it wasn't as easy as it sounds but my, it did go fast!!
I am so happy for your whole family and so glad that things went well.
Yes, God is so good!!!
Congratulations again!
Love and Blessings,

I am so happy for you!

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