Perfectly-sliced deli meats and cheeses

Maybe I'm the only one, but it bugs me when I get meat or cheese from a deli, and it isn't sliced how I wanted. I say "thin", or even "very thin", and they hold up a piece of cheese for me to see. When they're standing at least 10 feet away, I have trouble actually seeing how thickly or thinly it's sliced.

Here's a remedy for coming home to too-thin or too-thick deli meats and cheeses.

Most (all?) of the commercial deli slicers have a numbered dial for measuring thickness. For example, a setting of "5" might be the general "thin", a "10" might be the general "medium", and a "15" might be "thick".

When the deli worker hands you a little baggie of perfectly-sliced meat or cheese (the exact thickness you always want your cheese, for example!), ask what number the slicer was set to for it. Then write it down (or just remember it, if you have a good memory).

The next time you order some cheese, you can say, "Please slice it on number 3" or whatever number was perfect for you. That way, there's no guessing, and you never end up buying meat or cheese that's too thick or too thin.

Before we were married, I worked in a deli, and I actually loved it when customers told me a number for slicing. That way I knew I was doing it exactly how they wanted!

Perfectly sliced deli meats and cheeses. That's what works for me! :)


I rarely ever buy deli meats or cheeses, but this tip is so true! I used to work in a deli and bakery, and when the customer could tell me how to slice it, my job was so much easier. :) They were happy, I was happy - it was great! Thanks for the reminder. :)

I don't buy deli meats very often either, but I'll definitely keep this in mind when I do.


Amy @ Experience Imagination

I love that idea. My husband does all the grocery shopping so I am going to pass this tip on to him.

That's a really handy tip! I rarely get meat or cheese from the deli (too expensive for me) but when/if I do, I'll definitely remember this!

Great tip! I like mine paper-thin. (:

Our deli has a chart so you can see what number goes with what thickness. Very easy, indeed.

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