A warm dinner for a cold day

Seasoned baked potato wedges and oven-roasted chicken

We're having a very cold weekend here in Ohio, which makes me even more inclined to make meals using the oven! :) This week we had (again) one of Joshua's favorites, oven-roasted chicken, along with some seasoned baked potato wedges, which are one of my favorites. :)

Since potatoes and chicken aren't much of a meal, I made two cooked vegetables -- broccoli and carrots. Yehoshua and Eliyahu absolutely love cooked carrots, and "trees" are high on their list of yummy veggies, as well. :)


What a warm and yummy looking meal! We are in the deep freeze here too. :)

Looks like a great meal.I really like the seasoned potato wedges too.I would like to try your oven roasted chicken recipe.I keept forgetting about it.The pictures of it looks so good.

Tammy, I've made your seasoned baked potatoes twice already and their a big hit at our house. I'm on weight watchers, so instead of oil I use Pam, so yummy, and makes me feel like I'm having french fries! thanks for another great recipe! Anna

Hi, Tammy.

Long time observer, but first time commenter.

Funny how your kids call broccoli florets "trees." My 6 y.o. son also calls them "trees." This was the only way I could get him to give them a try.

Good luck and blessings to you and your expanding family.


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