Here's how I look after eating too much of my husband's yummy cheesecake


Has it really been 3 weeks already since the first pregnancy picture I posted here?! Well, I feel bigger, and I think I look bigger too! :)

Joshua snapped this picture of me right before bed... reminding me to smile this time since I somehow always forget to smile until I see the flash! ;) 

Let's see... pregnancy news.

Well, there isn't much news. I guess that's something to be thankful for, when a person has a healthy pregnancy and just chugs along. :)

Since we're not planning to have an ultrasound unless there is a medical reason to have one, we won't be finding out the gender of this baby until the birth. :) I didn't have ultrasounds with either of my other two babies, and we enjoyed the suspense of not knowing before the birth. :) That also meant that basically all of my newborn and little baby clothes was gender-neutral... no big boxes of both pink and blue clothing to store away. :) Since I dislike clutter and love practicality, it was the way to go for us. ;)

And even though we have two boys, we still (as before) have no preference as to the gender of our new little blessing. :) My boys are so fun, and I'm sure little girls are just as much of a blessing, and I honestly will be completely happy with a healthy pregnancy and baby, regardless of whether, as strangers usually say, we "get a girl this time". ;)

I'm definitely into maternity shirts now, and will soon be pulling out my works-for-pregnancy skirts (since I don't have actual "maternity" skirts). :) I am somewhere between the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy right now.

Some days I feel great, and other days I feel awful. I do think I have been feeling better and better, though! Eating well, drinking lots of water, remembering to take my vitamins, and going to bed on time all help a lot... now, to add some exercise! :)

Well, I'm not sure what else to say on this topic right now. I could babble on about pregnancy, birth, and babies all night, but I'm not sure how interesting that all is to everyone who isn't pregnant... I guess if you want to ask questions in the comments, go ahead! :)


You look so lovely! I know you haven't had a easiest pregnancy, but what a darling photo! Thanks for sharing it with us.

That's such a good picture of you, Tammy! Just about the size you were when we visited two years, hard to believe it's been that long already. :-) Glad to hear you're gradually having more good days - will keep praying things continue to improve!

If eating cheese cake gets me a few months pregnant I am all for it Hee Hee!You are glowing so nicely!I love to see pregnant womens faces they just light up so much.Thanks for the update on how Mommy & baby are doing.Good to hear it is all going great.

I love that you are not doing an ultrasound to find out if you are carrying a boy or girl!! I have Lupus, so my dr. did an ultrasound super early, then since we didn't want to know either, we did nothing else - until the night THEY (one boy, one girl) were born - total suprise on all of our parts!!

I pray that all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and for a healthy baby - be it boy, girl or both!!!


I'm glad things are going so well...I'm really excited for you and can't wait to see the baby! Elliot is now 7 months old and I'm starting to miss my little baby. He's growing so fast and is so big...there's just nothing like a newborn baby to love on.

Wow. You look really big for only being 5 months along. Maybe you should get an U/S just to make sure you don't have twins. Are you usually that big? You look like you are ready to go.

Don't take that the wrong way. Your belly is what is big.


I think most women who had a baby love to read about pregnancy, but in our family we are especially that way! I love to hear about other women's pregnancies and learn from them. I am a doula, my mom is a midwife, one of my sister's is a nurse. My mom just got back from delivering alot of babies in the Philipines. One things she said there is so many maternity clothes there, because it is not like here, people are pregnant alot!

You look wonderful! Pregnancy glow..nice tan...glad to hear you are feeling better now.

Thanks for posting the picture and update. Since I am pregnant, too, I really enjoy seeing how you're pregnancy is going. I'm glad you are starting to feel better...looking at those farther along always gives me the hope that I will be able to keep some food in my body and complete more than the minimum around here at some point.

You'll be thrilled with your baby no matter what it's got between its legs. As i'm sure you've already noticed with your two boys, all kids are different and have their own unique qualities.
I'm expecting our 5th boy this December and get so tired of people acting like they feel sorry for me because I have no girls. All I have to say is that I feel blessed to have such wonderful children, and God knows us best and gives us what we seem to work best with.
You look absolutly adorable too! You look like you're gaining just the right amount of weight in your belly instead of like me in the face and behind. lol!
Now, give me some tips on how to get MY husband to whip up some cheese cake for ME to chow down on! lol!

Donna Sue

I must say.... you do look bigger! ;)
I love suprises and I have already decided that unless there is a medical reason or if I suspect I'm having twins, I don't really want an ultrasound just to find out the gender of my babies (someday!)
Unless, of course, my (future) husband is just dying to know, then I would do it for him! *grin*
I'm so glad you are feeling so much better now-most days anyway!
Good to hear an update from you!

I'm with Zan :) I'd be getting one to check for more than one! Unless of course, you always carry like that. YOu llok so great though, Tammy. So healthy. And for bed time, not tired at all!

You look wonderful :)! What a sweet picture. I'm glad you're beginning to have some good days. I got really weary of hearing "Hope you get your boy this time", when I was pregnant with Andrew (after threegirls). We would have been just as thrilled with another littlegirl. And you're right, boys andgirls are equally wonderful (though completely different!). What do your boys think about all of this "baby stuff" :)?

Oh you look so cute!!!!

I cant wait to get down there to visit you.

You are really showing and glowing too! ;) I find it fascinating how some women show a lot at 5 months and others barely show. We are all different and I know that height/build has something to do with it too. As well as normally baby size for the individual. I just know
that someday when I have a baby, Lord willing that I will show a lot because I am so short waisted (not to mention just plain short, lol).
Thank you for sharing the picture and update!

Okay, here's a photo for comparison purposes:

That is what I looked like right before I went into labor with Eliyahu. :) I imagine we'd eventually be able to find two heartbeats if I was carrying twins, but I'd be surprised if I were! :)

Shelby, Yehoshua and Eliyahu say they will like having a new little brother or sister... Yehoshua tells me, "When the baby is big enough, then he will come out. Right now the baby is too little. :) When will the baby be big enough??" :) I don't think he remembers Eliyahu's birth. This time, he probably will remember better though! :) Last time, we called him into the living room right after Eliyahu was born. :)

I don't think you look too big for as far as you are. I 'Popped' out really early with Samuel. They told me that it was more because my utretus (Misspelled, I'm sure) is all streched out and that is why. I know with the twins I just got big really fast and with Baby Mary I didn't as soon. Each pregnacy is different. I think you look really good. Also like you said a surprise is nice. When we found out with Baby Mary it was kind of an accident. With Samuel it was a surprise for me, but Don knew. I have u/s because I am high risk. It is neat to see the baby move and stuck his thumb and stuff inside. The u/s tech did a great job not letting me see what gender it was. I was surprised that she could even tell Don. When we told everyone that Baby Mary was a girl, we kept the name a surprise, but never used the one we were planning on anyways - middle we did. We get it down to 2 names - with the last two pregnacies we did and then just knew when the baby came it would come to us. The twin's had fun guessing at school too. Their class made a game of it if it was a boy or girl. They knew we were at the hospital because Grandma took them to school that day.


When are you due, Tammy? I thought you had said March before, but I can't remember.

We actually don't have a "due date" this time, for various reasons... although March would probably be the latest. :) We're saying "February" right now, but who knows?! Eliayhu was over a month "late", so it's all speculation, anyway. :)

That is so sweet :). And how precious to be able to share the birth of a baby with the older siblings so immediately :).

You really do look wonderful ... and that's just how I looked when I was roughly at the same point in my pregnancy. Right now I'm 6 months along and everyone is asking me if they're sure that there's only one baby in there! I'm carrying all of the weight at the front, and it makes me look big! So far I am loving this experience, though. Pregnancy is amazing!

Congratulations Tammy! Somehow I missed that you were expecting. Just had my first grandbaby born. I'm sure you'll keep feeling better with each day.

You look great, Tammy! My babies like to hide or I hide them. :)


Congratulations! I used to visit your site so much more, but I've not been on too many recipes sites lately. I am pregnant myself (with twins!) and haven't until recently been able to look at anything relating to food! Fortunately for everyone in my family, my appetite and love of food is back! Anyways, Congratulations on your new blessing! Ours are expected sometime Jan-Feb

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