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Kathleen B. left this question in a comment today:

Does anyone have a dehydrator? We are looking at getting one and are wondering about brands, sizes, reviews, etc. Any comments or recommendations?

We use (and really like!!) the Excalibur brand food dehydrator. These dehydrators are more expensive than the average, cheaper-quality dehydrator, but they work well and hold a lot of food. My parents have two Excalibur dehydrators, which they've had for many years and have used frequently. We also know several others who own Excalibur dehydrators, and have been very pleased with them.

Joshua and I were blessed with our dehydrator from a friends who was moving and selling hers. Ours is a 9-tray dehydrator, like this one. Ours doesn't have the timer feature, which just means that sometimes I end up setting my alarm clock in the middle of the night to get up and turn it off. ;)

In my experience, the Excalibur dehydrators dry food evenly (I do rotate the trays once during the drying time), and are easy to clean and fill (the trays have a plastic frame and a mesh plastic sheet for the food to lay on). Our dehydrator holds a lot of food, which makes it useful for getting reduced bananas and drying a LOT of them, or for doing up larger amounts of food.

However, I haven't had any personal experience with other brands/styles of dehydrators, besides watching other people use theirs. Do any of you have dehydrators? If so, what brand? Tell us about it! :)


Tammy why not get a inexpensive timer that you can put on the dehydrator so it will go off at a specific time. I have used them on lamps for them to come on and off at specific times. That way you would not have to get up in the middle of the night.


Sibyl, that would work too. ;)

We also have the 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator and love it. I find that if I dry food at a lower temp., it will not dry out the foods over night.

I did some research on dehydrators last year when we were looking into buying one. The Excalibur is the "cadillac" of all dehydrators but way out of my budget! I purchased and Nesco American Harvest dehydrator, which many who have one recommended it. I love it, it is economical and works well. I purchased it off Ebay for $30.

The main thing I found to look for in a dehydrator is that it has the temperature control on it. If not, the temperature goes to high and you may as well cook your food! I also purchased the extra screens to go in it to make fruit leather as well as the mesh screens. My dehydrator has 8 trays, and I have dehydratred many things at once without flavor mixing.

Hope this helps! Come see my blog @

I purchased the Nesco American Harvest deyhdrator from Ebay last year for about $30. It works great! For a budget friendly dehydrator (unless you get blessed with one!) I would go with this option.

The main thing to look at with a dehydrator, from what I have found, is that it has the temperature control gage on it. Otherwise all foods cook at one temperature, which can defeat the purpose!


Thanks for posting on this! I will be sending the link to my mom, too!

My husband and I were just talking recently about getting a food dehydrator sometime. :) We recently had dried peaches that some friends had dried and they were very tasty! :)

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