Welcome to guest chef Olivia McEntire!

Red, White, and Blue New York Cheesecake

Olivia made this colorful Red, White, and Blue New York Cheesecake for Independence Day this year! She says, "This was pretty close to perfect-tasting, in my estimation."

Olivia's Cheesecake

Olivia also tells about a second cheesecake, which she made two years in a row for Father's Day. "Everyone loves it!" Here is a link to Olivia's Cheesecake, featuring a unique pretzel crust and lots of peanuts. :D


And finally, Olivia sent me the recipe for this Trifle which she made for her sister-in-law's birthday. Besides raving about how yummy it was, she adds, "...it's perfect for summer too, because it's chilled and light"! If you like fresh fruit, and easy no-cook summer recipes, you'll definitely want to try this one!

Olivia McEntire

 Olivia McEntire is 19 years old and lives in Texas. She loves to cook for her family, and is a pro at managing grocery shopping, menus, meals, and kitchen clean-up. :D You can visit her treasure hutch here.

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Those look delicious - as well as beautiful! I will surely be trying those sometime soon! Thanks for posting!

I think we will have to try the trifle sometime--it looks delicious!

Olivia, is there any specific brand of sweetened condensed milk you suggest? I made a Key Lime Pie recently and I did not like the taste the milk left. IMO it ruined a dish with great tang and texture, but it could have been because I used a cheapo brand of milk. Any recommendations?

I usually buy the name-brand sweetened condensed milk. I hardly have any recipes I use it for so spending the extra 25 cents isn't a big deal. I do know the taste you're talking about -- icky!! Try the name brand and see if that helps. :)

Thanks for setting this site up for Tammy. It is a lot of fun. :)


I was so happy to see you featured, Olivia! Your recipes look yummy - and so pretty! I'll have to try them soon. = )

...because she is always writing about the yummy things she cooks!! I'm looking forward to recipes and photos from some of her tex-mex stuff ;)

These look wonderful! I'm going to make the trifle, I know this will be a big hit at the Birthday party. Thank you!

Eve, welcome! I hope you enjoy the trifle! :)

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