Balance in eating

Louise asked this question on my last pregnancy update:

I have been wondering how you manage to stay in shape while eating all the yummy food and desserts that you make?

Good question! :) I think one of the pitfalls of having a food blog is that most of my blogging centers around, well, food... even though food isn't the focus of my existence, and we certainly believe in and practice moderation! :)

I honestly don't cook large fancy meals all the time... or even most of the time. A typical family dinner for us usually includes three foods -- a main dish (with meat), a cooked vegetable, a side bread/pasta/potato, and whatever else I happen to have (fruit, salad, baked goods). You might notice this in the pictures I post of our dinner plates: I usually take a picture of the plate of food I am about to eat... so if the plate is one-third or one-half full of cooked veggies, that's what I'm really eating! :) 

We do love to make bigger meals for company, so when we have guests, we end up having a much larger meal (5-6 foods plus dessert). When it's just us, I don't usually have a special dessert made. We might have a little ice cream from the freezer, or I might have some muffins on hand, but we don't have dessert every day.

Joshua does make some really amazing cheesecakes, but even those aren't our everyday fare. ;) The last cheesecake Joshua made was about 3 weeks ago, and we served some to our dinner guests. I froze the leftover pieces, and have eaten three (small) pieces since then. There's still cheesecake in our freezer, which will probably last until the next special occasion when Joshua makes a new one! :)

So, we eat fairly balanced meals, and keep our portions in check. In the warmer months, I love taking brisk walks (some of my exercise ideas can be found here!), though I must confess that exercizing regularly is something I have to work at.


I was thinking the same thing last night. How does she eat all that yummy food and stay so trim, especially while pregnant? I am a good cook as is my mother, and it shows. More power to ya'!

Also a huge thing is portion, portion, portion!!! I really try to eat my veggies first!!! Another thing is eat until you are satisfied and then stop.
I also have a hard time staying up on the exercise end!

Hi Tammy, thanks for answering my question.
I always say "everything in moderation" and we eat a wide range of foods, mostly healthy and some not-so-healthy-treats.
Portion size is my problem I think - I probably don't need those second helpings!!!

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