Pregnancy update -- ~9 months

I am so thankful to still be enjoying this pregnancy... well, except when I need to roll over in bed! ;) After so many months of not feeling well, the past 6-8 weeks of energy and good spirits has been such a blessing!! I told Joshua that I feel so well, I'm not in any hurry to have the baby now! ;)

I'm still faithfully drinking my pregnancy tea, taking my vitamins, and drinking lots of water. I have had increasingly frequent (and intense) Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are a good reminder to drink extra water, since dehydration can cause BH contractions to be needlessly painful. :) I think I drink about a gallon of water each day, including my herb tea (I refill gallon jugs at the grocery store for our drinking water, so it's easy to keep track of how much we're drinking!). :)

I've also been trying to get a nap most afternoons. Eliyahu usually naps for about 2 hours, and Yehoshua will either play by himself in the living room (by me as I nap) or else lay beside me and fall asleep himself. I'd rather Yehoshua didn't take a nap, since he then has so much trouble falling asleep at bedtime, but I can't really complain about a quiet, restful afternoon, either way. :) I am NOT a very good "napper", since I feel groggy and horrible if my nap is any less than 2-3 hours long! My mom can take 20- or 30-minute naps and wake up feeling great. Me? Waking up from a nap is like waking up in the middle of the night! I just want to go back to sleep! :P I am getting better about starting dinner before my nap (like today, I seasoned a chicken for the oven) because it takes me a while to wake up afterwards. :)

I can't sit too long at a time these days without my legs swelling, which is uncomfortable, and a good reminder to not spend much time at the computer. ;) I noticed this earlier in my pregnancy, but drinking the tea with nettles in it seemed to help a lot. :) I still have NO heartburn/acid reflux which is amazing to me! I wonder if I will have a bald baby? :)

9 months pregnant... 

   9 months pregnant...

Here are two pictures that Joshua took this evening after my shower. I am outgrowing my maternity clothes! Several of my shirts are too tight, and my skirts? I have two that still fit, but I can't bend down very well in them... unexpected guests might find me wearing a pair of Joshua's sweatpants around the house. It feels a little frumpy, but I can't deal with too-tight skirts.

 9 months pregnant with Eliyahu

For comparison purposes, here is a photo of me that was taken the night before Eliyahu was born! I went to bed that night and woke up in labor... Eliyahu was born early that morning. :)

Eliyahu weighed 8 lbs... so maybe this baby will be bigger?! :)

Let's see... what else... I have been getting things done around the house, but most of it has been little stuff, not worth blogging about. I still have things I would like to do before the baby is born, so I'm not worried about getting bored or anything. :) Of course, when am I ever bored?! :)

One thing we did recently, was Joshua and I bought a few gifts for Yehoshua and Eliyahu, to be saved until after the new baby is born. :) I am partly hoping that a few new toys will be a good diversion for them when I am busy with the new baby, but mostly I just want them to look back on the arrival of a new family member with only good memories and excitement! They are already excited about meeting the new baby, so why not just add to the excitement?! :) I should make a birthday cake for the birth day and put it in the freezer. Although I'm not sure how much fun a birthday cake with no candles would be... ;)


We did a cake after my second son was born. We put a candle in it and let my older son blow it out and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. So why not put a candle (or a few) in the cake and let your two little guys sing happy birthday and blow them out just for fun?

You look wonderful, Tammy. Not that many weeks left before baby arrives! :) So glad you are feeling well and getting in your naps. Enjoy your last few weeks of being pregnant, I always miss feeling those baby movements after baby arrives. :)~Tanya

You could always get a zero shaped candle to light on the cake.

You look about the same size! maybe I should dig up my preggo picture when I had 8 pounds 9 oz Michael for comparison?

I read that they did a study and found that mom's DID actually have more heartburn when they had hairy babies. I had awful heartburn with Michael and he came out needing to go to the barber shop, eek

How exciting! We are probably due around the same due date is around the 18th of February. We also did the present thing for our two other boys...they are going to be from their new little brother when he gets home =). Good luck...wonder which one of us will go first?

I was wondering about you and the baby.. I'm living vicariously through you, and so excited for you!!! Cant wait to see what the Lord has been baking in there. :) I promise Im not weird. I just feel all praise-y when the Lord is doing something so miraculous..:)


I think you look prettier and prettier every time you post a new preggy picture. I can't believe you're already 9 months along!! I'm so glad to hear you still feel good!

oh, I can't wait to see the pictures of your baby.

Classically pregnant! The only thing that seems to be growing is the baby! We had little gifts for the kids to receive from baby, but we also had them 'give' the baby a gift as well to welcome them. It always seemed to work out well. And I love the other comments posted about a birthday cake...that's a really neat idea!

I just love your site, Tammy! I learn something new here every time I visit! Praying the Lord blesses you with an easy (!), safe delivery. And praying His many blessings for your family.

Thanks for posting your pictures! You look fantastic. :)

(sorry I didn't sign in... I can't ever remember to do that even though I visit almost every day!)

Thanks for the tip on BH and drinking water! I had no idea it could be related at all till my midwife said something about it yesterday at my 32 week appointment. I didn't have any BH with DS (now 13 months), but I've had several stretches of time with BH already with this one. I imagine I'll have some more... so now I know... lots of water = less pain! :)


My daughter turns 6 months old today and so it's quite a reminder to see these pictures of you! She was born 10 days late and my belly was about as big as it could get...I carried like it seems you do - all in the belly! I don't know about the heartburn theory, I had tons of it and this baby was the baldest of my three! LOL! ;)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm glad you are feeling and doing well!


How exciting! You look great! I was always terribly swollen by this point in my pregnancies. Best wishes!

You look terrific! If it weren't for your stomach, no one would know you are pregnant. Oh, how do some women do that?!

I hope the labor and delivery go well and I can't wait to "meet" the newest addition.



Hi Tammy, wow you look great! I am so pleased to hear you are feeling good.
I have been wondering how you manage to stay in shape while eating all the yummy food and desserts that you make?
Love Louise

Hi Tammy,
You do look great and it will not be long now before you are holding your newest little blessing. :)((((HUGS)))
When my twins were born we made sure to have gifts for our oldest son who was just 22 months old when his little brothers made their entry into the world. It helped so much because the twins got so much attention and he was feeling a bit left out. The grandmas made sure to give Jaysn a gift too. ;)

Be blessed!

Debbie (hmsclmom)

You look so pretty and pregnant :) So exciting!

Yes, you do look classically pregnant. Praying everything continues to go well! That is interesting on the general heartburn/hair relation.

You look great, Tammy! In fact, as I was reading this, my husband came up and we agreed that you look a lot like me. Well, except that you're going to have a baby really soon. ;-) The face is so similar! I know that's weird for me to say, but it's uncanny!

You look wonderful, Tammy!

~Elizabeth in Alaska

You look skinny with a big baby belly. I love it! I know pregnant ladies never think they look pretty at the end, but I think it's such a beautiful look. Enjoy that round blessing!

I love your blog and have gotten so many great recipes from you. Thank you!

You look beautiful!


I'm looking forward to seeing what name you've chosen for the new baby!

Hi Tammy,
I love your blog and have enjoyed following along with your pregnancy. I was "due" Jan. 4th and we a patiently waiting on our blessing to arrive. Can't wait to see your baby too. Monica

You look sooo pretty. I love baby bellies,... and baby's bellies too.

You look so sweet with that baby belly! It doesn't look like the baby has dropped as with the other pic of your last pregnancy. Probably about two weeks longer should be good huh?


Thank you all for the sweet comments, suggestions, and ideas! :) I still haven't gotten a birthday cake made, but I will blog about it if/when I do! ;)

You look beautiful! All baby! :)
Wish I could do that. Most people don't realize I'm pregnant until I'm 7 months along. I just get fat. :p

Best wishes for the birth!

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