Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Detailed Labeling

For anyone who freezes prepared meals or foods, or wants to do more with cooking ahead, here is my tip for the week.

When you put something in the freezer, put detailed labeling on it. Never assume that you "just couldn't possibly" forget what it was. ;) I used to just put the date on things, or sometimes an abbreviation that I'd later forget. I'd end up with mystery items that I put off using until they were freezer-burned.

So now, I always label with the date, name of food, amount, and details about what I did to it. For example:

6-18-07 3 cups- ground round taco meat
6-18-07 2 cups- ground chuck fried with onions,and garlic*

*As a side note, I have read that freezing meat that has been fried with onions and garlic can give it a musky flavor, but we haven't noticed that, or else we like the flavor...

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Yes, freezer labeling is a good thing. And necessary, I believe. But, it is taking the time to do it that is the thing... ;-) I have had many times when I wished I had taken that time. Thanks for this tip!

I agree about the labelling. We had many a plate of mashed potatoes with spaghetti sauce and noodles with chili at my parents' house becuase of forgetting to label. :-D

I have had to many meals with "mystery meat" when I forget and don't take time to label. It really only takes a few seconds and saves a headache later. No second guessing. Thanks to all for the good tips.

I have had many a brain freeze trying to figure out what is what in my freezer. Yikes :-)

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