Pregnancy update -- Mid-third trimester

Mid-third trimester of my third pregnancy (is that confusing enough?!)

This third trimester has been really good so far! I've been enjoying my pregnancy tea, and I'm not sure if that is what I could be "doing" differently, but I have felt well and had more energy than I did throughout the past 6 months. It's been such a blessing!

I do feel big. I guess most pregnant women feel that way, though! And from looking at pictures of my last pregnancy, I still have plenty of room to grow! Which is fine with me, since I still have plenty of things on my mental to-do list. ;)

One very interesting thing recently has been hearing clicks/pops from my tummy. It sounds like a joint popping, except that there is absolutely no feeling of anything "popping", at least that I can feel. The sound definitely comes from my tummy, and I've definitely never "heard" my other babies making noise before they were born! But I have read and also heard from several friends that hearing a clicking noise during pregnancy is actually normal -- just not talked about very often! I would think I was crazy except that it has happened numerous times, and Joshua has heard it, too!

Sometimes, the baby pokes out a foot or knee or something, and it makes a bulge on my stomach. It's fun to feel the protruding body part and try to imagine our new little baby inside. :)

As I mentioned, my energy level has been up, which means that my list of projects is slowly being attempted. One thing that I hope to accomplish this week is making out menus for after the birth -- something that will most certainly be a huge help to me then! And after the menus are made, I can begin to see what sorts of things I still need to prepare for the freezer... things like chopped veggies or soups or breads.

And, I think that's all of my pregnancy news. :)


Submitted by rowannrose
I've read numerous times that some women hear that popping noise, and it very obviously isn't coming from their joints! I never heard it with William, but I did see all sorts of body parts sticking out...

You look great!

You look GREAT!
Submitted by shorty
How is it that you stay SO thin!?!? AWESOME!! You look good and it sounds like that tea is doing you some good. I will have to try that next time I get preggy!hehe


That's great!
Submitted by simplbrandy
I'm so glad you're feeling so well. What a blessing! And you look wonderful, too. :-)

Looking Good
Submitted by Anonymous
You look good. I think the last time we visited you before you gave birth the last time you were a lot bigger. Every time you get pregnant you look bigger. This last time I was 9 weeks and someone thought I was 4 months. I just went on growth spurts with him. I would be the same size for a long time and then grow some more all at once. I am glad you are feeling better. It is not good when you feel down. I had that problem at the end of my last pregnancy. The rolls were good at Thanksgiving - as always. They are one of my favorite dinner rolls.


Time is winding down!
Submitted by matthollycart
I can't believe it is almost your due date. Seems like you just told us! I really hope you get everything done. I know I always have so much to do right before my I have my baby's.

Speaking of which, time is just starting for me. I just found out yesterday, #5 is on the way! Too bad we couldn't have been expecting together! And hopefully for both of us, God is giving us girls this time. =o}

Submitted by sivatonight
You look great! I'm counting down the days until I get to meet my own little one ... 15 days till my due date (though babies run late in my family, so who knows!)

Submitted by kristyjo
aw you look awsome! what a perfect belly you have... when are you due again ?

Submitted by Anonymous
you look great! When I was pregnant, all of me was pregnant..hee hee! I love this site and all your recipe ideas.

Be blessed and have an amazing remaining pregnancy!

You look adorable!!
Submitted by Emily25069
When you write your menu plans for after the baby, do you do all meals or just dinner?

Submitted by Marissa
You look really good! As was mentioned, you look classically pregnant, with just your tummy protruding and the rest of you looking normal. I'm glad the pregnancy is going better for you!

Getting closer
Submitted by Big Mama
Tammy thank you for the update. You look beautiful! It is always exciting feeling the baby move. You sound like you have it all under control. Please take care of yourself.

Submitted by Lilyofthevalley
You look beautiful, Tammy. Won't be all that long now until we get to read baby news! :) So glad to hear you are feeling good! Enjoy the last few weeks, it will go by fast and soon you will be enjoying your baby on the outside. :) My baby will be 2 months old tomorrow. The time sure flies by. :)~Tanya

Could you be nesting?
Submitted by Anonymous
Oh boy. You have energy now. I always felt that way when towards the end of my pregnancy. Except in spurts though. I'm so excited that this baby is going to be here soon. My daughter and I would like to make something for the baby. I know you use cloth for the baby. Would you like some flannel washcloths or some fitted size small diapers for the baby? I haven't read your blog in a bit and I missed this post. I hope you catch it.
Keep feeling better and watch the cold weather. I heard that we're in for snow tonight.

Submitted by Tammy
Thanks for the sweet and kind comments, everyone! :)

Holly, congratulations!! :)

Jessica, you'll have to let me know when you have your little one!! So exciting! :) My mom had her (6) babies pretty close to the due dates, but I seem to take after my grandmother, who (of her 13 children!) had many "late arrivals", some who were a month overdue! :)

Kristy, our baby is due in February... most likely... we hope... lol! No set due date this time around, so as long as everyone's healthy, we're just going to be in for a surprise! :) After having Eliyahu 29 days after the "due date", we tend to want to leave a large window of time for the "arrival". ;)

Emily, my menu plans will be for dinners (7 days a week). We'll eat things like granola, eggs, etc. for breakfast (whatever we feel like eating) and leftovers for lunch. I also make a list of lunch ideas, like grilled cheese, that sort of thing, so I can choose something when there are no leftovers. :)

Shell, what a kind offer! :) I have quite a few cloth wipes, but would appreciate the diapers! :) Why don't you contact me through this page, and I'll get back with you through email? :)

Nesting... perhaps that is my energy burst... but scary, since I don't feel ready to be at that point yet!! :)

Popping, too?
Submitted by Anonymous
Wow--I thought I was alone!!!! I have told a few people about my "popping" sound, but most people thought I was crazy! My husband has heard it, too, so I can at least have one person to vouch for me! I can feel it when it happens, too! :)

You are looking great! Our baby is due at the end of January, but I still think you are still showing a little more than me. ;)


Submitted by joyfullyhis
You're definitely growing; or rather, baby is growing! Glad you are doing so well and having lots of energy. That's wonderful :)

Me too!
Submitted by Anonymous
Oh hey, I totally hear the popping/clicking noise too! I was wondering if I were the only one! Good to know I am not. :) I never had it with Emma, only with this pregnancy.

You look wonderful!
Submitted by cari
Honestly! What is your secret? The only thing that seems to be growing is your tummy! How do you do it? We just found out we're pregnant with our 5th...(there's going to be 8 years between our last one and this one...and this pregnancy is coming after having gone through a tubal reversal operation this summer). Because of my age, etc. I am hoping to keep my weight to a healthy, not-too-much amount!

Have been searching on this b/c my husband and I are concerned about my 5 month old daughter's popping knee. She is my 3rd baby and I never heard anything (literally) going on inside the womb like I did with this pregnancy. I wondered what the sound was and noted it in her baby book(pre-birth)as unusual. - Actually, it was a rally, really weird sensation! - Now she is 5 months old and her left knee (or right? I feel like a bad mama) pops everyday. My little baby had what they call "unstable lie?" I think. She was turning every which way and was breech, transverse up until the end. We induced 3 days b4 her due date b/c she was in the right position at the right time for normal delivery. I remember the day she did a total flip around (during the Cubs playoffs.) I'm pretty sure it was after that time when I began to notice the sound. It turned out she was a big baby -over 9 pounds- and I am a small person. I am concerned that she injured her little gymnast self in utero while doing flips in there. Is it getting worse as she gets bigger? Yeah, maybe. Otherwise, she's developing normally, is a joy, and is growing beautifully. She is fussy compared to my other two but nothing major. I will be making an apppointment with an orthopaedic md soon, I suppose. Won't even bother with the ped. He always says "this" is normal and "not to worry" with every problem we've had with our children. He hasn't always been right. I go to him with the general stuff; nothing specific like this. Anyone have any advice or comments? What type of doctor should I take her to?

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