Welcome, guest chef Erin!

Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta

I'm excited to introduce our newest guest chef: Erin Sorgard, from Alberta, Canada! Erin shared with me this recipe for Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta, and it instantly became a new favorite! :) We've enjoyed it several times now.

Joshua and I don't always try each guest chef recipe before posting them (I guess we trust our chefs! Wink) but I do like it when I am able to make the guest chef recipes at least once, so I can heartily recommend each recipe to you. :) When the recipe for Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta came in my email inbox, I thought it looked simple and yummy, and I planned it into our menu.

The day I was planning to make it, Joshua asked me what I was planning for dinner. So I said, "Well, it's a new recipe -- one that was submitted by a guest chef. It's got chicken, and cream cheese, and pasta... I think those are the main things." Joshua thought that sounded, well, not too appetizing. I read him the list of ingredients from my recipe card, and we both agreed that we didn't think the recipe sounded all that great.

"But," I assurred Joshua, "This recipe was sent to me from one of our guest chefs. She's the twin sister of Lindsey [another guest chef here], and they're the ones who sent us the Italian Cheese Bread recipe." :)

Well, that settled it. Italian Cheese Bread is easily one of our all-time favorites, and I make it 2-3 times a month... and with 16 reader reviews, I think it's got to be one of the most-loved recipes on this website! :)

Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta

So, we made the Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta, and I just love it. I normally do enjoy chicken, sauces, and pasta -- but this dish was easy to make, had a great flavor, and looks beautiful! :)

For your menu: Plan this Italian Cream Cheese Chicken over Pasta, along with garlic bread and a cooked vegetable or fresh green salad! :)

Erin Sorgard Erin Sorgard, 25, lives in Alberta, Canada with her family. Some of her interests include training horses, raising animals, needlework, sudoku puzzles, and playing the piano and her harp.

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Submitted by Mrs. Paradis
that you are doing guest chef again.I really enjoy it.I am going to be adding this to my menu next week.Thanks for sharing it Erin and Tammy passing it on :)

Looks wondeful!
Submitted by Martha Artyomenko
I have a whole lot of yellow and red peppers, I think I will buy some cream cheese this week and make this!


Submitted by Anonymous
It doesn't *sound* good, based on ingredients ... but it sure does look VERY yummy!! I'm gonna be making this next week sometime!!


Submitted by missusmechanic
I am going to make this tonight and I will come back and let you know how they like it. I will be making a double recipe and tweaking it a little itty bit because my family is so large...I am also making the italian loaf (well, my 8 yo dd is going to make it while I stand and direct...)
I can't wait.

loved it!
Submitted by missusmechanic
They loved it! I didn't have apple juice so used pot drippings from my chicken. Mmmmm. My family had seconds and thirds. I served it with the italian bread and doubled it. My son who is 11 yo said, "moma this would be good with that crab meat stuff in it..." I think I might try it that way next time also. Imitation crab meat. What do you think?


Submitted by Anonymous
I'm going to be making this ... and the Italian Cheese Bread tonight for dinner ... I'll let ya know how we all liked it later!


Submitted by Anonymous
Everyone here loved both the pasta and the bread. Big hit!


Submitted by Tammy
Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that, Brandy! :)

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