Homemade Orange Julius... for hot summer days :)

Orange Julius recipe

It has been so hot here in Ohio the past couple weeks (I think we were spoiled with cooler-than-normal weather in earlier July!) and one of Joshua's favorite cold summer drinks is his homemade Orange Julius! :)

I was skeptical the first time I tried it (for some reason, I thought it wasn't going to taste very good!) but I LOVED it! :) It is slightly sweet, so I think it makes a good dessert or after-breakfast snack. :) The milk, orange juice, and vanilla combine for a fabulous flavor that reminds us of orange dreamsicles. :)

Orange julius recipe

Click here for our homemade Orange Julius recipe!

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We used to make these all the time at home! We would make them so thick sometimes they were almost like ice cream, but much better for you! I have not made them in forever. Thanks for the reminder!

I can't wait to try this!! I am going to have to run to the store just for this! Ok maybe not but I want to;) Thanks


I'm going to have to stir some of this up to serve with breakfast this very morning! Thanks for the idea!

I have made a recipe for those before but nothing like your recipe.I am going to try this one soon!I think today if I remember to pick the frozen OJ on the way home!

I can't believe I never thought to make these for my kids. They are not milk fans so I'm always trying to find good "calcium" recipes. Milk plus calcium fortified OJ - sounds like a winner to me!

These were so good! I made them last night and they made me remember working in the mall when I was in college and going to Orange Julius every day! (No wonder I never had any money!)

Thanks, Tammy! My son loved them too!

I had seen recipes for this before but I always thought mixing oj and milk would cause it to curdle. I decided to try it this morning and it truely was the best thing I've had in ages!!!!!! It is just too good. I love that orange creamsicle taste! Is there a rating higher then 10? :-)

Tammy, I just wanted to let you know that I made the Orange Julius today and I added kefir to it. It was delicious!!!! I have been making smoothies for my husband in the morning because he has noticed a health benefit from the kefir. (Even though he can't get over thought of it being spoiled milk or "growing";) He sometimes has to "force" the fruit smoothies down. But he really liked the Orange Julius!

Thanks! This is a keeper!!


Thank you all for sharing your comments about the Orange Julius recipe! :) I'm so glad that so many of you really liked the results! :) I just wanted to mention that if any of you would like to leave your comments/review on the actual recipe (so people see it when they're reading the recipe), this page tells how to do that! :)

I have been craving foran orange julius for I don't no how long and yours looks like it will be yummy can't wait to try it. Hopefully it's as good as i sounds and looks and as good as the coment people posted.

I am drinking this as I type. My boyfriend and I wanted a sweet treat, so I doubled the recipe, followed it exactly, but added a handful of raspberries, as well as the suggested banana. Mmmm.... Thanks!


Thanks for the great recipe! I have a new vitamix and we wanted to find some new ideas. I tried adding a whole orange, which worked great, and then for the next batch, an egg. (We have our own chickens, so no worries about raw eggs) Yummy!

orange juice
vanilla ice cream
immersion blender

Thanks for the info.i'll try it! sounds great!!! :)

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