Site updates: Challah, breadsticks, Cheesecake, etc...

You might have noticed the new feature that Joshua added to the site today. In the top right corner we now have a "Recipe of the week"! I'm quite excited about this, since it will allow us to spotlight a special recipe each week. This week's recipe is Grilled Lemon Garlic Pepper Chicken, and if you like lemon with your chicken, you'll love the recipe that Joshua created for it!

Be sure to watch for other new features as we add them to the site... we have lists and lists of ideas, and just need the time to work them in! :)

I also want to mention a couple new recipes that I've added. One of them we just had tonight, Onion Cheese Breadsticks. These yummy breadsticks are a great snack. I think there's only one left! Yehoshua ate a lot of them with dinner. ;)

I added my challah recipe, which I hope to make on Friday of this week. You can view the recipe here. It's well worth trying! :)

Yesterday Joshua made one of my favorite cheesecakes, our "Lemon Meringue" cheesecake. I like it SO much!! It's better than lemon meringue pie, in my opinion, and so much less work. We already finished the one Joshua made... but we DID have company this evening; we didn't eat THAT much ourselves. ;) But you're probably tired of reading about cheesecakes! :)

Today I felt like a snail. I seemed to be operating soooo slowly! I don't know why I couldn't "get into gear"... maybe because I didn't walk this morning. :( At any rate, I had to hurry myself up several times in order to even get laundry somewhat started and the cooking done. I did make energy bars, finally, thankfully! They are like my staple snack for when I get hungry between meals, and I ran out of them probably a week or two ago! They only take 20 minutes to mix up, but I hadn't made the time to do them. So, I just ate granola instead. But then I used up my granola, too, so I got really really desperate and made granola yesterday (and discovered the sour milk) and energy bars today. Now, maybe I'll be all set for a couple weeks :D.

And once again, it's rather late. I need to head to bed so I don't move like a snail again tomorrow :D I think we'll have leftover chili for lunch, and I'll have to plan something easy for dinner... hmn... Good night!


I think it's so cute when our men cook for us :o) Oz cooks at work so I like to spare him at home and he seldom cooks, and that means I forget how much I love his cooking. Once he moved away from his habit of serving a mix of charred mushrooms and onions with every dish...

...and it's interesting the different "style" different people seem to have :D Joshua makes excellent food with his grill, or with desserts. He can cook other stuff, but those are his specialties ;). And I'll never stop teasing him about the time I caught him using the side of the cupboard to crack an egg! lol Joshua is a very neat/tidy cook so that one made me laugh ;)

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