Banana blessings

Part of yesterday was spent working on dehydrating bananas. I went grocery shopping in the morning, and as I was nearing the checkout, I saw several boxes of very ripe bananas marked FREE. I said to Yehoshua, "Well, there goes my nap this afternoon!" :)

I managed to fit 6 full banana boxes in our car, along with the groceries and both children! When I got home, I called my mom and offered her some of the bananas. And then she offered to let me borrow a second dehydrator!

I've got two dehydrators full, almost done drying. Tomorrow morning, I'll fill them both again, and then decide what to do with the extra bananas, which will need to be used. I kept 4 full boxes of bananas for us, since the children and I really really like dried bananas. (We've been snacking on them as they dry... and have probably already eaten a third of a dehydrator full... and that's a lot!!)

What a wonderful blessing these bananas are! We are so thankful to Yahweh for giving them to us. :) Our house smells wonderful, and Yehoshua keeps telling Joshua, "We got a lot of bananas, Daddy... and we didn't have to pay for them!" :)


Banana Preserving
Submitted by Anonymous
Hey Tammy, we recently got a great deal on several crates of green bananas, so we've been able to use them up gradually and give them to other banana lovers, and they made GREAT banana cream pies for Thanksgiving! :) But one of my family's favorite ways of utilizing a surplus of bananas is to peel them, wrap them in saran wrap (or put several in freezer bags) and freeze them. As kids we loved to suck on them and called them our popcicles :). But another great way to use them is to mash them in a blender or juicer.... for a very wholesome, healthy and delicious "ice cream". Fun treats :)...


Freezing bananas
Submitted by Anonymous
Similar to what Brittney just said, whenever I get overripe bananas for cheap, I freeze them.

I peel them and break them in half, and store them in ziploc freezer bags. We use them to bulk up our smoothies in the morning. We prefer frozen fruit because it gives it a wonderful texture, like an expensive smoothie from Jamba Juice.

Also, I use these frozen bananas for making banana bread and muffins. I just take them out a couple hours ahead of time and let them defrost in a bowl. They brown slightly, but the taste is still fine and this way I always have perfectly overripe bananas for my baking!

Enjoy your bananas!

Submitted by TaftMommy
Bananas freeze pretty well, and make a delicious addition to smoothies. Additionally, banana bread freezes well, as do banana muffins/pancakes/waffles. Maybe that would be a good make-ahead for breakfast variety? :D

I say freeze too
Submitted by Anonymous
I like to freeze extra bananas too. One time we got a deal like you two weeks in a row. I ended up making a lot of banana bread for friends and family. I think I made like 24 or so big loafs and 12 small ones. Everyone seem to enjoy them a lot. We did the dehydrating also and got 3 gallon ziploc bags full. They are a wonderful snack and taking just one is not enough.


Submitted by VickyO664
Tammy, that is great news about your banana surplus!! Somehow, I bet the nap wasn't even missed (okay, maybe not missed THAT much!) when a blessing like that comes along. ;)
I appreciated your posts last time, too, on the type of dehydrator you have. My parents used to have an old round style that wasn't very efficient, so I kind of wrote off food dehydrators - until I saw your post! It is definitely something I will keep an eye out for. :)

Enjoy your bananas!

How wonderful!!
Submitted by simplbrandy
Sounds like banana-themed recipes are on the menu plan for the next few days. :-)

Submitted by Mrs. Paradis
Is so great. How lucky for your family. Are we going to see some new banana recipes in the near future?

They are great in waffles
Submitted by Anonymous
They are great in waffles too.

I freeze mine too - but I mush them up and freeze them in a muffin tin, then pop it out and put it in a ziplock. They just seem easier to store that way. One muffin tin holds about 1 mushed banana, or about 1/3 c. so it's easy to add them to recipes.

Submitted by Anonymous
Make some banana bread for the freezer or banana pancakes for the freezer. If you don't have room--bake some and surprise the neighbors, the Senior Center, the Church food pantry, a homeless guy, the surly clerk at the gas station mini mart!

All our store ever seems to give away for free are dented mystery cans! I did get a free can of corn that way. lol.....

Banana Butter
Submitted by Anonymous
Oooh, ooh, I know!

I recently met a blog friend in person, and she told me all about the banana butter she makes.

Here's the recipe:

Meredith from Merchant Ships

What do you do with dehydrated bananas?
Submitted by Anonymous

What do you do with dehydrated bananas? I have banana chips as a snack and have used frozen bananas in lots of recipes, but have never used or even seen dehydrated bananas.


Submitted by Anonymous
I love dehydrated banana's--they hardly last past the dehydrator around here though!

Submitted by Anonymous
Hey Tammy,
Why don't you bake loaves of banana bread and freeze them. Or even banana muffins, and freeze for after the baby is born. Or you could use as holiday gifts.
What a wonderful blessing.

How funny!
Submitted by Jules
Those are the bananas I look over. My bananas HAVE to be green, and no blemishes. I don't like the deep deep taste of very ripe bananas! Have to be very firm. Usually the next day most of the banana is yellow, only top and bottom is a little green, perfect!

And yes, it's tough finding perfect bananas!

Cheap Bananas
Submitted by Anonymous
Oh, how I would love to come across a deal like that! I have so many great recipes for over ripe bananas, but unfortunately here in Alaska even the bananas that are almost all brown are still .49 cents a pound. I learned the hard way once that you should peel bananas before freezing them too. The skins were almost impossible to get off once frozen and I ended up cutting them off with a knife and wasting a bunch of the banana. Love your blog!

Bananas, bananas...
Submitted by Tammy
We just eat the dehydrated bananas... they're a little different from the "banana chips" sold in stores, which are actually usually deep-fried green banana slices!

I know... there are so many things I could make with the bananas... but TIME!!!! I've gotten 4 dehydrator loads done (that's about 300 bananas' worth!) and made 3 loaves of banana bread (that took 10 bananas)... I still have 2-3 bunches left, so we'll see what I have time for tomorrow. :)

Submitted by Anonymous
I actually learned the hard way that it was better for me to freeze the bananas in the skin. We went through the process of peeling, cutting, bagging a lot of discount bananas one year, only to end up with banana scented - and flavored - fish, vegetables, etc. throughout my freezer! To use frozen bananas in smoothies, I just pop one in the mircrowave for 10 seconds or less then peel it with a paring knife like you would an apple. To use them for breads and such, I thaw the banana completely, cut the tip off, and squeeze the banana puree out. No more banana smell in the freezer!

Tips on using unpeeled frozen bananas
Submitted by Tammy
Thanks for the helpful tips on using bananas that have been frozen in their skins! I had read that they could be frozen unpeeled, but when we did it, we had trouble figuring out how to get the banana OUT! We don't have a microwave, so I'd have to let mine set for a little bit before peeling. Squeezing out the puree sounds so easy!! Thanks for the tips. :)

Submitted by Anonymous
Oh, that sounds yummy! I love bananas. Sometimes we get a brown paper sack full of bananas for 99 cents, then we make up a lot of banana bread to freeze, eat, and give away. :D

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