Like Subway, Less Expensive

Our "Subway" sandwiches

It's been a while since I shared any new frugal tips or ideas, and mostly it's because I just haven't been feeling very frugal!

It rained a lot here in the past week, so I used the dryer for several loads of laundry. We ate cold cereal for breakfast every day this week. (And no, it wasn't on sale, though it was from Aldi.) And my husband, who spoils me, pays for me to have some household help every Friday! So let's just say that on Fridays I feel pampered and happy (because the house is actually clean!) but certainly not frugal. ;)

However, I did want to share about our copycat "Subway" sandwiches we made! So delicious, and so much cheaper than buying from Subway.

I love a good sandwich from Subway... full of lettuce, green pepper slices, cucumbers, and lots of extra mayonnaise! Here is how we made our own -- and mine sure did taste just how I remember Subway's sandwiches tasting (though it's been several years since I've had any Subway food)!

Our homemade "Subway" sandwiches

Bread: We bought a long loaf of garlic parmesan bread on the reduced rack at Wal-mart. I think the bread cost about 80 cents. It was a LOT of bread. I think the 4 of us (2 adults, 2 children) had more than 2 full meals from the loaf. The bread was yummy and tasted like Subway's specialty breads.

Meat: We used some pastrami, cheap turkey breast, and thin-sliced beef (like what Aldi sells). Joshua likes a variety of meats on his sandwiches! (As a side note, did you know that pregnant women are supposed to boil deli meat before eating? I just learned that! What a bother! And I love sandwiches... :D)

Cheese: We used thin-sliced baby swiss and mild cheddar.

Vegetables: We had lettuce, thin-sliced Bell peppers, and sliced cucumbers. I also like tomato on mine, if we have tomatoes on hand!


1. Slice loaf of bread into 6- to 12-inch pieces, and slice each in half to open.

2. Spread mayonnaise on the inside of each half.

3. Layer meat, cheese, and vegetables in order desired.

4. Put sandwich halves together and enjoy! Our sandwiches were way too big... we cut them in half and saved the rest for another meal. :)

I'd love to hear your tips for making yummy sub sandwiches... or any other homemade food that stops the urge to go out to eat! :)

For more frugal tips and a free summer salads ebook, head over to Crystal's blog!! :)


Hi Tammy,

Yes, last summer I learned that pregnant women are not supposed to consume deli meat (for fear of Listeriosis), UNLESS it has been heated to steaming. I am a big sandwich fan, so I had to remember to toast or broil my sandwiches in a toaster oven or conventional oven. It worked well, I never got sick, and I enjoyed some crunchy munchies. :)

Also, thanks for the tip about the flavored bread at Wal-Mart! I never saw it there, but I love to raid their reduced rack for good deals. I recently found a package of sub rolls (white or Italian bread) for $0.80 - $0.10 a piece!!

I think you just have to heat the meat until it's really hot (steaming, like Vicky said), you don't have to boil it. It's a pain, but a lot less of a pain than having listeriosis! There are some other foods that are high risk for that too, like hot dogs and soft cheeses. I really panicked over the listeria thing during my first pregnancy, but still took it seriously the second time because I wouldn't want to feel responsible if something happened to the baby, you know? That said, we also have to remember that God is sovereign and cares for us and our tiny ones!

NO, I'm not pregnant again (yet, that I know of) but I'm so excited that you are Tammy!

Hi I'm a medical scientist who works in a microbiology laboratory at our state's Women's & Childrens' hospital. I have seen first hand the results of food poisoning in pregnant women. When you are pregnant your immune system is not functioning at its fullest potential, so a case of Listeriosis may cause you to miscarry. If you were not pregnant you'd only suffer mild symptoms of a bad cold and recover quite quickly (depending on how healthy you are). It's not only Listeria (which is actually the only bacteria that GROWS at 4 degrees, thus avoid cold deli meats), but any other food poisoning bacteria such as salmonella (in undercooked chicken or cracked eggs) or campylobacter bacteria. Foods best to avoid: cold deli meats, soft cheeses (hard cheese is OK), and anything made with undercooked eggs such as mayoniase. etc. I would be careful with chicken also, unless you had cooked it yourself and know that it was cooked properly. Just do a google search if you want a list.
Take care of yourself. I love your blog!!!!

Hmmm, so if you never have done that and never got sick, does that count also? The Sandwich looks good!

I'm enjoying all your food & recipe information so much
!! My family really likes the extended butter...on my third batch now. And I want to try making the bagels you showed. They look delicious, & a quick read-through tells me they don't look to be too much trouble.

About the sub sandwiches....we do the same thing here, & they're so easy to make. I also like to put out various mustards & dressings, letting each person add that last little bit that makes the sandwich "theirs".

The competition can be TOUGH out there for our food dollar, but it's not an impossible chore!! We seldom dine out, but I really don't get many comments about this from the kids. I think we do pretty well, making meals interesting, using what we have in varied ways. Planning meals from whole meats (beef or venison roasts, whole chickens, etc.) is the way to go, I think. It's so economical, & the taste of the meals made from these planned leftovers is always so good!


This may seem like a silly obvious question, but what exactly is considered hard cheese and what is soft cheese?


I looked this up for you, since I knew Brie was a cheese to avoid but not any others by name! :) Mostly, you want to avoid unpasteurized cheese or milk products. Soft cheeses to avoid include: brie, camembert, Roquefort, feta, gorgonzola and Mexican style cheeses that include queso blanco and queso fresco. Soft cheeses made with pasteurized milk are safe to eat.

Hope this helps! :)

Oh wow, that looks better than a Subway sub! I love that clearance rack at Wal-Mart. Mark and I are usually sifting through whats there whenever we see it lol.

I love the wraps at Subway. I make my own with flour tortillas (whole wheat) layer meat (usually turkey breast) and shredded cheese, microwave it a bit to get the cheese melty and the turkey warm, then drizzle on a bit of Ranch dressing and load up the shredded lettuce, mushrooms, whatever. Yummo!

You made some beautiful Subway looking sandwiches... They look so yummy. I will have to look for that bread!

I'm looking for a copycat of the unique flavor of Subway subs, is it in the oil, shakers? Thanks Roberta

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