Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Don't drop the eggs!

Have you ever grabbed a carton of eggs from the fridge, and nearly dropped it because inside, it looked like this??

Well, that's what used to happen to me... until I started taking out eggs in a balancing pattern:

Just use from the middle first, and take out every other egg. Don't leave 3 or 4 or 5 eggs all at one end -- or someone might grab the empty end of the carton -- causing the heavy end to drop unexpectedly!

Am I the only one who has a method for taking eggs out of the carton? Tell me this isn't silliness, and that you, too, have had the "Oh no, I nearly dropped the eggs!" scare!

Originally posted in 2007

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Submitted by Anonymous
I had never really thought about it but I think it is a great idea. Especially with the price of eggs being $2/dozen. I sure would hate dropping them!


Me too!
Submitted by Anonymous
I've do the same, except I just take the eggs from both sides first, and then the middle last. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's had that problem with unbalanced eggs!

Me too, too!
Submitted by Jules
I've done that for years. $2/dozen??? It's only a $1.79 here..and that's the extra large eggs.

I get the dozen and a half...I'm not even sure how much they are. I'm not one to look at the price lol.

Submitted by Anonymous
Great Tip Tammy!

I do that too!
Submitted by Anonymous
I've alternated taking them out from one end then the other, working towards the middle, for as long as I can remember. I think it's much safer!

I do that too :)
Submitted by Anonymous
I guess it's just one of those things you do without really thinking about it too much.

Eggs are $2 here too. I buy 18 at a time and pay almost $3. Grocery prices are rising.

me three
Submitted by Anonymous
I have done this for years because I have dropped eggs several times, slow learner I guess :-). With the rising cost of meats eggs are a staple-and precious!!

Submitted by VickyO664
Yup, I've had this happen to me so the last few years I've been balancing my egg carton. :) It's just second nature now!

I need to do this!
Submitted by Anonymous
I haven't figured this out yet, so this is a great tip for me! Thanks, Tammy!

Pictures of my girls helping me in the kitchen on my blog!

Me too!
Submitted by Anonymous
I balance my egg carton, too. We buy farm fresh, organic eggs, so to even lose one would be quite a pity considering the price!

Submitted by Anonymous
You know, I've wondered many times if I'm the only person who does this...I think I have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder at times! ;)

Anyway, my "method" is taking out from either end first, but in an even pattern, such as the lower left egg and the upper right egg. I HATE ending up with an uneven number of eggs!


Me, twelve!
Submitted by simplbrandy
This happened to me and I buy the cage-free eggs, so it was an expensive accident. I don't know why this technique never occurred to me, but I guess that's what Kitchen Tip Tuesdays are for! Thanks! :-)

So simple...
Submitted by MrsKatie
...and, yet, I never thought of this! What a great tip! Thanks!

Submitted by SarahMay
I do this, too (taking from both ends and leaving eggs in the middle) but my husband has a different method (taking from the middle and leaving both ends) that I had to learn when we got married. : )

Submitted by kristyjo
I have almost dropped (and have dropped) the eggs more times then I care to admit~ :P

what a great tip~

I do it another way....
Submitted by Anonymous
I put eggs all at the front end that that I grab to lift them out. I find that I grip too hard when there is an empty cell, and crush the one next to it when they are 'balanced'. I guess it proves there is no one "right" way, but in my kitchen, it's MY way! ;)

egg cartons
Submitted by Anonymous
I balance my carton by just cutting the carton in half. This also makes a little more room in the fridge!

Submitted by Anonymous
I've been doing that forever...but I didn't realize it until you posted this! lol!! You have a very nice blog here...I've bookmarked you and will be back to read more! I love all the photos of the food...neat!

I should have thought of this
Submitted by Big Mama
Great tip Tammy. This will save us some eggs for sure! The kids are always pulling them out and if they are heavy at one end…well, more than likely they will be dropped. I get eggs at Aldi for 1.69 a dozen-large. DeDe

Submitted by Anonymous
He he, I have always just dealt with almost dropping it! I guess it makes sense to do something about it :) We use our eggs up quickly and my husband has mentioned the one sided weight thing!

Yep, me too!
Submitted by Anonymous
Yep, I've no idea when exactly I started doing this and I couldn't begin to tell you the pattern--I'm sure tisn't the same every time, but I do balance the carton lol.

Submitted by Anonymous
Great tips ladies!

JB @ Titus2Journey

Submitted by Anonymous
Duh~I have never thought of doing this. I will be from now on!

Posted my FIRST kitchen tip - thank you!

Good idea!
Submitted by Anonymous
My first posting of Kitchen Tip(s)
Thank you!

Submitted by foxxyroxie
I do that too, but I take eggs from the middle of the carton and work my way to the outsides.

Heavy side out
Submitted by Jennifer
I usually put the heavy side to the front of the fridge so when I grab, I grab the heavy side. But that is a great way to balance them too - especially when the kids get older and will start to pull the cartons out of the fridge (or put them back in... and maybe the 'wrong' side to the front).


Submitted by Anonymous
I do that too -- I thought I was the only odd ball out there! {grin}

Aldi's eggs?
Submitted by Anonymous
Judging from that Bible verse inside the egg carton I am guessing you got those eggs from Aldis, right? I love seeing that verse when I break open the eggs to start my morning!

Eggs :)
Submitted by Tammy
Thanks for the fun comments, everyone! I feel perfectly normal now. :D

Yes! My eggs are from Aldi's. :)

Australian Eggs
Submitted by chopsuey
Well I always knew US food prices were way cheaper, but eggs here, at the cheapest you can get them, are $2.50 per dozen. I know there is a difference in exchange rates but it has closed a lot over the last year! I would love to get chickens but we have a dog and I wouldn't want to have to lock either of them up!

Submitted by Anonymous
My husband thought I was nuts when I tried to point out the logic of balancing the eggs in the carton when we first got married. He's since come over to the dark side, though, after trying to put away a lopsided carton and promptly dropping 6 eggs on the kitchen floor! I take eggs out of either end and work my way toward the middle, but I like your solution, too.

Good Tip
Submitted by Anonymous
Great Tip Tammy! I used it this evening after I got done making our egg bake for dinner. Oh - I get my eggs from Aldi's too - I love the Bible verse on the inside of the container.


Submitted by Bonnie
Great tip!
I like to put some in each end of the carton... it basically works the same way. Amy gets annoyed because she likes to do it your way, LOl! :D

I thought I was just being a little OCD about my need for I can assure myself it's for the egg's safety. THANK YOU! ;)

So glad to know it's not just me. Yes, I thought it was a tad OCD, too, but can't make myself NOT balance my eggs in the carton. Have done it forever. I tend to be very symetrical in everything. I just like order. One of my favorite verses: Let all things be done decently and in order. (1 Corinthians 14:40)

Great tip! I had to start doing that a few years ago to but I have forgotten lately! My tip is about homemade double boilers!


Only I take eggs from both sides, and leave the middle for last. How funny that I'm not the only one that does this!

-Amanda Ranta

I never really put much thought into it, but that would make egg carton retrieval much easier, especially when I'm already dodging other bullets from my balancing acts with fridge storage!

Although, I must say, I'm shocked at the price of eggs everywhere... I'm still reaping the rewards of the Christmas time drop in price... Eggs are going for about $1 to $1.25 a dozen right now!

My tip: Eating less sugar in your yogurt (Katie)

Thanks, Tammy! (And my mom taught us to keep the eggs balanced - we're a leave them in the middle family. You're not crazy!) :) katie

I do this too. But I tend to take from the outsides in. I also have a tendency to rearrange eggs if my hubby has taken them out from one end and it is unbalanced.

we do that too! helps so much.

I have a tip to share today, my mom's sanity saver in the kitchen:

Here is my Kitche tip for the day:

My kitchen tip is the fastest way to peal a potato. It is a YouTube video that is just over a minute long. Here is the link:

BTW...I also take the eggs out of the carton like you do by staggering them and for the exact same reason.
Thanks for a great blog!

now that just makes good sense thanks

here is some tips for how to use celery and parsley

Here's a link to my post:

My kitchen tip today involves lots of winter time fun! Thanks Tammy!


I like to vary how I take the eggs the middle, or every other one like you show...but always so the whole box is balanced.

Hi Tammy,
I just wanted to let you know that I put your blog button up permanently on my left sidebar. Thanks for posting my tip about the potatoes. I also wanted to tell you I LOVE your blog. I love your content and your colors and design are so inviting, just how I want my kitchen to look. Keep up the great work.

first off....I do that with my eggs too. I usually take from the outside and then all the weight is in the middle of the carton.

I finally got my tip posted today, I'm a little slow. I posted 2 quick tips for carry in dinners.

My tip is a easy- mess free method for cutting leftover pasta, cooked chicken, chopping nuts, etc.

Better late than never!

Cutting calories in your diet

Hi Tammie...I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but I didn't see my Kitchen tip listed...let me know if I need to do something different.


LOL, I've got a system, too, except I start from the ends and work towards the middle as I place them on the fridge door. Nothing weird about being frugal with resources! :)

I do that too! Like many others here, I start from the outside in, taking an equal number from each side as I need them.... leaving the last ones in the middle :)

My 6 year-old brother was the first in our family to start balancing the egg carton. We got chickens this summer, and he is in charge of gathering and putting away the eggs. He kept noticing that it was really hard to get the carton out of the fridge when all the eggs were at one end, so ever since he balances the carton and expects us to do the same. Otherwise, we risk him being surprised and all the eggs on the floor! :)

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