From the kitchen of a 3-year-old... waffle-making tutorial :)

Homemade waffles

One of the things I try to do as a parent is to involve my children in everyday things. I can tell a remarkable difference when I live and work beside my children, and not just give orders. Children are so much happier and well-adjusted when they know they have important responsibilities in the home! Constant guidance and direction with our children also keeps them busy and focused.

Back when we made waffles for a new-baby gift, I took photos of Yehoshua as he helped me in the kitchen. He had such a great time getting to help with every step!!

Getting started...

First step: Sift the flour. The flour has to be sifted before it's measured (a cup of sifted flour weighs less than a cup of flour that hasn't been sifted). After it's sifted, the flour is put into the measuring cup with a big spoon, so as not to pack it. I am not this particular about measuring flour for most of my recipes, but I use special care when making waffles, I guess. :)

It was a bright, sunny morning, and Yehoshua (3) always enjoys using the sifter. :)

Checking the recipe...

Eliyahu (1) holds onto the recipe... he desperately wanted to help too, but really, making waffles with a 3-year-old is about as much as I can handle at one time!

More sifting...

Step Two: More ingredients are added to the flour (which has been measured), and it's sifted again. Here's the second sifting, in progress! :)

Then we were done with the sifter, so I gave it to Eliyahu to play with. :)

hmn... let's keeping adding to the recipe...

Another good occupation for 1-year-olds is playing with the measuring spoons. Eliyahu played musical chairs that morning (as he often does!) and climbed up onto every chair numerous times, trying to help us. :)

Separating eggs

Step Three: Separate some eggs. Since we were making a triple batch, we separated a lot of eggs. Yehoshua held the little plastic device, and I cracked each egg into it. After the whites ran off, he dumped the yolks into the other bowl. :)

Mixing the wet ingredients...

Then, we had to whisk the egg yolks and milk together.

Time to beat the egg whites...

Yehoshua needed help for this part: beating the egg whites. I helped him hold the mixer, except for the few short moments it took for me to snap this picture. :)

Back to the wet ingredients...

Whisking the melted butter into the milk and egg yolks. The butter always hardens into little lumps. I wish I could prevent this, but the waffles turn out fabulous, so I guess it must be okay! :)

And by now, Eliyahu has decided he needs to be sitting ON the table, to get a better view of things. Like I said, I'm still not that great at cooking with TWO little helpers!! :)

The cooked waffles

At this point, Yehoshua went off to play or something (I can't remember what!) while I cooked the waffles. He would have helped, but I was afraid he'd get burned. :)

Our finished waffles!

The end result? A little boy who kept talking about how he had made waffles HIMSELF and kept going into detail with everyone about how he had to sift, separate eggs, and use the mixer, that sort of thing. :)

Oh, and some really yummy waffles, which we topped with some apple topping, thanks to my wonderful husband who came into the kitchen and made the topping while I was busy. :)

Waffle recipe here! :)

Apple topping taken from this recipe. :)

More of my posts (including a podcast) about involving our children in the kitchen. Cooking is just one small part of life, but children love to help! :)


Thanks for the photos and the great reminder. I love to cook and I love my kids. I need to work on at least occasionally having the patience to combine the two.

What a wonderful tutorial. It sure looks like fun. It takes time to work with children, but it is worth it. I try to remember that when I have little helpers over. :-D

In Christ,


I need to do better with letting the kids help.

Thanks for the post. I've been wanting to involve my two year old more in cooking. My first attempt was pretty sloppy. Thanks for the inspiration to try again.

My daughter (now 7) has always loved to help in the kitchen too. This year we've begun something new. She plans and fixes dinner at least one night a week. She has to plan the menu, make a grocery list (if needed) and fix the dinner. Because everyone helps in the kitchen at dinnertime; on her nights to cook she gets to be the one to delegate tasks to the rest of the family (i.e. setting the table, fixing a salad, or some other task needed by the 'chef' - I also handle getting things in and out of the oven). This is nice for me because it one less meal that I have to plan :-) It's also nice to see how she is maturing and becoming a more confident child.

Lee Anna (in Oklahoma)

My 4 year old is the makes his day to help in the kitchen. He might be a great chef or baker one day!!:):)

Where did you get that egg seperator? Was it online? I'd love to buy one
!! Please let me know!

At a garage sale! It is Tupperware brand... Here is someone selling one, but goodness -- for $9 I'm tempted to just sell you  mine! Haha :) I use it too much to get rid of it though...

thanks Tammy!

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