Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Ranch Dressing dispenser

A while back, I posted about our plastic squirt-bottle dispenser for sour cream. If you ever wondered how we got beautiful swirls of sour cream on our taco salads (or have ever actually tried to get sour cream into a hard taco shell using a spoon!), now you know our trick! :)

We recently discovered another handy use for these plastic bottles. Joshua, who prefers Ranch salad dressing, put some Ranch in a bottle (not completely full) and then increased the dressing by about 1/4, by adding water to the bottle.

After shaking to combine, we now have a thinner dressing (that spreads more easily on the salad rather than being thick blobs!) that has 20% fewer calories, because of the added water (plus, the bottle from the store will last longer this way!). And of course, a squirt-bottle is easier to use than the open-topped dressing bottle we had. :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays Participants
1. Mandy (awesome chopping tool)
2. Cammie (blueberry syrup)
3. Mrs Pear (using end of season berries)
4. AmyG (kitchen tool box)
5. Tiffany
6. Stephanie
7. Ginny (dehydrated bell peppers)


Oops, I forgot to add the tip subject, less mess when kneading dough.. I guess lol.

Thanks for the tip. It makes sense... :-D


I don't have a blog so I couldn't post this as a link... but I also found out that the plastic squeeze bottles are very good for homemade snow cone syrup. It is a favorite treat of my kids in the hot weather. I did have to invest in an inexpensive ice shaver, which I got for nine dollars on a clearance sale at one point... anyway, all you do to make the syrup is boil 2 cups of sugar and 3/4 cup of water to make simple syrup. Let it cool and add a packet of unsweetened kool-aid. Pour it into a squeeze bottle like you use for dressing and sour cream... and you have a super inexpensive summer treat for the kids. Much, much cheaper than buying syrup. I make several batches at a time and add different flavors of kool-aid. It is a lot cheaper than buying popsicles too. One more thing... we never buy the snow cone cups either... we just shave the ice into a plastic bowl and they eat it with a spoon... yum!

:) Jenna

Does it count that last week I had a kitchen tip after Tuesday but forgot about it when this week came around? ;-) I tried all day to remember!

We "water-down" our dressings too Tammy, only we use soymilk instead of water. Actually, the kids and I use a homemade vegan version of Ranch, but my DH loves store-bought Ceasar, so I add soymilk to make it last longer and not be so thick. He doesn't even know!


I just got a whole bunch of these for free at a local school getting rid of a bunch for mom. Something that someone else suggested using them for was for children to play with with water in them outside.

I bought a few myself. But I was thinking how to keep it from getting dirt or dust in the bottle?

I tried a few toothpicks w/the plastic/foil tips and they are a perfect fit. This way the bottle can be refrigerated etc and not have to be concerned about getting stuff in the bottle, and contaminating it.

Our squeeze bottles have little lids that are attached with a little plastic strip... so it's really handy to keep them covered. :) Ours are clear plastic bottles which we got at Wal-mart. :) Sounds like you found a good solution for yours, though!! :)

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