Another "leftover" meal

Pumpkin dinner roll dough

This was how my kitchen counter looked Thanksgiving morning! I should have started my rolls even earlier, because they were just barely done before we left the house. I'm thinking next year... I'll make them the day before. :)

Leftover meal

The next day, we had a few more pumpkin rolls (warmed, with butter -- so delicious!!) and I made a simple lunch using leftovers in my fridge.

The leftovers I had were: some egg noodles, a small amount of diced cooked chicken, and a couple kinds of cooked vegetables. I made a white gravy (half milk, half water, with some flour to thicken) and seasoned it with onion, garlic, pepper, salt, and parsley. I mixed everything together and it was basically like chicken gravy with egg noodles. ;) Pretty good, though, and definitely better than trying to re-warm everything separately! :)


We had pumpkin rolls on Thanksgiving too!
Submitted by saremca
I made mine a week ahead and after I formed them into rolls, before the second rise, I froze them on a cookie sheet and then popped them into a freezer bag. Thanksgiving morning I pulled the rolls out of the freezer and let them thaw/rise in the baking pan for a few hours and then baked as usual. It was a great time-saver with all of the other cooking I did that day. The rolls were delicious and everyone loved them.

For turkey leftovers I used my mom's tuna casserole recipe and substituted turkey for tuna. That worked out well too.

pumpkin rolls
Submitted by Anonymous
I was going to post my pumpkin roll recipe on my blog, but if yours is up, I'll link to it instead. I'm sure it's better!!

Submitted by Emily25069
Those pumpkin rolls look so yummy.

I think I definately need to make some for Christmas!

(and your lunch looks pretty yummy too. hm... I have some cooked diced chicken right now. that might make a good simple dinner this weekend)

Your Left overs
Submitted by Mrs. Paradis
Always look good!

Submitted by simplbrandy
Even the dough looks yummy on your pumpkin rolls! :-P

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