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From my inbox, Bethanie writes:

I have some questions about freezing baked goods. I'm planning on having a baking day, and storing up. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

When thawing out sweet breads, do you put it in the refrigerator or just set it out on the counter?

I thaw mine on the counter, wrapped. If you leave the bread in the bag until it's up to room temperature, the condensation forms on the bag and not on your bread! :)

For freezing bagels, I slice them before I freeze them. That way, I can easily separate the halves while still frozen and just pop a frozen one in the toaster whenever I want one. :)

How well does cookie dough freeze, and how do you package it? Where do you let it thaw?

Cookie dough freezes really well!

You can make a long log of dough, and wrap it in waxed paper and then foil. Those cookies would need to be sliced before baking. I slice mine while the dough is still frozen, and bake them without thawing first. Just adjust the baking time if they aren't quite done as quickly as usual. :)

You can also line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and drop the dough onto the sheet. Place the sheet in the freezer and when the cookie dough is frozen, put the (unbaked) cookies in a freezer bag and use as needed.

Can you freeze muffins, and how do you package those? Are they as good when they thaw?

I have tried freezing muffins, just wrapped in plastic wrap, but they are so much better fresh -- and fairly quick to make -- that I don't freeze them. At least, that was my experience.

Can you freeze bread dough, like for example french bread dough?

Yes, you can -- though I am not experienced in this myself. See this post for some readers' input on freezing bread dough! :)

Can you freeze cakes? (Like before you frost them.)

I'm guessing you could, though I have never tried this! I just know that banana bread freezes wonderfully. :D

My main "problem" with frozen breads, cookies, etc. is that they just never last very long!! Way too handy. :P :)

What do you think, dear readers? Any advice or tips for Bethanie? :)


Muffins in freezer
Submitted by Anonymous
I do freeze muffins for Hubby's lunches. I bake up a batch and the let them cool and freeze them in baggies. Then I can just pop one in his lunchbox in the morning and it is thawed out by lunchtime! He says they are great. The key is, I think, not to let them linger in the freezer too long..a couple weeks, but by freezeing them, we don't snack on them like we would if they were in the breadbox.

freezing cakes
Submitted by Anonymous
As a former wedding-cake-maker, I know you can freeze cakes before frosting. Often I would ice them while frozen; it helps cut down on crumbs and squishing. Just wrap well.


Freezing muffins
Submitted by Anonymous
I bake gluten-free for 2 so I need to freeze my muffins so they don't go hard/bad. After they completely cool (I often wait until the next morning), I wrap them first in saran wrap and then in foil wrap. Then I put them in a ziploc style freezer bag, which I label with the date and item. To eat, I either take one out hours before or put in the microwave on 40-50% for about 1 minute if I want it slightly warm. The muffins sometimes look a tad shrunken but still taste great.

Freezing cakes
Submitted by Anonymous
Cakes have always frozen well for me. In fact, I always freeze mine before frosting. No crumbs! The only thing on freezing cakes is that some frostings don't freeze well (like 7-Minute Frosting)

Freezing cakes
Submitted by Anonymous
I freeze cakes (unfrosted) all the time (makes them easier to decorate as you can get the loose crumbs off them easier because they are frozen and therefore harder and easier to brush the loose crumbs off) I take them out of the freezer clean off the loose crumbs frost with a basecoat of frosting and then topcoat them with frosting. My mom used to do this when she decorated cakes and I picked it up from her. I wrap them in plastic wrap and then in foil. I freeze all my Christmas cookies and breads too. The cookies (baked first) in containers with waxed paper between the layers and breads wrapped in plastic and then foil separately from each other. Only cookies I have found that do not work to freeze are the ones you fill with jams and jellies (kolachkey types)they tend to get soggy from the fillings so I make those fresh.

Submitted by Anonymous
Yes, you can freeze cakes. Actually when they teach cake decorating, they advice freezing the pieces a few days before the event. Then pulling them out and allowing them to partially thaw before frosting. However, don't let completely thaw, this will keep the moisture in the cake.
Hope that helps.


One more cake tip
Submitted by SarahMay
If you need to cut a cake lengthwise (to make layers), it is much easier to do with a frozen cake.

Submitted by Bethanie
Thanks for answering my questions, and all the tips are going to be really helpful! I will be putting it to good use. My neice has the oppurtunity to go to Europe, but she must raise $6,000. She having a bake sale soon, and I'm the baker. Freezing as I go is the only way I'm going to get this acomplished.
Thanks again!

Freezing cakes
Submitted by Marissa
The others have already said most everything for me, but one more bit of advice... plastic wrap and freeze the cake before it is completely cooled and it will lock in more moisture.

i baked brownies on wednesday to serve on saturday. would it be best to cool and freeze them for fresheness or store in an airtight container until serving on saturday???

I think either way would probably be fine... if I had the freezer space I would freeze them, but otherwise not. :)

It is 11/25 and I need cake pops for Dec 10th. Would it be okay to make the cake pop dough and freeze it now?

I shape them into balls and put the in a tupperware container and separate it row with wax paper. I don't even defrost to dip in chocolate. The are easier for me to work with them frozen. And the defrost during the event are are perfect room temp inside.

how long does it take brownies to freeze before you cut them?

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