Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Making and freezing pepperoni

We make our own pepperoni using this recipe. I make 4 pounds at one time, and then slice and freeze for later use. It is so handy that way, and we love the extra flavor on our pizza! You can see a photo tutorial of making the pepperoni here.

I used up the last of my pepperoni, and so last week when meat was on sale, I made some more. This time, I used my Food Saver (read tips here!) to package it into small "pizza size" packets. :) No more freezer burn, and especially handy for last-minute thawing. :)

I had to cut down the size of my Food Saver bags for these little packets -- click here for more details about that! :) It's so nice to have it all made and ready to use! :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesday
Submitted by Anonymous
Hi Tammy. Thanks for all the hard work you do on your blog and for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays! Love your pepperoni tips.

Pepperoni looks great!
Submitted by Anonymous
Your pepperoni looks great, Tammy. I'm sure this is very convenient!

I posted a YUMMY recipe on my blog. Check it out!

Kitchen Tip Tuesday
Submitted by Anonymous

I've been enjoying reading your blog and trying your recipes for a while now, but this is my first time posting as I'm new to the bloggy world. Love your blog!

Submitted by mama
WOW I have to try that recipe sometime! I always wondered what it would take to make "coldcuts" from scratch! Now it looks easy!

mama to many and still lots to learn. Come join me in my adventures as I raise my wonderful family at

Thanks for hosting!
Submitted by Anonymous
Thanks so much for hosting Kitchen Tips Tuesday! It's been really fun. By the way, I added you to my "blog roll" as I really enjoy your site (I can relate to loving to cook!).

posting tips
Submitted by Anonymous
Thanks Tammy for posting the was easier than I thought. (not too confident in this blogging world) Thanks for hosting these tips. I love reading what others come up with.

I am so glad
Submitted by Mrs. Paradis
you posted this.I never thought about doing that.I always make it and they eat one and defrost one and they eat the other.Sometimes I keep two out and they eat them in a few days.They love the stuff.Anyone who hasn't tried the Pepproni one it is the best.So much better than the store stuff!

I have one of those sealers and never use it for anything.I am going to make some and do this and then it should keep till spring and then I will make more to keep over the summer so we can still enjoy it.We sure did miss it over the summer since I would not heat up the house to make it.

Thanks :)

Pepperoni and the Food Saver
Submitted by Anonymous
I've been dying to try the pepperoni and decided I would make some for everyone to sample at Christmas at moms.
Have you, or anyone reading this, tried the new Reynolds® Handi-Vac™ Vacuum Sealing System? My brother uses the one you seem to use. I've been put off by the cost of the bags. Now, say I get a free deer, clean, dressed and to go in the freezer--THAT would be worth the investment. Otherwise, I can't afford to buy that much meat ahead. The Reynolds seems cheaper but I wonder how it compares?

Also--what type dehydrator do you use? I'm shopping around for one and would like to hear your thoughts. Maybe post on it?
Lisa at

Dehydrators and Handi-Vac
Submitted by Tammy
Lisa, here is a post about food dehydrators! :)

About the Handi-Vac... I haven't tried it... I wonder if you could buy one (it looks like they're fairly affordable) at a store like Wal-mart and then just return it if you're not satisfied?? :)

Reply to my food saver comment
Submitted by Anonymous
I had a duh! Moment and went to amazon and searched the Reynolds handi-vac. Out of 19 reviews most LOVED it. You can view the comments here.

I plan to get one this weekend if our Wal-Mart or Target has them. I will post on my blog if I like them! If not, I'll take your advise and return it as not satisfactory!
Lisa at

What a gret site. I have added to my favorites and passed this on the my son-in-law who would love everything here especially the recipes. Thanks so much

Thanks so much for hosting Kitchen Tips Tuesday! It's been really fun. By the way, I added you to my "blog roll" as I really enjoy your site.

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