Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Recycling cans

We recycle tin cans from food (we use mostly canned green beans or corn, kidney beans, or black olives!). I dislike annoying clutter/junk, but I do like recycling (it's like trash pick-up, only free!). Here is how I make it work for me! :)

  • Before I open a can of something, I remove the label and throw it away. This means I never have to deal with icky wet labels after I've emptied the food from the can!
  • As soon as the can is empty, I rinse it and allow it to drip dry (either turned upside-down in a clean sink or on the counter).
  • On our enclosed porch, I have a medium-sized container for recyclable items. I have large boxes/bags in the garage for sorting the different recyclables (our garage isn't attached to our house).
  • Whenever I take a bag of trash to the garage, I also take the container of recyclables, and sort them into the proper places and then bring the container back inside.

Not rocket science or anything, but it keeps the house clutter-free! :)

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Argh! I was hoping that you would suggest ideas of what to DO with the cans! I've been washing them and using them to drain my hamburger grease into for years, but I have more cans than grease.

My mom has this silverware holder in her camper made out of six painted tin cans screwed to a piece of wood, and I thought about doing that and selling them at a craft show (just to try it and see what the interest in it would be), but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

I'm still looking for ideas for them... and for milk gallon jugs. We don't have recycling anywhere near us, so burning junk mail and prepackaged food boxes and saving newspaper in the basement for firestarters (that and laundry lint) helps, but it's the milk jugs, mayonnaise jars, and tin cans I'm trying to be creative with.

Hi Tammy!

Like you, we recycle. We don't have much room for storing recyclables, so we have found that taking both ends off the cans makes them very easy to crush. Some of the aluminum type cans can be crushed easily with your fingers... others need to be stepped on... but they all fold down into a flat piece of metal. Plastic milk jugs flatten easily as well. This makes a recycling run only every few months possible for us.

Thanks for offering the kitchen tips each Tuesday! My tip for this week is "Produce, E. Coli, Bacteria, and You."

Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

I LOVE recycling in our new home. It is literally just throw it in the recycleables bin and do nothing else! So I have a paper grocery bag under our sink for recyclables, and we just have to decide if it is garbage or recyclable and that is it. It is picked up the same day as our garbage.

I am also big on reusing what I can! Milk jugs can have the top cut, preserving the handle to be scoops, or the tops cut off to serve for seedling starters.

Glass jars with lids is what I use for storing rice, beans, etc that I buy in bulk by the scoop or in large packages that do not easily fit in my cupboards.

And I too am stumped on the aluminum cans.....


Phil 2:9-11

Sorry, I don't really have good ideas for re-using tin cans and that sort of thing! I am not really into crafts and have never even thought about finding uses for that kind junk (recyclable)! ;)

Thankfully, we don't go through too many cans or jars that can't be re-used, since I use canning jars for tomato things, fruit, etc. :)

An old milk jug makes a good toilet brush holder for in the bathroom, though! :D

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